May 312019

Today I released a writing prompt game, Traveling the Planes of Desire. It is on and you can pay what you want for the four page pdf. I humbly ask for a minimum of two dollars due to the processing fees.

In this game, you are a mystic exploring a magical realm that is populated with the sexual desires of the human subconscious. You draw a card from a standard 52 playing card deck and then consult a chart. The suit determines the what you encounter, while the value determines the nature. From that inspiration, you write an entry about your encounter. It can be one paragraph or an entire short story. The goal is to spark your imagination and create adventures.

What I enjoy about writing prompt games is that with an audience of one, I tend to write more honestly about my emotions and feelings. Writing about sex always carries anxiety about what impression it will make on the reader, but a game eliminates that pressure.

Also, a game like this could easily be played with a group. They could take turns exploring places or they could collaborate on what weird realms they meet. A game like this could be an interesting ice breaker for your coven or collection of lovers.

This game is a hack of Takuma Okada’s Alone Among the Stars. I mentioned the game on the blog before and as you can tell, it is a big inspiration to me. My hack adds a sexual element as well as changing the list of terrain to different moods.

If you play Traveling the Planes of Desire, please drop me a line telling me a little of the places you discover.

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