Oct 012018

Slice is a 2018 movie that opens with the murder of a pizza delivery person who was making a delivery in Ghost town. What is Ghost town? Well, the city of Kingfisher realized they had a terrible ghost, witch and werewolf problem that probably had something to do with the local asylum that kidnapped, experimented on and then murdered their patients in a mass grave of 40,000 people. To fix the problem, the town bulldozed the asylum, paved over it and then moved the ghosts to their own part of town. The ghosts live in their own part of town and some even hold jobs in the regular part of the city. Problem solved!

What happened to the mass grave that got paved over? Well, they built a strip mall on it and in the strip mall is the same pizza place that employs the delivery person who was murdered. Hmm. Maybe the problem wasn’t solved.

As you can tell, it is a crazy movie. There are more murders of pizza delivery people and an ex-girlfriend of one of the delivery folks, played by the awesome Zazie Beetz, decides to go on a quest for justice and revenge. There is a crooked mayor played to perfection by Chris Parnell and a group of mean ladies who are trying to get the pizza place demolished to put the souls of the mass grave to rest. There is also a sloppy cop, a bright-eyed reporter lady and a handsome werewolf suspect. The movie is often stolen by the ghost employee of the pizza place repeating omens of doom than any Malachi would be proud of.

Now, I said this movie was crazy. I don’t know if I would call it good. It has some pacing problems but it has some laugh out loud moments and there are some plot twists that legitimately took me by surprise. The best thing this movie has going for it is the cult movie sensibility where it works hard to be its own thing instead of miming other cult movies. I also want to point out that despite the subject matter, this is not a horror movie. The only blood is when someone gets their throat cut and you have seen more blood on CSI. It is a comedy movie.

Slice is original and that alone makes it worth your time.


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  1. You had me at Chris Parnell.

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