Mar 152020

Hey, remember when I said I had to go find a job? Yeah, the global pandemic had different ideas. I came down with a nasty cold/flu/possible death virus and got desk-ridden for a week or so. Now that I can breathe again, smart people are telling everyone to stay the fuck home. Okay!

While I was sick, I played the new video game, The Longing. In this game, a strange stone king creates you and tells you he is taking a nap. He wants you to watch over his empty deserted underground kingdom and to wake him up in 400 days. That is 400 real time days. Have fun!

And you know, I have had fun. I’ve decorated my tine hole in the wall that I call home. I have explored the kingdom and picked up spare books. You can read the books in the game and that is why I am on page 900 and something of Moby Dick.

Luckily, time goes faster when you have a decorated home. So although I have 167 hours logged on the game, 720 hour have passed in the game. Still, that is a hell of a commitment to a game where you are utterly alone. On the other hand, America is kinda playing that game in real life right now.

My Demon Lover card game is almost finished. I think I should have a copy ready for purchase by the end of the month. It is a journal game where you summon to a demon to fuck, submit or dominate. I need to hurry to all you self-isolators can summon a playmate to keep you company.

Stay safe out there people.

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