Aug 272018

So there I am, browsing the erotic fiction section on Ebay when I come across what looks like a Western. At first I thought the book was in the wrong category but that title, “Head Hunter: Hard-Riding Posse” sounds like the kind of stuff I would pull. It is from 1988 and written by EJ Hunter.  Let’s check the back of the book and see what it says.

“When Concho Bill Baudine leaves a stagecoach full of corpses in the Texas Panhandle and hightails it to Kansas, Charity Rose is after him like a shot out of hell. The auburn-haired vixen has been hot for Bauldine’s blood since the sidewinder slaughtered her father, and she’s npt going to let him slip from her grip this time.

As she heads north, she runs into a caravan of traveling tarts en route to the nearest bordello. When their rat-faced boss tries to add Charity to his stable, he ends up with a few pieces missing and Charity ends up in charge of the soiled doves. Then Charity leads the band of buxom beauties in an explosive attack to bring down Baudine, making them the hottest posse the West has ever seen!”

Hmm. I still couldn’t tell if it was porn. The cover proudly proclaims that this come from “the author of White Squaw!” which made me wince but hey, this might be western theme action porn. I had to try it.

After reading the book, I am still not sure if it is porn. It is a pretty good Western story that happens to have sex scenes. The sex is short and a bit flowery. How flowery? At one point I had to re-read a paragraph to make sure penetration happened.

I will say, the plot was more interesting than the sex. There are a county where two towns are fighting over who gets to be the county seat. Whomever has the county records at a certain date is declared the seat, so the towns keep stealing the records form each other in a weird game of Capture the Flag. It is a neat idea and one I would love to steal for a role-playing game.

But if you spot the Head Hunter series in the wild, don’t fall for the lovely cover and promise of “Adult Western Fiction” tag. It has less porn than an average HBO drama.

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