Nov 142018

Man, that midterm election was stressful! I pretty much became a nervous wreck leading up to it and even after the good news, I was in a state of anxious shock. Did Democrats really take back the House? Did the GOP only pick up a seat or two during the worse year for Democrats? I was in denial of how good we did but it eventually sank in.

I began my second draft of my Sex Gladiator story and that is going much faster than I expected. It doesn’t need as much editing as I thought, probably because the very nature of an interactive story has me frequently referring back to earlier parts and making corrections/adjustments as I see them. After a week and a half, I am at the 31% mark in my second draft. If everything goes this well, I should be ready to publish it in January.

Holidays permitting, of course. Next week I will be in Florida with family. The last week of December I will be in Seattle with friends. Weirdly, my wife thinks friends and family during the holidays should take priority over gladiators fucking other gladiators in front of a screaming audience.

Speaking of holidays, I will not be posting a Vaquel story for December. I need a tiny break from writing a short story as I wrestle this 1,773 page book.

I will be posting more reviews and hopefully semi-deep thoughts during the coming weeks and during my vacation. I have too much weird shit I want to share with you.

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