Sep 282018

I’ve been working on formatting my book, Pusse’ and Cox, for Kindle and it is taking longer than I expected. Documents from 2011 that were meant to be published in physical book has margins and indents that are completely unnecessary. Do not get me started on the fact that I was double spacing after every period. Ugh.

While I was there, I decided to give it another read and correct any typos. I haven’t really found any misspellings but Sweet Vincent Price, I have found plenty of bad sentences. They usually run along the lines of “She was running across the street.” Oh, you mean she ran across the street? What the fuck, Old Shon? Every paragraph has at least one of these offending sentences. I am sure there is a technical term for this but fuck if I know it. Maybe if I knew it, I wouldn’t be making these bad sentences.

The other problem I am running into is the fat jokes. Holy shit, I hate fat jokes and I can’t believe that I have so many. Too many non-important characters are overweight and meant to be a punchline. The term ‘fat’ is tossed around way too much as an insult. I know that when I was writing the story, I was trying to emulate the coarseness of a grindhouse movie but that doesn’t excuse being an asshole about weight jokes. Cripes.

I would like to personally apologize to any reader that bought this book and read these offensive “jokes”. All I can say is that I know better now and am working my ass off to delete them and replace them with something that is actually funny or pertinent to the story.

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