Jul 082018

This is a sketch cover drawn by the ever awesome Boo. It features Doctor Strange from the Marvel comics and Enchantress from the Suicide Squad movie engaged in an intimate ritual.

When I started getting into magic, one book recommended writing down what your wildest dreams version of magic would be like and I listed Doctor Strange. There is a lot I like about Doctor Strange but one thing that always stood out to me is that h symbolized study and hard work paying off, rather than being a chosen one or some sort of natural ability. Strange is the rare hero that you always see with his nose in a book during downtime. Plus I just love those old Steve Dikto art.

Enchantress is something entirely different. I was familiar with her character from the comics but her appearance in the lamentable Suicide Squad movie struck a chord with me. She felt primal to me and I thought she was at her most effective when she wasn’t speaking at all. I was literally enchanted when she appeared on the screen. I felt like she represented chaos in a pure way that I had trouble articulating. It is highly doubtful the film makers had that in mind when they made her but that was the impression she created in me.

And really, when you get right down to it, what something symbolizes to you is far more important than any other interpretation.  The movie Enchantress means something intangible and wild to me. Doctor Strange means something orderly and disciplined. There are the two ways I approach magic and creativity. They are my Yin and Yang, my Light and Dark, my chocolate and peanut butter.

Plus they make a really cool couple.


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  1. Yeah that is pretty awesome. They are good match too.

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