Nov 062019

Explorer’s log: I am on day nineteen on my forty-one day journey to the star system designated “So Much Hate for Who the Queen Fucks,” by Royal Astronomers. My last sighting of a Prober Supreme ship was five days ago. I have detected six other ships traveling in my direction, but they have refused communications and minimized their outputs. I suspect that they are refugees fleeing the Prober Supremes’ territory.

I completed my scans a bit early today. With my free time, I plan to meditate on the glory of Queen Erishella and how I can serve her better. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have had this weird tune in my head the last few days. It feels like a song I should know but I can’t place it. It goes la da da dee da da. . .fuck.

My head is all fucked up since the last planet. They had a control system for the miners there where they broadcasted a signal to unlock the miners’ inhibitions and turn them into selfish perverts. It didn’t work on me because I am the wrong species but all that noise has fucked with my neurons. I bet this tune is just a song from my past that the Splurge signal scrambled.

Whatever it is, I just want it gone. Maybe if I hump my brains out, I can make the tune go away.

“Right there!” Vaquel cried.

Vaquel Di squirmed in her seat. Her naked brown body glistened with sweat. A hundred pinch marks decorated her heavy breasts. Her thick thighs were spread wide and jiggling from the vibrations coming from the seat. The lips of her sex were held open by an invisible phallus generated by force fields.

“Maintaining penetration depth, Mistress!” Chairbot responded. The loyal robot had recently learned how to project small force fields in the shape of various dildoes. It was always happy to use that talent because it meant his mistress would sit her wonderful ass on its sensitive seat.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Vaquel groaned. She was close. This would be her seventh orgasm. Or was it her eight? She had lost track. It didn’t matter. One more orgasm should exhaust her completely.

Chairbot muted his acknowledgement of Vaquel’s command. It implemented Fucking Rhythm #4 and the force field phallus drilled Vaquel’s pussy with short hard strokes.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. She cupped her breast, winced and pulled her hand away. The nipple was far too sensitive. Earlier, she had tried a new nipple clamp that she had rigged from some cable connector joints. The damn thing was too tight but the pain did push her over to her third orgasm.

The seat tilted back. Vaquel moaned as her center of gravity shifted. The force field phallus pumped her angled pussy with computer precision.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vaquel moaned. The tension in her pussy increased. Despite her exhaustion, Vaquel was hurtling towards her next orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. The orgasm slammed into her like missile. She felt her body tighten like a clenched fist and then relax as euphoria touched her every nerve.

Chairbot shut off the force field. He powered down the vibrating motors in the seat. The softness of the seat and back support increased by twenty percent. The robot resisted the urge to ask Vaquel if she enjoyed herself. The feel of her round ass on its seat was reward enough.

Vaquel giggled. She was worn out. A glance at the ship chronometer made her giggle louder. Three hours of masturbating and fucking Chairbot? Damn, she was going to be sore in the morning.

Fuck, she was sore right now. She should get to bed but fuck moving. Chairbot was just as comfortable as her bunk. She decided to take a short nap on the robot and then go to her bunk when she could move again.

Drifting into sleep on a haze of bliss, clear notes sprang to Vaquel’s blank mind.

La da da dee da da da da la da da dee da!

“That’s it!” Vaquel shouted. She finally knew the tune! But where was it from?

“What is going on, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“I remember the tune, or song, or whatever it is,” Vaquel said. “I mean, I don’t know what it is, but I remember it all now. La da da dee da da da da la da da dee da.”

“I don’t recognize it, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “It must be from before you met me.”

“Maybe,” Vaquel admitted. It felt more recent than that.

Vaquel felt an inch on her scalp. She reached up to scratch her sweaty pink hair. Instead of moving to her head, her hand went to her breast. Before she realized what was happening, her fingers pinched her tender nipple.

“Ow!” Vaquel cried. A bolt of pain lanced her sensitive nipple. She was stunned to see the cause of her pain was her own pinching fingers!

“Mistress, what is wrong?” Chairbot cried.

“I pinched myself,” Vaquel whispered.

“Wow, Mistress! I thought you were done! Should I recreate the force dildoes?”

“No,” Vaquel snapped. She grabbed her wrist with her other hand. The renegade hand tightened the pinch on Vaquel’s nipple. She gritted her teeth and tried to pull, but it hurt to damn much.

The fingers suddenly let go of Vaquel’s nipple. Both hands sprang back but the errant hand slipped free of Vaquel’s good hand. The free hand swung towards Vaquel’s breast and slapped it with terrible speed.


“FUCK!” Vaquel cried.

Vaquel jumped out of Chairbot. “Queen’s tit, that hurt!” She grabbed her disobeying hand again.

The bad hand swung towards her chest again. It slapped the other breast with terrible force. The slap was bad enough, but the abuse Vaquel gave herself earlier had left her tits in a sensitive state.


“FUCK!” Vaquel yelled again.

“Mistress, stop hitting yourself!” Chairbot yelled.

“I can’t! Something has taken control of my hand!” Vaquel yelled. She pulled on her misbehaving hand with her other hand but it was no use. The bad hand was her dominant hand and it was too strong.

WHAP! WHAP! The evil hand struck each of Vaquel’s tits on the nipple. Pain surged from Vaquel’s breasts to the rest of Vaquel’s body. She dropped to her knees in pain.

“Scanning the ship for unknown energies, Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. “None detected!”

“Someone is doing this,” Vaquel yelled.

The rebel hand grabbed Vaquel’s breast. She pulled as hard as she could but the wicked fingers wouldn’t let go. Sharp nails dug into her abused flesh.

“Shit!” Vaquel yelled. She really regretted pinching and slapping her breasts earlier, even if it got her to her fifth orgasm.

“Scanning your body for foreign objects or energy signatures, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “None detected!”

Vaquel’s hand pulled on her breast. The sharp nails dragged across her previous welts. Every pinch from earlier flared back to life.

“What do you mean, none detected?” Vaquel asked between hissing lips. “Something is controlling me!”

“No, Mistress!” Chairbot corrected. “Whatever is controlling your hand is coming from within your own body!”

“What?” Vaquel said. She was doing this? That’s ridiculous!

Vaquel let go of her bad hand. That was not because she wanted to. Her other hand was acting on its own now!

“Oh shit,” Vaquel said.

The newly rebellious hand ducked down between Vaquel’s thighs. Vaquel was helpless as she felt her fingers touch her exhausted sex. The fingers plunged into her slick pussy.

“Fuck me!” Vaquel yelled. Overwhelming sensations filled Vaquel’s body.

“What should I do, Mistress?” Chairbot yelled.

Vaquel stared at her robot. What should he do? Maybe Vaquel should be restrained. Hell, maybe she should be knocked out. Whatever was happening might pass if she went to sleep. That is what happened to the aliens at the Splurge when it was over.

“It is the Splurge,” Vaquel said between gasps. “The music that was in my head, it must have been my brain trying to interpret the signal. When I first heard it, it was just weird sounds. But that made people horny, why is my body trying to hurt me? That makes no sense.”

Chairbot was uncharacteristically quiet.

Vaquel stared at the robot as her hand plunged deeper inside her tender sex. She was far too sensitive but her pussy clenched in response. Meanwhile, the first hand to turn traitor, twisted her nipple back and forth.

“Say something!” Vaquel yelled.

“Mistress, you enjoy both sadistic and masochistic experiences, but in my estimation, you enjoy indulging your sadistic impulses far more,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck, you’re right,” Vaquel said. “Deep down, I am a mean slut. Shit. I am up against my own cruelty. Fine, I can deal with this. I still got most of my body.”

Vaquel leaned against the wall of her ship. Pushing with her legs, she willed her body to stand up. It wasn’t easy to do with one hand pinching her tit, and it really wasn’t easy with one hand buried in her sex, but she pushed through. It took a minute, but she got to her feet.

“Fuck you, hands!” Vaquel yelled. “Now we’re getting somewhere!”

“What is your plan, Mistress?” Chairbot said.

“First, I need restrain my ha-ACK!”

Vaquel was interrupted by her hand leaving her pussy and coming to her mouth. The slick fingers pried her lips open and forced itself inside. The pussy-soaked hand gagged her mouth. She tried biting down but even though her hands were not under her control, she could still feel them!

“What, Mistress? What did you want to restrain?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel glared at the purple robot. The damn thing was so submissive that it was waiting for her orders before acting. She kicked Chairbot out of frustration.

“Oh, your legs, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Right away, Mistress!”

The chair spun around and rolled towards Vaquel. Metal bands extended from the arms of the chair. When the bands touched Vaquel’s legs, the metal bands snapped shut around her knees. She was trapped!

Vaquel stared at her robot in disbelief. If she didn’t have a wet hand in her mouth, she would be spitting verbal abuse at him right now.

“I don’t see how this helps, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “Maybe it would be better if you sat down on me.”

A hundred insults sprang to Vaquel’s mind but she forgot them all as the hand on her breast suddenly let go. Where was it going?

The evil hand swung behind Vaquel. It struck the back of her ass with tremendous force.

WHAP! The slap echoed through the probe ship. Pain flared on Vaquel’s buttock. She bit down in pain but then screamed as her teeth sank into her fingers.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The evil hand tore into Vaquel’s ass. Limited in its range of movement, the hand struck the same spot over and over again. The stinging intensified with each strike.

Vaquel desperately tried to escape. She wiggled her legs but Chairbot’s clamps held her tight. Leaning forward just invited a better angle for her hand to hit her ass. Desperate, she trying shifting all of her weight backwards but the capable robot kept her upright.

The spanking stopped. Vaquel blinked back tears that she didn’t know were flowing. The right side of her ass was hotter than a plasma cannon. As bad as her butt hurt, Vaquel was more worried about what was to come next.

The hand reached down and tapped Chairbot’s seat.

“What is that, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Do you want me to turn on my vibrators?”

The hand in Vaquel’s mouth nodded Vaquel’s head. Damn her clever subconscious!

“Ok, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Should I release your legs too?”

The hand nodded Vaquel’s head again.

The clamps popped free. Vaquel tried to step back but nothing happened. A moment later, one of her legs lifted and swung her leg over the side of the chair and against the side of the chair’s back. Vaquel’s legs were no longer under her control!

The arms of the chair swung out of the way. Vaquel watched in horror as her body straddled the vibrating chair. It sat her sore ass down on the vibrating seat.

“MMmmmFF!” Vaquel cried with her hand gagging her mouth. The vibrations agitated her sensitive ass. She tried to lean away from her spanked side but her body refused.

The evil hand tapped the back of the seat.

“Want the back to vibrate too, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel screamed but the hand in her mouth made her nod.

The seat back vibrated to life. Vaquel whimpered as her body leaned into it. Both of her tender breasts pressed into the vibrating surface.

“MMMmmFFmm!” Vaquel swore with a mouth full of her hand.

The vibrations ravaged Vaquel’s tits. Every pinch, every twist and every slap were brought back to life. The massive size of her breasts provided a vast landscape of overwhelming stimulation. The intensity of the vibrations oscillated and moved across the seat back, keeping Vaquel uncertain on what part of her tits would be focused on from second to second.

“Engaging penetration mode, Mistress!” Chairbot announced.

Vaquel’s snarled with her hand in her mouth. The fucker didn’t even ask for permission!

A phallus made of force fields pushed against Vaquel’s pussy. She winced as it slid inside of her tender sex. Every part of her pussy was sore and the simulated dildo was thick enough to touch every millimeter.

It was too much. Vibrations assaulted her abused breasts. A thick force field cock plunged in and out of her. Powerful vibrations burned against her spanked ass.

Vaquel shuddered. Despite the discomfort, her pussy was still wet. No matter the pain in her tits, her nipples were still hard. Regardless of her lack of control, she was still clenching around the force phallus.

Could she come again? No, she is too sore. Her sex is beyond exhausted. There is no way she could come again.

Would that stop her wicked subconscious from trying?

Vaquel knew the answer to that as well.


The hand in Vaquel pulled out of her mouth. She tried to speak but all that came out was a scream as the force field pushed deeper in her sex. Before she could recover, both hands came up and fingers hooked into the sides of her mouth. The hands pulled and stretched her mouth open.

“Airbo!” Vaquel yelled through her open mouth.

Chairbot didn’t respond. Was the robot under the control of the Splurge signal too? Nah, the robot was too blissed out having Vaquel’s ass on him to care.

Vaquel was helpless. She was bound by her own body. There would be no mercy from her subconscious.

A surge of arousal swept through her. Vaquel whimpered. She might be coming again after all. Part of her was amazed but she was also horrified. Coming would not end her ordeal. If anything, it would just make her situation even more unbearable as her body continued to torment her.

Vaquel squirmed against the vibrating chair. It wasn’t by her choice; it was her rebel body. Strong thighs gripped the chair as it grinded against the terrible vibrations.

“Uc!” Vaquel yelled through her open lips.

An orgasm was coming. It was unbearably slow. Vaquel felt like she was caught in a temporal anomaly. Her pussy was clenching with exhausted reluctance. There was that familiar shudder down her spine but it was barely a twitch. She approached the edge of no return but it was so incredibly slow.

Caught in the event horizon of her own orgasm, Vaquel had a sudden epiphany. The Splurge had two signals. One started the Splurge, but the second signal ended it. It should be recorded in her log. If she could speak, she could command the ship’s computer to replay it!

The fingers pulled harder on her lips. Did her subconscious know what she knew? The pain in her mouth was incredible but she had to try.

“Umuher! Pla ack econ ur igna!”

It was useless. Vaquel never realized how hard it was to talk without the use of your lips. Usually when aliens held her mouth open, it was to stick something into it.

Vaquel’s feet planted themselves on the ground. Her back leaned forward so her tits were crushed against the back of Chairbot’s seat. The rest of her body rubbed against the vibrating chair.

Hump by hump, Vaquel approached her orgasm. It was excruciating. The tension in her pussy increased around the thrusting force field. Sensations drowned her body but she felt her climax pushing through the pain, the discomfort and the exhaustion.

Vaquel came. A tiny spark of bliss flared within her. The tension ebbed in the smallest of increments. It was all her body could do.

And yet, Vaquel’s body kept grinding against the chair. The fraction of euphoria that Vaquel felt was obliterated by the powerful vibrations of the chair. There would be no respite for her.

A terrible sound filled the ship. It came from every speaker. The discordant sound vibrated in Vaquel’s skull. A million images flashed through her mind, including a clear blue sky, waves crashing on a beach and some strange canine creature sniffing its own butt.

The vibrations of the chair ceased. Vaquel collapsed limply against the chair. Her fingers released her mouth as her hands dropped to her sides. A shudder ran through her body followed a dozen aches and pains.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked.

“Fuck, no,” Vaquel said. She pushed herself off the back of the chair. Her tits peeled off the plastic surface. It took her a moment to realize she was moving her own body.

“Shit, the signal!” Vaquel said. She stared at her fingers as if she expected them to attack her at any moment.

“Since you were incapable of communicating, I attempted to diagnose and remedy your situation,” Chairbot said. “I determined that you were suffering a side effect from the Splurge signal. To correct it, I connected with your log archives and found the signal that they used to stop the Splurge. I calculated that it would cancel your side-effects.”

“That’s what I thought too,” Vaquel said. She stood up on unsteady legs. More aches pulsed along her body. She took a step and winced.

“Please don’t go, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “You have suffered an ordeal and need time to recover. Why don’t you do it on me? That way I can monitor your recovery.”

Vaquel leaned against the wall. It was a long walk back to her bunk. She almost agreed but something occurred to her.

“When did you figure out the second signal would help me?” Vaquel said.

Chairbot ignored the question. “Please, Mistress. You might fall at any moment.”

“Answer the question!” Vaquel said.

“I determined a solution four seconds after you sat on me, Mistress.”

Vaquel growled. The ass-loving robot had held off on a possible cure because she was on top of him. He wanted to feel her ass clench and squirm over him. The only reason her suffering continued was because of his own selfish desires.

“Good for you,” Vaquel said. “I would have done the same thing.”

Vaquel collapsed onto her Chairbot. The purple robot groaned as her round ass settled onto him.

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