Nov 042019

It is late at night. You are caught in the maelstrom of your emotions. Everything inside you, the good, the bad, and honest just wants to come screaming out.

That is what every Meg Meyers song sounds like to me. They remind me of late night discussions with people who are going through some shit. Except now there is really good music and guitar solos to go with it.

Meg has two albums and I love them both. My favorite song of hers is ‘Desire’ which includes the line, “I want to skin you with my tongue.” There is carnal craving in this song but also that desperate need to be desired back. It’s that balance of art and honesty that makes her music feel so real to me.

I should add that every video of hers has a surreal and/or sinister edge. The videos are works of art in themselves.

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