Feb 252019

I finished the first draft on my Mary Poppins inspired ebook. It went pretty fast and I still have whiplash. Writing an entire story in two weeks? Madness!

The only thing I am unhappy with is what to call my main character. She is a magical older woman who brings some tough love and dominatrix magic to two roommates. She fills that Mary Poppins niche of being magical and strict, but also nurturing. There isn’t many words for that.

Simply calling her a magical dominatrix isn’t specific enough. Nanny is the obvious one, but I feel like that infantilizes the other characters too much. She is closer to a Life Coach, but everyone knows Life Coaches are not a real thing. I toyed with Godmother, but that has its own baggage. Arrggh!

Right now, I think I will just call her by her name, Mrs. Aytricks, but I want to open the floor for ideas. Do you have a word for a strict, nurturing dominatrix?

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