Jan 222020

I stopped in mid-thrust. Fucktoy whimpered beneath me. The hood prevented her from seeing my face. She almost spoke but she knew better.

My cock throbbed inside Fucktoy. Her pussy clenched in response.

I grabbed her throat. A smile spread across her lipstick-smeared lips. I squeezed and she gasped.

Fucktoy locked her legs around me. Her hips moved. Side to side, up and down, round and round with my cock trapped inside her sex.

I didn’t move. My body was a statute. Fucktoy humped me like a wild animal. It was a wonder my dick didn’t break off inside of her.

All the while, my fingers closed tighter around Fucktoy’s throat.

A gasp came from her lips. Fucktoy pulled hard on the chains securing her wrists to the headboard. Her mouth widened as she tried to suck in air.

But her hips kept fucking me so I kept squeezing.

The sound of our fucking filled the room. Fucktoy’s breasts shook and jiggled. My own hips began to bruise from the violent impacts.

And I kept squeezing.

Finally, Fucktoy’s hips stopped. I released her throat. As she sucked in huge gulps of air, I pounded her pussy with hard swift thrusts.

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