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Explorer’s log: I am on day thirty of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated “No One Knows What it is Like to Anger the Queen Twice,” by Royal Astronomers. Systems are optimal and scans are ahead of schedule.

An hour ago, I intercepted a distress call from a Prober Supreme saucer. The message is as follows:

“Redshift Alert! Experiment G47 has escaped! Containment procedures have failed! Repeat, containment procedures have failed! The brain stem implant has been rejected! Send reinforcements!”

The transmission abruptly ended. Scans indicate that the source of transmission, a three-kilometer wide saucer, imploded.

Further scans show that three saucers of similar size responded to the call and rendezvoused with the saucer’s last location. One saucer imploded, a second exploded and the third saucer ceased to exist in any scannable form.

More saucers are on their way to intercept. Royal Navy protocols suggest that I stay the fuck away from such a dangerous occurrence but I will attempt to monitor the situation from a safe distance. The Prober Supremes’ forces are in many ways our technological equal and in some cases, superior. If something can easily destroy their War-Science ships, then we need to know what it is so we can duplicate it.

This will be dangerous, but I would be shirking my duty to the Queen if I do not attempt it. End Explorer’s Log

Explorer’s Personal Log: Thirty days of staring at radiations readings with no company except for a horny chair has nearly killed me with boredom. A good space slaughter will be fun to watch. Also, I can’t ignore the Royal Navy bonus for the discovery of any weaponizable phenomenon. When I get home, I want to be able to afford all the bed-slaves I can get.

Vaquel Di sat in the navigation pod. Her naked brown legs were wide open with her feet resting on the control panel. She had one hand between her thighs and stroked the thick pink bush of her pubic hair. The other hand cupped a full brown breast while teasing her nipple with her palm. She brushed a strand of her short pink hair from her face as she focused on the display screen.

Three large saucers slowly circled a central point. The probe ship’s highly calibrated scanners couldn’t get a consistent reading on the central point. Sometimes it read as a single Seed-Walker, the dominant intelligent species in this part of the galaxy. At other times, the scanners thought the central point was a black hole, an emitter of cosmic rays or a really small bush.

A tiny saucer emerged from one of the small saucers. It sped along like a missile towards the central point. Multiple laser beams fired from the small saucer. The beams stopped in mid-flight and turned into spinning circles.

Vaquel idly rubbed her pussy and looked at a scanner reading. The circles were the result of the laser shots endlessly deflected into a tight circumference.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel whispered.

Suddenly, the spinning lasers redirected towards the tiny saucer. The lasers defied the laws of physics and slammed into the hull of the saucer, came out the other side and then turned back into the saucer to slice it from another angle.

Multiple explosions rocked the small saucer and it flew apart. The lasers flattened into straight lines and shot harmlessly into space.

Vaquel’s seat buzzed to life. Powerful vibrational motors massaged her wide buttocks. A small ridge formed from the seat and pressed against Vaquel’s sex.

“Queen’s tit!” she moaned. She shuddered in pleasure but kept her eye on the scanners.

Chairbot, the purple robot that Vaquel was sitting on, also watched the scanner. He had been instructed to provide stimulation every time a saucer was destroyed. It was just one of the many games he played with Vaquel to keep the explorer entertained.

The three large saucers responded. Fleets of tiny saucers emerged from all three crafts. The armadas converged on the central point like a swarm. Instead of lasers, they fired multiple missiles, each missile barely the size of Vaquel’s hand but capable of punching through the thickest armor.

An orange glow emitted from the central point. Scanners reported a spike in quantum radiation. The saucers closest to the glowing point were sheathed in flames. The burning saucers drifted to a halt. Saucers close to the burning saucers caught fire and stopped as well. In less than a minute, every one of the small saucers were aflame and adrift.

Chairbot’s vibrators went into overdrive. Vaquel cried out as a vibrating column rose from the seat and pressed against her asshole. The vibrations fluctuated wildly and Vaquel writhed in her seat.

Despite the wet mess that Chairbot was reducing her to, Vaquel kept reading the scans. This was impossible. Fires don’t burn in space, but yet these were. Readings scrolled across the screen as it reported the alloys, and crew, of the saucers combusting.

The large saucers responded. A barrage of lasers, missiles and mass drivers emitted from each ship. Enough firepower to lay waste to a planet converged on the tiny central point that the scanners confidently reported was just a really well hydrated tree.

There was a flash of orange from the central point. Missiles exploded at the target destination but Vaquel’s scanners reported that this was because the missiles had come in contact with ordinance from the other saucers. There was nothing for the barrage to hit.

One of the giant saucers exploded. There was no shockwave or detonation. It simply ceased to be a coherent ship and every piece, and crew member, flew in different direction away from each other. All that remained was a glowing orange point

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered.

Chairbot protruded a pseudo-phallus from his seat into Vaquel’s pussy. She gripped the arms of the chair as the thick dildo buzzed within her. The dildo slid in and out at a slow but delicious pace.

On screen, the glowing point moved towards another saucer. The giant saucer tried to redirect its fire to the glowing point. It was pointless. As the glowing point came nearer, the saucer fell apart in a similar manner to the other saucer. It only took seconds before the second saucer was completely dismantled.

“This is bad,” Vaquel said “This is an Extinction-level power. We need to ah!”

Vaquel was interrupted by Chairbot’s latest modification, a rotating phallus at Vaquel’s asshole. The phallus pushed into her tight hole and now the robot had penetrated her a second time. The two cocks worked together so one was always pushing in while the other pushed out.

The third saucer had no such distractions. It ceased firing and a green glow surrounded it. Scanners indicated that the saucer was preparing some sort of jump drive by opening a controlled wormhole. It was clearly trying to escape.

A beam of light struck from the glowing orange point. The beam was red and bisected the saucer. The artificial wormhole collapsed on itself, taking out the center third of the saucer. The remaining ring of leftover saucer drifted briefly before exploding from catastrophic failures.

Chairbot acknowledged the disastrous loss of life and materials by increasing the vibrations of the pseudo-cocks inside Vaquel. The phallus in Vaquel’s sex thickened in size while the one in her anus became slenderer as it plunged deeper. The variations in size were calculated based on years of serving as Vaquel’s personal seat.

Vaquel climaxed. She came as the third saucer shook from secondary explosions. Her toes curled and her eyes clenched shut. She rode the twin cocks through her orgasm and then onto a second one.

“Proximity Alert!” the computer system warned. “Field of flowers rapidly approaching!”

Vaquel’s eyes popped back open. The orange glowing point grew larger. It was moving at incredible speeds towards them despite the many cloaking counter-measures that the probe ship employed.

“Chairbot, stop!” Vaquel said.

“Awww,” Chairbot whined. The cocks retracted from Vaquel’s sex and merged back with the robot’s seat.

Vaquel sat up in the soaking wet seat. She typed rapid commands into the computer. Solar sails extended. A course was laid in for the opposite direction. She almost brought the weapons online but considered that a waste of power. Nothing on her ship could compare to what the unknown entity had already ignored.

An orange glow shone through the viewport. Vaquel shielded her eyes and peeked through her fingers. She could just make out the shape of a Seed-Walker female. White stars blazed in their eyes. Long slender legs slowly kicked as if she was swimming. The creature was naked and hovered a meter away from the ship.

Vaquel froze in place. She had just watched this creature wipe out countless ships. What should Vaquel do? Fleeing seemed unlikely. Attacking would be suicidal. That left talking to it. What does one say to a glowing naked woman?

“Hey,” Vaquel said. She raised her hand in greeting. “You have nice legs.”

The orange woman drifted closer. The front of Vaquel’s probe ship came apart to accommodate her. Warning klaxons blared at the loss of atmospheric pressure. The air rushed past Vaquel for a second and then stopped. The warning alarms ceased as they flew apart.

Vaquel jumped from Chairbot. She reached for her space helmet as the glassteel bubble shattered into a hundred floating pieces. Her hand went to her belt to activate her spacesuit but the belt disassembled before she could touch it.

“Fucking fuck,” Vaquel swore. She was about to get exposed to the vacuum of space butt-naked.

The glowing woman came closer. Her star eyes flared. She reached out a hand.

“Run, Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. The robot chair rolled forward and charged the glowing woman.

The strange woman didn’t slow down. Chairbot came within a meter of her and then flew apart. Purple fragments of the robot went in all directions.

“Chairbot!” Vaquel screamed. Everything turned red. Vaquel grabbed a piece of the hull and swung it at the glowing woman. The hull fragment vaporized before it touched her. Undeterred, Vaquel lunged forward with a punch.

The glowing woman clenched her open hand. Vaquel froze in place. More of the probe ship exploded around them. Piece by piece, it shattered. As Vaquel watched with frozen eyes, the ship broke apart down to the tiniest level until Vaquel and the glowing woman were left alone in the darkness of space.

Vaquel took a deep breath. What was she breathing? Why hadn’t her eyes frozen?

The glowing woman drifted closer. There was a curious expression on her face, though it was hard to tell any sort of expression from someone with stars for eyes. The glowing woman touched her own small orange breast, and then touched Vaquel’s much larger brown breast.

Vaquel watched the woman poke her breast. She could move again. The rage from Chairbot’s death gave way to fear. What was going on? How much longer did Vaquel have to live?

The glowing woman poked Vaquel’s breast again. “Name,” the glowing woman said.

How could Vaquel hear anything in space? Fuck it, it didn’t matter. “Vaquel,” she answered.

The glowing woman poked Vaquel’s other breast. The brown mass jiggled in the absence of gravity. At the same time, the glowing woman poked her own breast. There was a lot less jiggling.

Vaquel forced herself to stay calm as she slowly touched the glowing woman’s hand. The glowing woman offered no resistance as Vaquel guided her hand to Vaquel’s breast. Gently manipulating her fingers, Vaquel cupped the woman’s fingers over her breast.

“Name,” the glowing woman said again.

“Vaquel,” Vaquel answered, a little slower this time.

The glowing woman squeezed Vaquel’s breast. She gasped as her fingers sunk into the brown flesh. Her eyes flared as she gently kneaded the breast in her hand.

“Okay, I’m not dead yet,” Vaquel whispered. The remnants of her ship continued to drift away into the void.

“Name,” the glowing woman said again.

“Va-quel,” Vaquel said again.

The glowing woman moved one of her hands from Vaquel’s breast. It moved down to Vaquel’s hip and squeezed. The glowing woman opened her mouth in what may have been a sigh but there was no sound.

“If you like that, try my ass,” Vaquel said. Turning slightly, Vaquel carefully moved the woman’s hand from Vaquel’s hip to her ass.

The glowing woman’s fingers squeezed. A corner of her mouth turned upwards. She squeezed again and her mouth smiled. The hand slowly clenched and unclenched Vaquel’s ass.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. “Every species loves my tits and ass.”

“What name,” the glowing woman said.

“What do you mean?” Vaquel said. “Tits and ass? See, this is my tit, and this over here is my ass.”

The glowing woman stopped clenching with her hands. Vaquel was worried that she said something wrong. Before the explorer could say anything, the glowing woman changed her grip on Vaquel’s ass to just a thumb and index finger.

Vaquel felt a pinch on her ass. “Ow!” she shouted.

The glowing woman nodded. She changed her grip on Vaquel’s breast to a pinch on Vaquel’s nipple. Staring at Vaquel with her unreadable star-eyes, she pinched Vaquel’s nipple and ass at the same time.

Vaquel winced. “Sure, pinch me all you want. Just let me keep breathing. Also, maybe drop me off on a planet?”

The glowing woman pinched Vaquel’s ass. Then she pinched Vaquel’s nipple. Back and forth she went for several cycles of pinching.

Vaquel took it. She was still riding the bliss of her earlier orgasm. The pinches grew stronger but one glance at the rapidly disappearing debris cloud of her probe ship was enough to remind her to keep quiet.

“What name,” the glowing woman asked.

“I have no fucking idea what you want,” Vaquel answered.

The glowing woman paused. Her face tensed as if she was concentrating. Maybe she didn’t know what she wanted either.

Or maybe she was getting ready to take Vaquel apart like she did her ship.

Vaquel placed her hand over the glowing hand on her breast. Gently and as cautiously as she could, she pulled the woman’s hand from her breast and brought it down between Vaquel’s thighs. She pressed the powerful woman’s fingers to her wet lips.

The glowing woman’s face relaxed. Her mouth opened. One finger pushed into Vaquel’s pussy.

“Like that?” Vaquel said. She certainly hoped the glowing woman did. People didn’t destroy things they enjoyed touching.

The glowing woman said nothing. Her fingers on Vaquel’s ass continued to pinch. She slid a second finger into Vaquel’s sex. The two fingers touched and explored the clenching tunnel.

Vaquel shuddered. She reached out for the glowing woman’s breast. It was softer than she was expecting. She run her thumb over the nipple and it hardened instantly.

“What is name?” the glowing woman asked. Her fingers continued to pinch and wiggle.

“Well, a name is a designation for-Ahh, for what you call something,” Vaquel said.

The glowing woman nodded. She looked down at Vaquel’s sex and her wrist began to twist. It was a simple but effective motion. She repeated it as her fingers turned inside Vaquel.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel moaned. A little bit of her fear gave way to arousal.

Vaquel returned the favor by touching the glowing woman’s bare sex. It was warm to the touch. She slipped a finger in and found the glowing woman curiously dry. Pulling her finger out, Vaquel rubbed the outside lips of the woman’s sex with tender care.

“What,” the glowing woman gasped.

Vaquel felt moisture on her fingers. She kept rubbing and the dampness grew. When she slipped her finger back into the glowing woman’s pussy, wet heat clenched back.

“That didn’t take you long at all,” Vaquel said.

“What is name?” the glowing woman moaned.

“What is name, indeed,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel slid her fingers in and out of the glowing woman’s pussy. The glowing woman did the same to Vaquel. As Vaquel rolled her hips in response, the glowing woman’s hips mirrored the motion.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. “You are a quick learner. Or maybe you already knew how to do this but just forgot. That wrist thing you are doing is perfect.”

The glowing woman moaned. Her eyelids closed but the stars shone through them. She kept pinching Vaquel’s ass but the pinches were in harmony with the fingers thrusting into Vaquel’s sex.

Vaquel moaned. Every sting of pain from the pinching was answered by a stroke of pleasure in her pussy. She found it hard to focus on her own hand inside the glowing woman but she pushed through. Keeping the glowing woman aroused was the only plan she had.

The sound of pussy stroking and moaning surrounded Vaquel and the glowing woman. Once again, Vaquel wondered how she could hear anything in the vacuum of space. For that matter, how was she breathing? Did the glowing woman exert some sort of artificial atmosphere? How the fuck did she do that?

A deep thrust from the glowing woman’s hand interrupted Vaquel’s thoughts. She was already sensitive from coming earlier and the glowing woman was bringing her to another. Vaquel had lost everything today; her ship, her mission and Chairbot, but she was going to get one more orgasm before her life was finished.

Vaquel was also going to make this weird woman come. She had no hope of ever destroying this powerful entity but she could make sure that she got the woman off. That way, the woman would at least regret it when she broke Vaquel down to her component atoms.

The glowing woman glowed brighter. Her eyes opened and the stars pulsed. She shuddered and her pussy clenched down hard.

Vaquel kept stroking. So did the glowing woman. The two of them stroked each other to their climaxes,

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Pleasure filled her body, perhaps for the last time.

“What is name!” the glowing woman screamed. Her orange body brightened like a plasma explosion.

Vaquel pulled her fingers from the glowing woman’s pussy and shielded her eyes. She felt the woman’s fingers leave her. Vaquel drifted in space as she tried to block the light with both hands.

The light faded. Vaquel blinked but orange spots dominated her vision.

A hand touched Vaquel’s shoulder. The fingers were wet.

“What is MY name?” the glowing woman said.

The orange spots vanished. Vaquel’s shoulder tingled from where the glowing woman touched her. The glowing woman stared at Vaquel with fading stars for eyes.

“Uh, the distress signal called you an experiment,” Vaquel said. “I think it was Experiment G-47.”

“Yes,” the glowing woman said. “They called me G-47 but my name is Rudbecki. Rudbecki . . .something.”

“Hey, good for you,” Vaquel said. “I’m sure you will remember the rest.”

Rudbecki blinked and her eyes became normal, although they still had a faint white glow. “Who are you? You are not a Seed-Walker.”

“No, I’m Vaquel,” she said. “I am an explorer from the planet of Euphoria. I was merely observing the distress call.”

“Oh,” Rudbecki said. “I thought you might have been a specimen collector. I am sorry. Let me fix this.”

“Well, unless you can put my ship back-Queen’s tit!”

Debris from every direction rushed towards Vaquel and Rudbecki. As the debris pulled inwards, it reassembled itself. In less than ten breaths, the probe ship formed around the two.

“Fuck,” Vaquel gasped. She was standing in the center of the crew quarters. Cold metal touched her feet. Vaquel had never been so happy to hear the hum of the ship around her.

“No, not now,” Rudbecki said. “I have to process these feelings. Regain my memories. Understand what I can do. Decide my future.”

“Okay,” Vaquel said. “Uh, need any help?”

Rudbecki looked at Vaquel. The white glow of her eyes flared. “No, I don’t think I ever will.”

The glowing woman floated upwards. The hull of the probe ship parted to let her pass and then came back together after she was gone. Vaquel was alone.

“Mistress!” a voice cried out. The door to the navigation pod opened. Chairbot rolled out and charged into the crew quarters.

“Chairbot!” Vaquel yelled. She ran towards the purple robot and jumped on his seat. She wrapped her arms and legs around the back of the chair.

“Wow, Mistress! You have never shown this much affection before! What happened? I remember having a catastrophic system failure and then I was in the navigation pod alone!”

Vaquel unwrapped herself from the chair. There was a tremor in her chest that she didn’t recognize. She did not like the feeling so she pushed it down.

“Nothing happened,” Vaquel said. There was a catch in her voice. “One of the Prober Supremes’ experiments got loose and paralyzed the ship. I gave her a stern lecture and put her in her place. She left and brought everything online.

“I wish I could have seen that!” Chairbot said. “Why did you jump on me?”

Vaquel glared at the robot. “How dare you question me!”

“Oh, sorry, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Please sit on me and let me apologize for my misbehavior by bringing you to climax!”

Something stung Vaquel’s eye. “I will allow this,” she said as she sat down on Chairbot.

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  1. I was very worried for ChairBot! Glad that he’s okay :)

  2. That was lovely. I love the visuals as the ship is pulled apart and I hope ChairBot gets his reward for bravely jumping forward… even if it was useless.

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