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My next interactive sex book takes place on an alien planet inside a sex arena. You play a fuck-fighter who is there to compete in a sixty-four being tournament. Before you can begin, I explain how a normal fuck-fight happens. Now, drawing on my years of explaining rules and instructions to players and employees, it occurs to me that I may take some knowledge for granted without realizing it. I would like to share the training section with you today and get some feedback. Could you please read it, and let me know if there is a part that you don’t understand? Thanks!


Fuck-fighting is a three round contest between two fighters. Each combatant is allowed two articles of clothing and one set of energy weapons. Clothing and weapons vary from fighter to fighter and the whims of the Queen. Prisoners, for example, are often poorly armed and dressed and added to the fights as a punishment. Other fighters will have access to better and more expensive weapons than their competitors due to rank or wealth. There is no fairness in Fuck-Fighting.

Clothing usually covers a fighter’s genitals or secondary sexual characteristics although there is no rule as to what must be covered. Clothing can sometimes be armored to provider protection, but most clothing is designed to titillate the thrill starved crowd. The only rule is that clothing must be easy to be removed by an opponent.

Energy weapons are used in the first round. An energy weapon is usually a hand-to-hand weapon with an energized tip or side instead of a sharp edge. An energy sword, for example, consists of a metal hilt that projects a sword made of energy.

Glancing blows from energy weapons on bare skin will cause pain and burns. A direct blow to a limb might cause paralysis in the limb as the energy overloads the nervous system. Energy weapons that connect with the heart, head or other vital organs will cause uncontrollable seizures and partial loss of consciousness.

Once a fighter is incapacitated by an energy weapon, the Arena Warden will sound the horns and Round One will come to an end. Round Two will begin immediately.

Round Two is fought with no weapons. Only the fighter’s natural abilities are allowed. Round Two continues until a fighter is stripped and then knocked unconscious or forced to submit.

Because stripping an opponent is essential to winning, most winners of Round One will take advantage of their enemy’s helplessness to begin the stripping. All fighters recover at different rates from an energy weapon, so speed is important.

Every move is legal in Round Two except the further use of energy weapons. Biting, punching, scratching, groping, kicking, penetrating, slamming, fingering and head-butting are all allowed.

When a fighter is knocked unconscious or screams their submission, the Arena Warden will sound the horns and Round Two will come to an end. Round Three will begin immediately.

Round Three, also known as the Queen’s round, is a chance for the victor to win favor from the crowd and the Queen. The victor can do whatever they wish with the defeated competitor’s body. They can inflict pain and punishment on the loser, as well as sate their carnal desires.
It is important to consider the crowd’s wishes. Fuck-fighting is a favorite sport of the masses and they delight in the humiliation of the fallen. If the crowd is unhappy, or worse, bored, with a victor’s Third Round, it is possible that the Queen will be displeased.

Displeasing Queen Erishella is considered a form of suicide on Euphoria. You have been warned.

Round Three comes to an end when the Queen wishes it to be. The horns will sound and the Queen will make her judgement. She will either spare the life of the loser if she wishes them to endure future humiliation or she will consign the loser to the Pit.

The Pit is the final resting place of fallen Fuck-fighters. Last year the pit was filled with a terrible machine that shred and sprayed the blood of the loser a hundred feet into the air. It was a great success with the crowd but a single drop of blood landed on the Queen’s heavenly right breast and she was displeased. The designer of the machine was fed into the machine and the machine was removed.

This year the Pit has been filled with a Cocksquid from the distant planet of Cronen. The Cocksquid is twenty meters long and has ninety-six tentacles that double as sexual organs. Stimulants have been added to the Pit to keep the cocksquid in a constant state of sexual frenzy. Fighters thrown into the Pit can look forward to days of being violated before the cocksquid realizes they are edible.

There are sixty-four fighters who will compete against one another in single elimination rounds. To win the tournament, you must defeat six opponents. The Grand Winner will be rewarded personally by Queen Erishella. This can include wealth, slaves, or personal attention from the Queen herself.

Glory to the Queen!


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  1. Well, that sounds delightful. I can’t wait.

  2. Well, that sounds delightful. I can’t wait.

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