Jul 292018

For this week’s coven, I thought I would share one of my books of magic that I own.

Becoming Dangerous is a collection of essays about the rituals that help women feel powerful. Some of the writers are witches and some are just normal women trying to get by in this fucked up shitty world that is 2018.  The rituals themselves range from skincare to visiting haunted castles to affirmations of slut power. Most of all, it is a book about resisting depression, grief, abuse, racism, and all manners of oppression.

I’ve been reading it the past year and like most good books of magic, I have been reading it very slowly so I can digest each essay in turn. There is a lot of heart in these pages and each one feels like an intimate peek into the writer’s lives. The stories are inspiring and give me hope that no matter how bad the world is right now, there are people out there fighting it with everything they have.

It is the rare magic book that I think would have equal appeal to people who are into magic and those who are not. I have found plenty in this book to improve my own magic, but stories of identity, depression and resistance are universal. It is the kind of book I would give to anyone because I know there is something there for them. if you have suffered, then this book was written for you.

There is a part in the introduction that really spoke to me about magic in the modern world. One of the editors, Katie West, sent a draft of the introduction to her friend, Cara Ellison, and said, “I want this to anwser the question of why I make a book about rituals?” and Cara replied, “Because everything else hasn’t worked.” That is pretty much my anwser to why I have turned to magic. Nothing else has worked, so I might as well try something I enjoy doing.

Becoming Dangerous can be bought here.


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