Aug 172018

Someone recently mentioned buying one of my books trough Lulu. That reminded me that I had books on Lulu. The last time I got a royalty check from them was last year and I think it was under five dollars. I don’t blame Lulu. I genuinely forgot I had books there.

Which is a shame because there are some good books there. Pusse and Cox, and Tales of the Wild Kiss are some of my favorites and it feels silly to keep them on a site no one is buying from. I should change that and move them to Amazon with the rest of my books. Of course, I will have to edit and reformat them but hey, the editing is never done.

I won’t take down a Lulu version until I have the Kindle version ready. At the rate I do things, I plan to have everything transferred over by the end of the year but you know how that goes.

If you would like to buy a hard copy of my porn before it vanishes, I recommend you do it now. Here are the books, in the order that I will probably transfer over.

Tales of the Wild Kiss.

The Collette-Ashbee Collection.

Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem.

I am unsure if or how I will transfer Island Princess Bedtime Stories and Activity Book as it includes coloring pages and puzzles that were meant to be written in.

The Farmer’s Daughter’s Almanac is also unlikely to be transferred as it was never meant to be sold for a profit and includes other people’s work.

Also available in hard copies are Cell Phone Slave, Violatrix and Seven Magnificent Sluts. I will be taking those down September 1st.



  2 Responses to “Get Your Hard Copies While You Can”

  1. Bah, I should figure out which ones I have in hard copy.

    Or… just buy them again in ebook.

    (I was just talking about Farmer’s Daughter, you have my permission to migrate it over to Kindle. I wrote a couple.)

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