Jan 072019

I have returned from Seattle! It rained a lot. I went to two(!) gaming stores that doubled as restaurants that you could play games in. I played so many board games. I saw a LGBTQ Christmas show called “Jingle All the Gay” and ate at a Brazilian place where waiters come by and give you all kinds of meat. It was a nice time.

Now I am looking forward to 2019. I spent the tail-end of 2017 and all of 2018 working on one story, Fight in the Sex Arena. The damn thing is finished but needs one more edit run through. At 600K+ words, that is not a quick thing to do but my goal is to publish it by February 1st.

After that, I want to do much shorter projects. Much, much shorter. Here is a brief preview.

Project #1 is code-named Mary Pops-You about a magical dominatrix who visits two misbehaving adults and gets their shit in order. It is inspired by the Mary Poppins books, which is a different beast from the Poppins movies, while at the same time, not being a direct parody. That shit is tricky.

Project #2 is code-named Mastermind and it is an idea I started in 2016 but never finished. In short, a submissive woman enters into a BDSM relationship with a criminal genius who needs some excitement in his life other than robbing banks, museums and oligarchs. The woman gets swept up in her dom’s rather thrilling lifestyle in addition to experiencing some bizarre bondage scenarios.

Project #3 is is code-named Cult and I started it last year. I wanted to write something that I would enjoy playing as a role-playing game. My idea is that the main character worships six VERY demanding Gods/Goddesses of Sex while assembling a cult of followers. It is a round-about harem story mixed with weird magic and modern mythology.

Project #4 is code-named Road-fucker. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where everything went to shit but people still watch television. In particular, they watch a daily racing show where various scumbags race across America for prizes and their lives. The story centers on one racer and his adventures. It is a combination of Mad Max, Cannonball Run and Blood Drive.

All of these projects are books I can envision as series if they sell well enough.

Project #5 is another choose-your-own-adventure book to be determined. All I know is that it will be short and not take a fucking year to write.

These projects are in addition to my monthly Vaquel stories. Clearly, I feel I do not have enough to do.

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