Aug 082018

Coherence is a 2013 movie about a dinner party. Eight friends gather together for fun and drinks when a comet flies by. One of the characters says that his brother is a scientists and warned him that when the comet goes overhead, don’t go outside and call him if anything weird happens. Of course, the party people decide to GO OUTSIDE and that is when weird shit starts to happen.

I can’t really tell you anything else about the movie without giving it away. It is an interesting mystery that unravels in a clever way. What I can tell is that once the weird shit happens, cracks and faultiness appear in the friendships and the characters begin to turn on each other. Grudges, secrets and betrayals bubble to the surface and you soon discover that these eight friends have no business dealing with a weird mystery together.

The weird mystery is what keeps the movie from degenerating into a reality show. It is a truly puzzling mystery that stands up to close inspection.  This is a movie that is going to hold up well on multiple viewings because the viewer is going to look for more clues and find them.

And since I can’t tell you anymore about it, no matter how much I want to discuss the last twenty minutes, I’ll stop now and let you go see it for yourself.


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