Feb 072020

A few minutes ago I hit ‘Publish’ on my next ebook. Sometime this weekend, “Be the Supervillain” will be available for purchase. It is an interactive erotica book about being a bad woman with super powers. I think you will like it.

Two things happen when you finish a big project. One is relief that it is finally over. Months of writing followed by months of editing is exhausting. The daily progress can seem so small. Knowing that there is literally nothing more to be done is a huge weight off my shoulders.

The other feeling is a void. You have this big project that dominates your day-to-day thinking and suddenly it is gone. Now what? Should I replace that thinking burden with another? Or should I take time to myself, knowing everyday that I goof around is another delay for my next big thing?

Either way, I plan to be grateful for the act of creation. A lot of us have books in our head, begging to be written, but a select few are blessed with the time to actually get those books written. Writing is work, and thank the Goddess, thank my wife and thank the Muses that I was able to conceive, write and finish another one. It is a truly rare act and I am grateful to be able to share more of my smut with the world.

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