Aug 032018

A friend of mine asked me a few questions about my ebooks on Amazon. I think he was a bit disappointed to hear that I wasn’t buying yachts with my royalties but after talking for a bit, he admitted that he had written a few stories and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  He wasn’t interested in shopping them out to a publisher but he also seemed hesitant to self-publish at Amazon or smashwords. I tried to press him on it but he changed the subject so I let it drop.

You, dear reader, don’t have that option.

If you are a writer, whether it is erotica or not, there is no better time to get your stuff out there to a wider audience. Unlike when I first started posting stuff, you can actually get paid for it. Uploading your fiction to an online ebook service costs you literally nothing. Okay, you may spring for a stock photo for the cover but even that can be pretty cheap these days.

Some of you might think your stuff is not good enough. That is silly. There is a lot of shit out there! I mean, it is not inspiring to tell people that their shit is not as bad the shit that is already out there, but it is true. Crap is generated non-stop in ebook markets. I guarantee you that if you are self-conscious about your work, you have already spent mote time scrutinizing your work for errors and inconsistencies than most of the shit available for purchase RIGHT NOW.

Some of you might think your stuff is too weird. There is no such thing. Name a fetish, a kink or an interest that you think is unique to you and I know there are at least 50 people there looking for that weird shit as we speak.

Look, I admit that I am passionate about this. Everyone has a story in them and some of us spend a lot of time crafting those stories. You are not going to get rich writing erotica unless you hit the lottery of Life and write the next 50 Shades but in the meantime, you can get the joy of putting your work out there. You deserve to be read and you deserve to be recognized for the story you came up with.

Publish it already.


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  1. And for anyone outside reading this, I have a few of Shon’s electronic publications and a few of his physical publications. Hopefully someday I’ll complete the set. They’re worth it. As are many others’ (no offense!). There are fantastic writers who do not want to be or cannot be in the typical publishing pipeline.

    There are awful ones and mediocre ones as well. But the best art exhibit I ever saw was Degas’s private collection. He supported new artists by buying their studies and works in progress. And now those are exhibited around the world.

  2. I’m struggling a bit with this right now, from another direction. I’ve released 4 fantasy novels via Smashwords so far – technically not erotica, but themes of power and sexuality and gender creep in there anyway, and I’ve stopped resisting, since it makes my work feel more alive and vivid. I have several other not-technically-erotic novels at various stages, waiting for their turn.

    I also have some erotic work that I’ve tended to see as a way to amuse myself (and a couple of friends) and hone my skills. The odd one takes off, the characters coming to life and running with it the way they do in a “normal” novel, and then I have a supernatural erotica novel, with characters and a plot and a developed world, waiting for editing and polishing. I’m not content at this point to leave them in obscurity, as though they have less validity than the ones that are more subtle.

    But at the same time… is it as good as the “normal” novels? If that’s what someone reads first, am I going to feel okay being judged by that? Is there too much story and not enough outright sex to satisy readers who are looking for erotica? I dislike pen names, on grounds that I have no compelling reason (eg, small children) and if I don’t feel it’s worth owning, I’m not going to expect anyone to take the time to read it. Self-promotion is hard enough with chronic depression/anxiety… losing potential readers by trying to expand would be discouraging.

    I suspect it’s inevitable. The deep intense drive to write and to share will win, and options for the latter are limited. But right now, I’m feeling rather torn.

    Interesting that just when I decided to go look you up (I remember thoroughly enjoying some of your work via asstr, and in fact your name is one of only two I bothered to remember), this was a recent post. :) Thank you, I think I probably needed the boost – you make some good points!

    • I completely understand what you are going through as I often think about these things myself. What I remind myself is that some of my least favorite works have become my most popular. It seems like the book I feel is the best polished thing I ever created is the one that gets skipped and it is the quick sloppy book that sells a bunch of copies. as writers, we are poor judges of our own quality sometimes. “Loosing potential readers” is a bugbear I wrestle with a lot with my depression and it is a monster I have worked really hard to ignore. All we can do is put out what we are proud of and let others worry about whether it is good.

      Having said that, I think a solution to your situation is to label your erotic work as erotica. That way the hypothetical reader will understand that your sexy work is something to be considered separate from your “normal” work.

      And thanks for remembering me from asstr! That always blows my mind to think a story of mine stuck with someone that long!

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