Feb 052020

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty-nine of my fifty day voyage to the star system designated “All of the Friends You Would Betray for your Queen,” by Royal Astronomers. I have finished processing and transmitting the data I collected from the scans I took of “Untitled Cathedral”. It was a massive undertaking to compile a report on the largest structure ever encountered by a member of the Royal Navy, but I am sure my hard will be appreciated and rewarded when I return home. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Fuck, I am glad that is over with. I ran out of synonyms for ‘massive’. My body is stiff and sore from sitting at a terminal for so long. It is going to be awhile before I make planetfall again, so I’ll need to get my exercise here.

Vaquel Di performed another squat. The muscles under her brown skin rippled and flexed. She kept her arms straight in front of her, parallel to the ground. That wasn’t easy with her big brown tits in the way, but that was all part of the challenge of working out.

“Almost there,” Chairbot whispered behind her. The purple robot had compressed itself so the seat was barely half a meter off the ground.

Vaquel squatted lower. Her naked butt was centimeters above Chairbot’s seat. Sweat ran down her back, over her buttock and dripped down onto the robot.

Chairbot moaned. “So close!” he said.

Vaquel stood back up. Her muscles ached. Pain flared in her right knee. She brought her arms down and they felt like she had been carrying weights all day. It was tempting to stop.

Chairbot whimpered as Vaquel’s ass moved away. The robot lived for the touch of her ass on his seat. Being so close to her butt and unable to touch it was a form of torment.

Vaquel smiled. Denying the robot the satisfaction it craved was the best motivation. Her pussy was dripping wet. The soreness of her muscles was strong, but the endorphins from her arousal was stronger.

She performed another squat. This time she went deeper despite the pain in her knee. Closer and closer her round ass came down to Chairbot’s waiting seat. She could almost feel the vibrations coming from the robot’s motors.

But not close enough. Vaquel stood back up.


Vaquel sighed and grabbed a towel. She lifted a heavy breast and wiped the sweat under it. “Computer, report.”

“Port solar sail is performing at forty percent.”

Vaquel walked to a window on the port side of the ship. Chairbot silently followed behind her and returned to full size in case she wanted to sit down. Vaquel looked out and frowned.

The solar sail had a black smudge halfway along its length. Did the cells burn out? Maybe there was a bad connection? It was impossible to tell from here.

“I need to go outside and see what’s wrong,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her belt. Shiny white fabric expanded downwards and upwards from the belt. The white material spread over her thick pink pubic bush and flattened it. The white fabric slid over her sweaty ass and Chairbot sighed. The material reached all the way down to Vaquel’s boots and formed an airtight seal.

Vaquel wiped under her other breast and then tossed the towel away. A second button press and the white material flowed upwards from her belt. It covered her smooth stomach before beginning the long process of covering her enormous breasts. The space suit slid down her arms with quicker speed and covered her hands.

All that remained was Vaquel’s face. She wiped a few pink hairs from her face and then put on her glassteel helmet. The transparent bubble encased her head and sealed to her suit.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to sit down and rest before examining the sail?” Chairbot asked.

That was exactly what Vaquel wanted to do but she shook her head. “You’re just going to have to wait, you greedy ass-slut.”

Vaquel walked into the airlock. The door sealed behind her. She grabbed a pair of emergency thrusters and slapped them on her waist. The magnetic seal in her boots should keep her on the ship’s hull, but it was always good to have backup.

The outer door opened. Air rushed past her and into the vacuum of space. The glow of the solar sail was the only light. The rest of the view was a dark void dotted with stars.

Vaquel took her first step outside of the airlock and out of the range of the artificial gravity field. The magnetic boots kept her attached to the hull, but the rest of her body had the urge to float. Her breasts lifted from her chest and Vaquel felt a relief of pressure she had long learned to live with. Short pink hair floated within her glassteel helmet. The lack of gravity did strange things to her stomach.

The dark spot was several meters away. Vaquel took slow, measured steps. The infinite expanse of space surrounded her. She felt like she was about to be swallowed by the incomprehensible abyss at any moment.

Vaquel kept her eyes on the malfunctioning solar sail. She felt like an ant crawling on the Queen’s boot. The scale of space was oppressive. After ten years of traveling through it, she was still in awe of it.

One slow step after another eventually brought her to the dark spot. She knelt down and examined it as closely as she could without touching it. It looked like paint. She could barely make out the outline of the sail’s cells beneath the black patch.

It might just be garbage that got stuck on the sail. It happened. Space was big and people dumped shit in it all the time. The inertia field that surrounded the ship was supposed to divert loose objects but some things can still slip through.

Vaquel pulled a scanner from her belt. That was weird. The scanner wasn’t picking up anything, not even the sail itself. It detected her, the hull and the rest of the solar sail, but the dark spot and the part of the sail underneath were coming back as non-existent. Could it be a malfunction?

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel cursed. She wanted to shoot the unknown substance but she didn’t want to damage the sail underneath. That left scrapping it or peeling it off.

She sure as fuck wasn’t going to touch it with her hand. Vaquel took a small rod from her belt and did a flick of her wrist. The rod extended to a third of a meter. She poked the sharp end into the dark spot and gave it a test scratch.

The surface of the dark spot rippled. Vaquel jerked back as the patch jumped from the solar sail and towards the space explorer. The unknown thing expanded at an amazing speed and wrapped itself around Vaquel.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She tried to jab the thing with her rod but it was too quick. The spreading darkness constricted around Vaquel and forced her hands awkwardly against her breasts. The rod and scanner were still in her grip but that just meant it was more discomfort for her tits.

The encasing of her body was from head to boot. Vaquel’s legs snapped together from the incredible squeezing. Her magnetic boots came together but luckily, remained connected to the ship.

Total darkness sheathed Vaquel. Pressure squeezed her body. Her breasts were being crushed by her hands. Even her amazing round ass was being flattened.

“Chairbot!” Vaquel yelled inside her helmet. “Respond!”

Nothing. Vaquel glanced at the data stream that was constantly being projected onto the side of her helmet. Other than her vital signs, the rest of the data was blank.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. It was the thing that had grabbed her. It was a blank space on her scanner. It was attached to her solar sail, right where the collectors absorb energy. She guessed that the thing sucked on energy, including communication signals and scans.

Vaquel tried to move her arms. Each hand moved a few centimeters and her crushed breasts were grateful. It was only for a brief moment as the thing tightened its grip on her. Vaquel’s hands were pressed down harder on her sensitive mounds.

“Damn it,” Vaquel snapped. She tried wiggling. The thing constricted more. Vaquel’s ribs flared in pain. Her ass was crushed.

Vaquel ceased her struggles. The tightness around her relaxed, but still held onto her. She was going nowhere.

“What the fuck does it want?” Vaquel said out loud. “I’m not emitting any energy. Well, probably some radiant heat through my spacesuit. And my belt is probably broadcasting signals as it tries to communicate with the ship. Probably my boots too if this thing can soak up magnetic fields. Ah fuck, I am like a damn buffet.”

Vaquel stared at the darkness surrounding her. Thank the Queen for the glasssteel helmet. The bubble helmet protected Vaquel’s head from being squeezed and let her look at her captor. She turned her head and examined the darkness for some flaw or organ she could exploit.

There was nothing. Everything was pitch black. It was darker than even the void of space. At least space had stars. That darkness was absolute.

Something pressed against Vaquel’s crotch. Instinctively, she shifted her hips to grind back. The touch moved in a tight circle, as if trying to burrow through the tin material of her spacesuit.

Vaquel froze in mid-grind. What was the thing doing? Was it trying to get inside her suit? If so, why at her crotch?

The pressure at her crotch stopped.

Something poked her shoulder. Vaquel remained still. The poking ceased.

Darkness pressed the back of her knee. Vaquel remained still. The pressure stopped.

Something rubbed against the side of Vaquel’s crushed breast. She groaned from the discomfort, but otherwise didn’t move.

A hard touch pressed between Vaquel’s buttocks. The suit prevented it from going deep, but the hint of penetration made Vaquel shudder. Her hips grinded in the darkness.

The pressure at her crotch returned. It resembled the poking of her ass. Once again, the space suit prevented Vaquel from being penetrated fully but she felt pressure opening her sex lips.

Vaquel groaned. She was being nearly-fucked at her ass and pussy. Her hips pushed forward and rolled back, but neither would truly go inside her. The teasing drove her wild.

There were more pokes around Vaquel’s body. The thing tried to enter the crease of her underarm. Pressure exerted between her knees. There was a lot more poking of her Vaquel’s compressed tits.

“Is it trying to fuck me?” Vaquel wondered. It has to know that they are not the same species. Maybe that didn’t matter. It could reproduce through parasitic means. If it deposited eggs inside of her, the eggs could incubate, hatch and then use her body for food before eventually leaving.

Vaquel groaned and tried not to think any more about the thing’s possible reproductive cycle.

Despite her fears, Vaquel couldn’t help from responding to the stimulation. She wiggled within the tight confines of the dark creature. Her pussy was soaking wet from the small thrusts. She clenched her ass tightly around the probing push that threatened to fill her.

The multiple searching pokes on the rest of her body came to a stop. Only the pressure on Vaquel’s ass and sex remained. The pokes wiggled more as they explored the constrained space.

Vaquel moaned. It was like being fingered by someone with micro-digits. She wanted to reach down and stroke herself, but the damn thing still had her hands, arms, scanner and rod pinned to her suffering breasts.

“Harder,” Vaquel whispered. She was on the verge of climax. She stared at the black mass surround her helmet but the darkness didn’t respond.

Wait, something different happened at her sex. The pressing poke was joined by another and then another. Now three points of pressure where pushing against her suit to rub against her pussy.

Vaquel shuddered. Her hips bucked wildly. The thing tightened its grip around her, apparently trying to prevent an escape.

“More, more, more,” Vaquel babbled. She was so damn close. It was maddening. The triple probing points pressed her closer and closer to the precipice.

The probe at Vaquel’s ass doubled. Two points wiggled between her crushed buttocks. A third point joined and then a fourth. They all grinded in the crease of her suit.

Vaquel bit her lip. There was too much stimulation to keep track of it all. An army of tongues and fingers were trying to get through her suit but in reality, it was just the one unknown creature. She was getting gang-groped by a gang of one.

Wiggle by wiggle, poke by poke, grind by grind, Vaquel finally reached her climax.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She screamed her orgasm inside the glassteel helmet.

The creature tightened around her. Vaquel’s scream turned into a gasp as her body was crushed.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel choked out.

There was a streak of color in the darkness. It was a pink flash and then it was gone. Did that mean something?

The wiggling at Vaquel’s crotch and ass increased. There were too many points of pressure to count. It was a frantic assault at her sensitive areas.

Vaquel frowned. The suit couldn’t take much more of this. It was tough, but she knew from previous fucks just how much the material could stretch. The probing creature was rapidly reaching that limit.

What would happen when the creature could reach her skin? Vaquel did not want to find out.

There was another pink flash of color. What the fuck did that mean? Was it excited? Was it pooping? Was it feeding?

Vaquel shook her head inside her helmet and tried to think. How could she escape? Poke it with the rod in her hand? There was no room to move. Set her scanner to overload to kill the thing? No, not with the scanner right next to her chest. Hope Chairbot thinks of something and saves her? Fuck, no!

The creature squeezed tighter. Vaquel whimpered as her body was crushed. Her poor tits were going to be permanent flat discs at this rate. And what the fuck was hurting both of her hips?

The thrusters! Vaquel had forgotten about them! She had put them on in case she got knocked off the ship. If she activated them, the energy seeking creature might ignore her for the output of the thrusters!

“Thrusters, activate!” Vaquel commanded.

Nothing happened.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel yelled. The creature was blocking her radio signal. She was going to have to press the button on her belt!

Vaquel let go of the scraping rod and the scanner. The grip of the creature was so tight that the objects didn’t move. They stayed pressed against Vaquel’s crushed breasts.

Another burst of pink flashed across the dark skin of the creature. The alien squeezed tighter. Vaquel gasped as the probing pressure points continued to push against her pussy and anus.

Vaquel forced her arms downward. They moved a few centimeters. She kept pushing. Her hands dropped down a little more. The vice-grip of the creature was relentless.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Her chest was too tight to speak fully. The probing rod rolled onto her nipple. Even though her entire body was being crushed, it felt like her nipple was suffering the worst of all. Vaquel really wished that she had thought to collapse the rod before letting go but it was too late now.

The wiggling at Vaquel’s sex increased. The pressure points were moving more consistently. Now it felt like multiple tongues were licking up and down.

Vaquel moaned. The fucking creature was adapting.

The movement on her ass changed too. The multiple points solidified into one large pressure point. It pushed deep into Vaquel’s buttocks, stretched the space suit to new limits. The tip of the pressure pushed into Vaquel’s tight asshole.

The sudden penetration sent Vaquel back over the edge. She climaxed again. Her body writhed in the creature’s tight grip as more pink flashes exploded in front of her.

A red light blinked within Vaquel’s glassteel helmet. She knew it was the suit integrity warning. The creature was on the verge of tearing her suit as it tore into her asshole.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She had to get to her belt! Moving both arms down to her waist was too hard. She grabbed her right arm with her left hand and used the strength of both arms just to move her right hand.

The creature fought her for her every centimeter. It crushed her hand to her belly. The tight alien skin barely budged as she worked her hand onto her waist. The pressure increased as her finger slid onto the hard metal of her belt. Vaquel thought her fingers were about to broken at any moment.

The probing pressure at her ass went deeper. Vaquel moaned as her sphincter expanded around the irresistible force. The licking sensation at her sex doubled in speed.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel whimpered as she came a third time.

As Vaquel shook with pleasure, her fingers slipped the final millimeter over her belt. The belt recognized her touch and sent a hardwire signal through the belt to the hip thrusters. Both thrusters roared to life.

The creature quivered around Vaquel. It unwound from her head and chest.

Stars appeared in front of Vaquel. She gasped for air. The rod and scanner drifted away and she instinctively grabbed them.

The creature wrapped tight around Vaquel’s waist. It looked like she had a black blanket around her waist. The output of the thrusters was completely soaked in by the alien. Flashes of pink and blue burst across it’s black outline.

“Great,” Vaquel said. “Now how am I going to get-Queen’s tit!”

There was a flash of blue light and the creature exploded. Hundreds of tiny black squares, each barely bigger than Vaquel’s hand, floated around her. They were quickly captured by the inertia field of the ship and sent hurtling into space.

“Mistress!” Chairbot screamed over the radio. “Are you okay?”

Vaquel winced at the loud noise but she didn’t admonish the robot. In fact, she was grateful to hear him, though she would never let him know.

“I’m okay,” Vaquel said. She tried to look for the tiny dark creatures but they were already swallowed by the abyss of space.

“What happened, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “You weren’t answering your communicator! The ship’s sensors couldn’t detect you at all, except for your feet and boots!”

“Fuck if I know what happened,” Vaquel said. Did the creature die? Did it reproduce? She didn’t give a shit either way.

“How is the solar sail?” Vaquel asked.

“Operating normally, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Then I am coming back,” Vaquel said. “Get your seat ready. I am going to need one hell of a massage for my ass.”

Chairbot’s squeal of delight echoed through Vaquel’s helmet.

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