Nov 012019

Some people make resolutions at the start of the new year. I decide to remake myself on Halloween. One way I would to change myself is to become someone that actually blogs on a regular basis.

It has been awhile so let’s update you on where my current projects are.

My next interactive erotica ebook has the working title of “Night of the Temptress”. You play a super villainess with the powers of flight, super strength, invulnerability and the ability to turn people into devoted lust slaves with a touch of your skin. It is a power fantasy kind of book where you play a wicked woman committing crimes.

This book will not be as long as “Fight in the Sex Arena”. This book will be closer to “Bang Your Sister-in-Law” length. I am doing this mostly for my mental well being as I have so many other projects I want to work on and interactive fiction stories are taxing on the brain.

“Night of the Temptress” first draft is 2/3rds done, and I am estimating it may be ready by February 2020.

My other project is a sequel to “Call of the Six”. If you don’t know, “Call of the Six” is about a call center employee who becomes the herald/prophet/slave of six powerful erotic entities. They instruct him to bring pleasure back to the world and to form a cult. The next part has been written and will be published sometime in December.

Another project is “Ms. Aytricks and the Step-Siblings”. This is my take on the magical nanny genre, except everyone is an adult and there is a lot of spanking and fucking. This story is completed and ready to do, except that my cover artist,Michael Dean, suffered a hand injury and has been unable to draw. It sucks, but these things happen. I am not considering getting another artist as Dean’s style perfectly captures what I have in mind.

The last project on my list is a strange one. The working title is “Wasteland Racer” and it is another serial story. It takes place after a terrible apocalypse has devastated the world. Humanity has devolved to sex crazed violence freaks living alongside mutant monsters, zombie hordes and inexplicable natural phenomenon. The series is about a race that travels the ruins of America, almost like a traveling circus. Locals love to host the racers and their crews while the rest of the wasteland watch the races on their scavenged television sets. The main character is a masked psycho who keeps his mechanic/sex slave in the trunk of the car.

I have written the first part and like it a lot. It is a very gonzo story with some extreme violence and rough sex. Shit, all the sex is rough. The tricky thing has been avoiding the misogyny that I see in similar gonzo stories and I think I have succeeded.

This month I will begin shopping around for a cover artist while also working on the second part.

That concludes this status report. Remember to stay hydrated. Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift this week. For of the love of the Goddess, get your flu shot if you haven’t already.

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