Sep 142018

Back in July, I told you about the dull adventures of Cherry Delight in the book, Silverfinger. If you have blocked that from your memory, just know that Cherry is a the name of a redhead secret agent that fights the mafia with her gun and her high sex drive. In that book, she helped a family that was being blackmailed by the Mafia. The only thing that made the book memorable was a random Black Mass held by the peasant Satanists in the area.

I was so disillusioned by that book, I have skipped ahead four years to 1977 when the series gets rebooted into the All New Cherry Delight. Cherry no longer works for NYMPHO (NEW YORK MAFIA PROSECUTION AND HARASSMENT ORGANIZATION) but now works for DUE (Department of Unusual Events) Cool beans! The series has fully embraced the fringe elements of the 70’s and will now deal with demons, cults, monsters and maybe UFO’s! Shit is about to get freaky!

At random I picked “The Devil to Pay” which has a really nice Hammer film inspired cover. Will Cherry go up against the Devil himself? Will she have to break out the crucifix, the holy water and maybe the fingernail of a saint? Will she fuck the Devil and have trippy demon sex? Maybe!

In this book, villagers in France are blackmailed by the local Satanist gang to either pay them money, or have their attractive daughters kidnapped for a Black Mass orgy and then sacrificed. The Satanists are rough farmer types and the “Devil” turns out to be a horny old guy wearing a goat’s head and walking on stilts. Cherry has sex with her boss, a handsome French painter and unfortunately, gets raped by the guy in the goat mask, but the rape is mercifully brief as she uses the chance to stab him multiple times with a knife.

Sweet Vincent Price, it is the same story that Silverfinger was, except the Mafia has been swapped for devil-worshipers. Instead of one Black Mass, we have like three or four. There is no spooky lore or even a half-assed attempt at a mythology. In fact, there are bits recycled from Silverfinger about how peasants are drawn to Satan parties because their lives are so boring and a Black Mass is a good excuse for an orgy.

The only upside to this book is that it is paced better than the previous Cherry Delight books. I swear, the Mafia books just putzed around until the author hit a certain word count and then he would wrap everything up abruptly in 20 pages. This book had an organic ending that didn’t feel rushed, even when I would sometimes wish the book would hurry up and end.

Gang, I’m starting to get the feeling that I am not enjoying the Cherry Delight books.

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