May 102020

I caught myself playing Spelunky for the 593rd time today. It is an older game that creates random levels for you to jump, loot and die in. I have gotten to the end several times in the past but not recently. The random generation of levels means every game feels fresh even when you die to a bat for the 592nd time.

It struck me that Spelunky’s random levels were a metaphor for this self-isolation. All of the components of staying home are the same every day but we yearn for a remix of those elements to give us the illusion of experiencing something new. Yesterday I wrote something at night and marveled at the novelty.

I received a few Kickstarter products last week that I tore through. My heart goes out to creators who kept getting their work out there while the rest of the world obsessed themselves with the pandemic. I plan to review a few of them here in the coming weeks. It is important they get remembered and promoted to the rest of the world, but also I need something to hang a schedule on and catching you up on my reading might be the thing that drags me to the keyboard.

Have you created a demon to keep you company during this pandemic? If not, I highly recommend it. Use my journal game, Your Demon Lover to make this isolation period a little less isolated.

What attempts at novelty have you tried lately?

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