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Explorer’s log: I have reached the star system designated “No One Knows What it is Like to Anger the Queen Twice,” by Royal Astronomers. This is on the edge of Prober Supreme space and it is easy to see why. There are only two planets in this system and one of them is a close orbiting planetoid that might melt into the star at any moment.

The other planet is a distant rock. The atmosphere appears to be artificially maintained. The population centers around vast strip mines. There are minimal energy signatures, and almost no communication on known broadcast channels. It reminds me of a prison planet, except security appears to be non-existent.

I have decided to investigate this planet up close. Scans show that the mines are focused on various quartzes, but the scans might be missing something. I would hate to think that there was a valuable substance down there that the Queen doesn’t know about. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Mining is hard work and the labor force appears to be entirely organic. Seed-Walkers tend to be a compliant species, but even those fuckers would need some sort of coercion or motivation. If it is motivation, I need to find out what it is and see if I can have some of it.

Vaquel Di stood on an upper level of a strip mine. The distant sun gave everything a dim orange haze. She wore a green skintight space suit to blend in with the dark green dirt but camouflage was unnecessary. Few people gave her a second look, and if they did it was to admire her round ass straining against her suit or the lovely way her heavy breasts jiggled when she walked. For the most part, they saw her light pink hair and shorter stature and assumed she either a mutant or one of the Prober Supreme’ creations.

“This makes no sense,” Vaquel said. She looked around the dusty area. By her count, nearly three hundred Seed-Walkers toiled under the hot sun. Here and there were small metal huts that provided for the miners’ sanitation needs. Attached to the huts were recyclers that provided algae paste for nutrition. That was it for buildings. There was nothing for habitation or entertainment. Where did they sleep? Where did they relax? Did they just work all the time? Why? Was this place a prison after all?

Vaquel looked at nearby robot. It was a shaped like a Seed-Walker, which is to say it was tall and spindly with humanoid features. She thought it was a security guard at first, but it ignored her completely. For that matter, it appeared to ignore everyone. A Seed-Walker sat next to it without fear. If this was a prison, the robot should have encouraged the person back to work.

“This place makes no sense,” Vaquel said again.

Nearby, a trio of Seed-Walkers picked away at a wall with their hammers. They were two men and a woman. Muscles bulged on all of them. One of the men was missing an ear and the woman had a long scar down her back. Their clothes were barely more than rags but they laughed and smiled as they worked.

Across from the trio, a dozen Seed-Walkers stood in line at a sanitation hut. As they waited, some of the Seed-Walkers would briefly leave the line to pick at the ground for a speck of quartz. After dropping their find in a cart, they would rejoin the line and no one begrudged them resuming their place. These fuckers were so happy to work that they even worked on their shit-breaks.

Vaquel saw an exhausted looking Seed-Walker fall to the ground. The heavy rock he was carrying made a small crater when he dropped it. Undaunted, the tired Seed-Walker got back up and lifted it again. He had a goofy smile on his face as he looked up at the sun.

“Let me help,” Vaquel said. This would give her a chance to interview one of these weirdoes. She took the rock from his hands. It wasn’t that heavy after all. The Seed-Walker must have dropped it out of fatigue. Vaquel carried it onto a nearby cart.

“Thanks,” the Seed-Walker said. He had yellow skin that contrasted with the green dirt on him. He turned to go but paused to stare at Vaquel’s chest, and then her hair. “Are you new here?”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. “I, uh, came in with some others. My name is Vaquel.”

“My name is Dicentrus,” the Seed-Walker said. “I am glad we finally got some replacements. We had some casualties last week. The robots are supposed to keep things from getting non-lethal but accidents happen.”

“They don’t seem very active,” Vaquel said.

Dicentrus smiled. “Why would they be active now? We’re working!”

“Which reminds me,” Vaquel said. “Where are we supposed to sleep? And what do we do for fun?”

Dicentrus’ smile turned into a laugh. “You didn’t pay attention to orientation, did you? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. Boy, did my ass pay for that! I could explain it, but it will be easier if you just wait. The sun is about to set and you will find out in a hurry. Although, I would take off that outfit, unless you really like wearing tight clothes. We don’t judge here.”

Before Vaquel could answer, a loud horn sounded across the mines. The sound came from the robots. At the sound of the horns, the miners put down their tools and cheered.

“Attention!” the robots announced. “Splurge is about to commence in fifty seconds!”

“Splurge? What is that? Is it a rest break?” Vaquel asked.

Dicentrus laughed. “Not at all. In fact, now is when you really work up a sweat.”

All across the strip mine, loading carts buzzed to life. Small jets emerged on every cart. The carts flew into the air and traveled away from the mine at high speeds.

“The Splurge is about to commence!” the robots announced. “Thank the Prober Supreme!”

Three hundred voices yelled, “Thank you, Proper Supreme!”

“Hey, give me a quick preview,” Vaquel said to Dicentrus.

The Seed-Walker shook his head. “Too late,” he said.

New sounds blasted from the robots. It was chaotic and deafening. To Vaquel, it sounded like a thousand different songs being played at once.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She clamped her hands over her ears, but it didn’t help. The sound seemed to penetrate her skull.

Images filled Vaquel’s mind. She saw a hundred carnal acts in a few seconds. The urge to eat, sleep and fuck slammed into her at the same time. A surge of desire filled her sex but she also had an inexplicable craving for the smell of fresh laundry. She fell to her knees, still clutching her ears.

The Seed-Walkers reacted as well. They stood up straight and lifted their arms. Limbs shook violently. Many collapsed.

Dicentrus stayed on his feet. The peaceful smile was replaced with a cruel snarl. He tore away the rag between his legs to reveal a thick cock. The phallus bounced and twitched like a live wire.

Vaquel’s training took over. To calm her mind, she focused on her breathing. To ground her body, she pinched one nipple and then another. Most of all, she pictured Queen Erishella in all of her glory and how angry the Queen would be if Vaquel failed her mission.

The screeching sounds stopped. The conflicting stimuli faded from Vaquel’s body but the horniness remained.

“Some kind of subliminal transmission,” Vaquel whispered on her knees. She timidly pulled her hands from ears. “It didn’t mesh with my Euphorian brain chemistry, but I still felt it. Fuck, what was it supposed to do?”

Dicentrus stood over Vaquel. He had his yellow phallus in hand and was jerking it at a rapid pace. The exhaustion from earlier was gone. He was nearly vibrating with energy.

“Welcome to the Splurge, fuck-face!” Dicentrus yelled.

The Seed-Walker grabbed Vaquel by her hair with both hands. She let Dicentrus pull her face to his twitching cock. Confusion muddied Vaquel’s mind but there was no denying how horny she was. Her lips opened and she took the thick member deep into her throat.

“Fuck-face! Fuck-face! Fuck-face!” Dicentrus yelled and he did. His hips swung back and forth as he pounded Vaquel’s face. He tightened his grip in Vaquel’s short pink hair with manic strength. The pods of his scrotum bounced rapidly against her chin.

Vaquel took it. Her jaw went slack and drool fell from her lips. The Seed-Walker’s cock was dirty and grit covered her tongue. Pain shot through her scalp as Dicentrus nearly pulled her hair from its roots.

There was a scream from somewhere. It sounded happy.

Someone else screamed. It was not happy at all.

Vaquel looked up at Dicentrus. There was a vibrancy to him that was missing before. Earlier he looked like he was close to being worked to death. Now he reminded her of Royal Navy personnel with their first visit to the Navy brothel.

“Yeah, choke on it you brown Fuck-face!” Dicentrus yelled. He pulled Vaquel’s face to his crotch and pinned her there. His cock throbbed against the back of her throat. He let go of her hair with one hand to pinch her nose shut.

Vaquel struggled to breathe. A dozen self-defense techniques came to mind but the heat in her pussy was greater. She reached between her legs and pressed down on the spacesuit covering her sex. It would only take a press of a button to open her spacesuit but Vaquel couldn’t wait that long. She rubbed her sex through the flimsy material with passionate speed.

Dicentrus grinded into Vaquel’s face. His bulky cock choked her mouth. The lack of air caused her tongue to feel thick. Fire burned in her lungs.

Vaquel kept stroking.

The fingers let go of her nose. Air came rushing back into Vaquel. She coughed but Dicentrus kept her tight against his crotch.

Vaquel stroked harder.

A cry of passion echoed across the mine. Something heavy slammed into something fragile and there was the sound of breaking construction. A scream of terror was cut off abruptly.

Vaquel desperately wanted to see what was happening around her but all she could see was Dicentrus’ crotch. She assumed that people were fucking but the sounds suggested violence as well. These Seed-Walkers really knew how to have fun.

Dicentrus pulled Vaquel away from his crotch. The thick cock left her mouth and Vaquel was aware of how sore her jaw was. He held her by the hair with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. The yellow phallus was pointed right at her eyes.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel whispered. The cock twitched and surged. She shut her eyes as the first blast of seed sprayed against her face. It splattered against her clenched eye. Dicentrus released four more loads unto her face before finally letting go of her hair.

Vaquel was blind. Alien semen coated her eyes and she had no interest in finding out how it would react with her biology. Her one hand still rubbing at her covered pussy, she fumbled around her belt for a sanitation sponge.

“Hey Biv, check the ass on this one!” a voice yelled in front of Vaquel. Large hands grabbed Vaquel under her shoulders. She was lifted off the ground. Vaquel could no longer reach her pussy or her belt.

“I don’t recognize her, must be a new one,” a woman’s voice said. “She still got clothes on.”

“Don’t matter to me,” the man said. “I still want to spank that double sphere ass!”

“Bend her over that rock!” the woman yelled.

Before Vaquel could say anything, she was tossed through the air. As she fell to the ground, something hard hit her in the stomach. All the air rushed out of her as she folded over a large hard surface. It must be the rock.

A strong hand pushed down on her back. “I’m getting some of this!” the man yelled.

THUMP! A large flat hand smacked into Vaquel’s ass. The thin spacesuit provided no protection. The impact threatened to flatten Vaquel’s round buttocks.

“Hey, sphere-ass got her face plastered,” the woman said. Strong hands took hold of both sides of Vaquel’s face and held her in place.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The man didn’t answer. He was too busy slapping Vaquel’s ass with his wide hand. The slaps alternated between both sides of her ass; keeping her buttocks in a constant state of jiggling.

Something pressed into Vaquel’s face. It started at her cheek and swiped up over her clenched eyes. It was the woman’s tongue.

Vaquel moaned. The slapping of her ass hadn’t stopped her arousal. In fact, it only made her more aware of how turned on she was. Each thudding slap forced her clothed pussy to grind against the irregular rock that she was on.

The woman’s tongue on her face didn’t help either. The tongue was long and very thorough. Vaquel couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like between her thighs. She opened her mouth to kiss the cleaning tongue, but it had no interest in her lips; only the alien seed covering her face.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The spanking continued. Vaquel’s ass burned like a spaceship on a bad re-entry. Each buttock took an identical pounding.

“Where do these fuckers find the energy?” Vaquel wondered. She had watched the miners work, none of them were slackers. The audio signal that triggered the Splurge must have also triggered the Seed-Walkers’ glands to energize their bodies.

The woman licked the last of the seed from Vaquel’s eyes. Vaquel cautiously opened her eyelids and blinked a few times. A deep red Seed-Walker with thin lips, a broken nose and manic eyes stared at her. She still had Vaquel’s face trapped between her hands.

Vaquel stared back. The woman didn’t blink.

“Uh, thanks?” Vaquel said.

The woman twisted Vaquel’s ears. Pain lanced both sides of Vaquel’s head.

“FUCK!” Vaquel yelled.

The woman laughed and kept twisting.

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The spanking of Vaquel’s ass increased in force.

“Make her scream, Biv!” the man yelled.

“Fuck this,” Vaquel said. She reached for her belt and pulled out her shock baton. A flick of her wrist caused the small rod to extend to a third of a meter. Once extended, Vaquel slammed the end of the baton into the woman’s side.

The woman screamed. She let go of Vaquel’s ears and dropped to the ground in a twitching heap.

“Biv!” the man yelled. Instead of going to the woman’s aid, he slapped Vaquel’s ass one more time.


“That’s all you get, asshole!” Vaquel said. She swung the shock baton back and hit the man on the leg. The pressure on her back was gone as the man dropped to the ground and twitched.

Vaquel pealed herself off the rock. Her ass hurt with every movement. She looked at the Seed-Walker that had been spanking her. He was a dark green color covered in yellow hair on his shoulders. She couldn’t help noticing how thick his arms were. No wonder her ass hurt so much!

A shadow loomed over Vaquel. She turned to see a robot standing behind her. It held out a hand. The palm of the hand glowed as if it was charging a weapon.

“Disarm yourself,” the robot said. “Weapons are not allowed during the Splurge. Failure to comply with result in termination.”

Vaquel flicked her wrist and the shock baton shrunk back into her hand. The robot lowered its hand. A scream came from afar and the robot strode towards it.

The strip mine looked like a battlefield. Seed-Walkers fucked other Seed-Walkers. Some of the miners were openly fighting each other as robots watched. Bodies littered the ground and Vaquel couldn’t tell if they were unconscious or worse. One of the sanitation huts was on fire.

A naked woman ran up to Vaquel. She stopped a few meters away, pointed at her own hairy crotch and then ran away. Exposing herself seemed to give the woman great joy.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She had rarely seen such a display of hedonism and violence. It was as if everyone was indulging their deepest desires without fear or consequences. If that desire involved hurting someone else, then that person better watch out. For Vaquel’s safety, she should leave the area and get back to her ship.

Vaquel stayed where she was. Her jaw hurt, her ears stung and her ass felt worse but there was the issue of her pussy. It was wet and by the Queen, she would not leave this planet until she got her own satisfaction.

The horny explorer looked around for a suitable partner. She ruled out the two men filling the holes of a third man. There was an attractive alien woman to her left, but she was having a bit too much fun playing with the blood of an unconscious man. Over to her right, two naked miners fucked each other with loud passion, but they also took turns strangling each other. Vaquel just wanted to fuck.

“When in the Splurge, you got to take what you want,” Vaquel theorized.

A slender Seed-Walker caught her eye. He was tall, green and had abnormally thick wrists. The man stood a few meters away from the fucking couple as he stroked his long cock. His eyes were glued to the couple.

“Shit, if he isn’t using that cock, I will,” Vaquel said. She walked over to the Seed-Walker and pressed a button on her belt. A seam appeared in her spacesuit over her crotch. She tugged the material aside to reveal the pink pubic hair of her bush.

“Hey!” Vaquel yelled at the stroker. “Why watch when you can shove it in here?”

The green Seed-Walker glanced at Vaquel’s crotch. He stroked himself a few times as he stared at her sex, but then shrugged and resumed watching the couple.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She had been rejected at a subliminal orgy of uninhibited passion. This just became personal.

Vaquel stuck her fingers in her soaking wet sex. As the Seed-Walker continued to stroke himself, Vaquel stroked as well. When her fingers were soaking wet, she grabbed the head of the Seed-Walker’s phallus. The Seed-Walker froze in mid-stroke and moaned.

“Yeah, feels better with pussy juice, doesn’t it?” Vaquel said.

The Seed-Walker grunted. He also resumed stroking his member while staring at the couple.

Vaquel frowned. Did the Splurge cause brain damage? It was unlikely. The other Seed-Walkers seemed intelligent, even when they were spanking her. Maybe he just didn’t find her attractive.

She squeezed the tip of the cock that she was holding. The Seed-Walker pumped the length of his shaft. The Seed-Walker might be an idiot, but she wasn’t willing to let go of that phallus.

“You are damn lucky that you have a nice cock,” Vaquel said. She let go of his cock and turned her back to him. Bending forward, she reached between her legs and grabbed the head of his member. She slowly backed up and guided the head of his shaft into her pussy lips.

The wide member filled Vaquel’s sex. She backed up and took more of the voyeur’s cock. Eventually, the Seed-Walker had to let go of his cock because there was no more to hold onto.

The Seed-Walker grabbed Vaquel’s hips. Refusing to thrust, the miner pulled Vaquel back onto his cock and then slid her forward. He repeated the motion, using Vaquel’s pussy to jack his cock.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried. It was hard on her knees but she took it. Her breasts bounced within her spacesuit. The collision of her spanked ass on the Seed-Walker’s pelvis made her wince, but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure of having that thick shaft inside of her.

Oblivious to Vaquel and the voyeur, the couple continued to fuck. The light red man held the darker red woman in the air. His hands were clamped around her buttocks as he fucked her. The woman dragged her fingernails over the man’s bald head, leaving deep gouges with every scratch.

“Okay, that is pretty fucking hot,” Vaquel admitted.

The voyeur slammed Vaquel faster. Like the rest of the Splurge-affected Seed-Walkers, he seemed to have endless endurance. His hands dug painfully into Vaquel’s hips as he used her body to pump his cock.

The relentless penetration sent Vaquel over the edge. A powerful orgasm crashed into her body. She went weak in the knees, but the voyeur held her up as he continued to use her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.

The phallus inside her pulsed. The voyeur actually used his hips to thrust into her. The fingers around her waist tightened as the cock released a load of seed inside of her.

“Oh-oh-oh!” the Seed-Walker cried.

The alien pushed Vaquel off his cock and she fell to the ground. The rocky surface crushed her plump breasts as she fell onto top of them. Seed spilled out of her pussy from the impact.

Vaquel looked behind her. The Seed-Walker returned his hand to his cock. It continued to come as he kept stroking. More seed rained down on top of her. Vaquel stayed on the ground and let the seed splatter against her spacesuit-covered ass.

Horns blasted across the strip mine, followed by another announcement. “The Splurge has now ended.”

The discordant audio broadcast returned. Vaquel clamped her hands over her ears as the sound vibrated in her skull. Images and thoughts filled her mind, mostly of night skies, soft grass and weirdly, a red feline creature washing itself.

Mercifully, it was a much shorter broadcast than the one from before. It was over in a few seconds. Vaquel cautiously pulled her hands from her ears and looked around.

The Seed-Walkers had collapsed. Everywhere that Vaquel looked, the aliens laid on the ground. Snores rose and a quick check of her wrist scanner told Vaquel that they were sleeping. Some of the sleepers were on top of others, and the robots were gently digging people out to lay uncrushed.

The voyeur that Vaquel had fucked was on the ground with his hand still on his cock. A blissful smile was spread across his sleeping face. Vaquel kicked his leg but he stayed asleep. She had a feeling that his induced slumber wouldn’t end until the robots broadcasted another signal.

A nearby robot turned towards Vaquel. “Rest cycle has commenced. Lay down at once!”

Vaquel sat back down on the ground. As the robot approached, she closed her eyes. That was enough for the robot to stop and stride away.

Opening one eye, Vaquel spied on the robots. Several were putting out the fire on the recycling hut. Two other robots were building a replacement hut. The rest of the robots performed medical aid to some of the sleeping Seed-Walkers.

“This is my chance,” Vaquel thought. “I could slip away and get back to my ship while the robots are distracted.”

She reached down between her legs and touched her sex. It was tender to the touch. She thought about how hard she had to work just to get fucked. If she had known what the Splurge was, she would have done things differently.

Vaquel closed her eye and relaxed. The Splurge was certainly an interesting way to control a labor force. She would be a bad explorer if she didn’t learn more about it.

For the glory of her Queen, Vaquel decided that she could stay one more day.

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