Jan 252019
Cover by the awesome Michael Dean!

My latest interactive fiction book, Fight in the Sex Arena, is live and available for sale from Amazon. At 566K words, it is my biggest work to date and most likely the largest book I will ever do.

What is it about? You play Warrior Five, a sex gladiator created and trained to fight and fuck for the enjoyment of the crowd. Six opponents wait for you to fight. Win, and you get to fuck them as the crowd cheers you. Lose, and you get fucked while the crowd mocks you. In between fights, you spend time with your assigned sex slave as well as deal with rewards and groupies. In other words, you are going to be fucking a lot in this book.

This book is a giant love letter to Flash Gordon, gladiator fiction and exhibition sex. Due to the nature of winning and losing, it has an equal mix of Male Dominant/Female Submissive sex scenes with Female Dominant/Male Submissive sex scenes. Whether you enjoy being a winner or a loser, there is plenty for you to enjoy here.

I hope you enjoy Fight in the Sex Arena, and if you do, for the love of Queen Erishella’s perfect breast, leave a review. Positive reviews always have a noticeable effect on sales.

Good luck avoiding the cocksquid!

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