Aug 052018

Michael Powell drew this picture of one of my characters from the online game, City of Villains. Her name is Humiliatrix. She was a woman committed to an insane asylum for killing her abusive boyfriend. A God from another dimension offered her the power to avenge herself on the world in exchange for being his emissary. She was given the power to read minds and control them. Her outfit is the tattered remains of the clothes she wore in the asylum. I don’t remember why she was blindfolded but odds were I just like the look and rationalized it later.

Mostly, she was a furious woman out to humiliate the world that cared nothing for her own humiliation.  If I am being honest, I would say I projected a lot of my own emotional trauma growing up in an abusive household onto her. She was a character in a video game but man, she was very therapeutic to play.

Years later and City of Villains is no more. I was dabbling with magic and I came across a concept of creating your demons that embody your worse traits to makes it easier to deal with those traits internally. I have a cruel streak that I carefully manage and I couldn’t think of a better representative of that than my darling Humiliatrix.

Tell you a secret. when I get really annoyed with public figures, I imagine what Humiliatrix would mind control them to do. It is a lovely daydream.

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