Aug 292018

Le Manoir is a 2017 French horror/comedy movie about a group of kids who decide to have one last party together before they all move away. To do this, they rent a mansion in the middle of nowhere with no cell coverage, no wifi, and a woods crawling with wild animals. Of course, people start dying.

Despite the generic setup for a horror movie, what makes this movie stand out is the plot never does anything you would expect it to. The virginal quiet girl who would be the heroine in any other horror movie is a nor character at best.  The first kill takes quite a while to happen. There is no mythology or explanation for the killer until the very end. There is no designated hero which creates an interesting dynamic of not knowing who will live or die. I have seen a few critics cite this as a negative but to my jaded horror-watching self, I count unconventional plotting and pacing as a plus.

Plus, I just found it really funny. It is a New Year’s party with a year 2000 theme so we have horror movie characters dressed as Ron Weasley and Baby Spice freaking out. A dying character’s last wish to see two women strip plays out in the unsexiest way possible. One character spends most of his time trying to remember the name of the athlete with spatulas for feet who killed his wife. It is a lovable group of morons who probably wouldn’t survive the night at a normal sleepover, much less one with a killer after them.

If you like watching young people die at a secluded location and you want a break from the Hollywood style of making them, give Le Manoir a try.


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