Aug 202018

Amazon’s Pledge is a series by Sarah Hawkes that takes place in a magical fantasy world.  Jorem is a sorcerer fleeing from a country that hunts, castrates and murders sorcerers. He runs into Kaseya, a really hot Amazon warrior woman with a wounded friend. Kaseya offers to pledge her life and body to Jorem in exchange for healing her friend. Jorem, being a nice guy, heals the friend and says don’t worry about the pledge. Kaseya informs him that she already made the vow and is now his sex submissive. In Kaseya’s culture, they believe sorcerers will go mad with magic and power unless they take out their urges on hot willing women, a job Kaseya had trained all her life for.

Now, if you think this whole Amazon bodyguard/sex submissive business is a bit over the top, then rest assure that ninety-five percent of the characters in this story agree with you. It is a common running theme of everyone snarking on Jorem for what looks like a regressive relationship. Hell, Jorem agrees with you. It doesn’t stop Jorem from fucking Kaseya though, especially since the empathic bond created by the magic collar/ring combination lets him know how much she craves his rough touch. Kaseya is a willing participant in all this and there could be an argument to be made that she manipulated Jorem into starting this bond.

But honesty, the sex bond is a side part of the story. The real story is about Jorem and Kaseya trying to survive in a new unfamiliar country while Jorem’s enemies from the previous country continue to hunt them. There is quite a bit of action scenes, intrigue and mystery as well as plenty of complications.  If this was a non-sex book, I’d still read it because the writer is just that good. The fact that there is plenty of submissive rough sex is almost a bonus.

I have read the first three books in the series and enjoyed them a lot. A third character joins the duo and they become a lovely, if chaotic, polyamory threesome.

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