Sep 242018

Fallout Girl: Omnibus Edition by Amanda Close collects the five stories of the wasteland heroine, Kelly Killjoy. Known as the Fallout Girl, Kelly is a regenerating, sexually hyper, super-strong and fast mutant who looks like a hot chick with red dreadlocks. Utterly fearless, she is part of a poly family that runs a theater that shows old per-apocalypse action movies and porn movies they make themselves. when audience attendance is low, Kelly goes out into the wasteland to earn money by taking mercenary jobs.

There is a lot going on in this series but it all works together in wonderful ways. The poly family might be my favorite part as it provides the base motivation for Kelly’s adventures but also shows her more human and affectionate side. The family’s interest in 80’s action movies means there are a lot of pop culture references but not in an overwhelming way.

The wasteland is pretty interesting if a bit reminiscent of a blend between the Borderlands and Fallout games. Like all the best wastelands, there are a wide range of threats from raiders, to zombies, to mutants to a dread organization from humanity’s past. It is like a kinkier version of Mad Max and I am so down for that.

The adventures are pretty awesome and over the top. The writing is brisk and funny. Some of the scene transitions made me laugh out loud as the writer understands you want to get to the good parts. There is no filler in these stories.

As for the sex, it is almost always as harsh as the wasteland itself. There is a lot of dubious consent but it is softened by Kelly’s insatiable mutant sex drive. Even the sex among her poly family is rough with elements of domination. If you like your sex scenes rough and brutal, this book has you covered.

I enjoyed this series a lot. It is another rare example of good apocalypse erotica. I recommend it.

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