Jul 152018

This is a pin I bought from the wonderful Isabella Rotman. she has a wonderful etsy shop filled with great stuff. I highly recommend her Mermaid booklet.

I started thinking about pins while reading Alan Moore’s Providence. At one point he had a crazed country cultist who was bitter against the big city cult he belonged to that kicked him out. He wore a sash loaded with pins all different kinds. The first thing that crossed my mind was that every pin contained a spell and the guy was literally loaded with magic. Later I read some annotations that said the pins belonged to a bunch of different cult organizations. The notes guessed that the sash was showing off his memberships to everyone because of his insecurity.  I greed with the annotations but I still liked my earlier idea of pins as spell carriers.

Which got me thinking about the kind of magic I might put into a pin.

Anxiety has complicated every part of my life, especially my sexuality. I stress about how every aspect about sex and no amount of therapy has made it any easier. Writing porn is a safe place for me and I struggle to bring that sense of confidence and playfulness into my real life.

Which got me thinking about what kind of pins I would want to put magic into.

I saw this pin and something clicked. Is there any more powerful wand in our modern times than a Hitachi? “You do you!” is a wonderful mantra. The purple is pretty too. This is a pin made for magic.

Now I need to put the right spell in it.




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