Feb 102020

Be the Supervillain is available for purchase on Kindle. It is an interactive erotica story where you play the Temptress, a wicked woman with super-strength, invulnerability and the ability to lower a person’s inhibitions with a single touch of her skin. She is a bad lady and you get to play her for a single night.

What will you do as the Temptress? Maybe you want to steal Queen Nefertiti’s jewelry from the museum? The priceless artifacts are on tour from Egypt and deserve to be in your collection. Be careful, because the handsome hero, True Blue has sworn to protect the exhibit!

Or maybe you are in the mood for revenge? Internet reporter, Caitlin Cole, published a piece this year where she interviewed your ex-lovers from before you were a supervillain. The reporter won several rewards for her slanderous story of how bad you are in bed. You have been looking for Caitlin for awhile, and now you know exactly where she lives. It might be time to pay her a visit.

But there is another crime on your mind. Professor Akintola and Doctor Kubo, the super-scientist married couple, are working on a new invention to capture you. if anyone could make something that could finally end your criminal ways, it would be these two. It might be best if you interrupt their research now. Plus, you wouldn’t mind bending the sexy couple to their will.

Which crime will you commit? Will you humiliate your enemies or will you be humiliated instead? Find out when you purchase,

Be the Supervillain!

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