Dec 122018

Sunstone is a comic book by Stjepan Šejić. It is about two women who come together to play BDSM games and end up falling hopelessly in love with each other, but have the hardest time expressing their feelings. It is lesbian kinky romance with side trips into hetero kink, but at the core is the very real and very vulnerable people that populate the story.

You know, I am burned out on BDSM romance but holy shit, am I hooked on this series. Part of the appeal is the truly gorgeous art. The other appeal is the super well-developed characters. Every person in this story has hopes, fears, traumas and quirks. Despite everyone looking like a pinup, they act like real people. This series doesn’t feel like BDSM porn, it feels like a real account of romance.

Speaking of porn, it is remarkable how there is little to no sex in this series. Characters get naked, and characters talk about sex and fantasies, but sex scenes are skipped over. It fits with the theme of the series, that all of the stories are told years later and therefore, the author can’t recount the blow-by-blow of what happens. It also keeps the focus on the story without sex scenes breaking up the flow of the plot.

This is the rare BDSM series where I feel like experienced people will enjoy it because it perfectly captures what it is like to be kinky and in love, and I feel like total newbies will also enjoy the series as it captures that euphoric new-kink energy that beginners have. I would also recommend it to vanilla people who just love a good romance story.

There are archives online of the series as well as hard copies you can purchase.

  2 Responses to “Have You Read Sunstone?”

  1. Sunstone is a beautiful work of art. I *love* their other thing (including the Wonder Woman/Superman post coital picture). I love the story, the obsession with fancy beds, and even the way their relationship evolves over the various volumes.

  2. Sunstone is very nearly perfect. I have to admit I am a little surprised you didn’t already know about it! The story is fantastic and the art is so great. Stjepan Šejić is a treasure. His Facebook posts/Tweets on his Wonder Woman/Tomb Raider crossover art are so good.

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