Jul 112018

I miss writing short stories. I learned how to write by writing short stories. A short story is like a quickie; fast and dirty and get to the point. I used to post a short story a week but usually I was writing as many as three in a week. There is something seductive about producing that many stories. The regular pace encouraged people to comment on my blog and those comments inspired me to keep writing.

An artist friend of mine expressed disbelief at the idea of posting free stories every week. It would be more accurate to say he was appalled. He was trying to make ends meet by monetizing every artistic thing he did and here I am just giving my work away. He thought I was independently wealthy and when I told him I wasn’t, I had the clear impression he just thought I was an idiot. Maybe he was right, but I did enjoy the thrill of having something new to show off every week.

I stopped doing short stories when my interactive books started making money on Amazon. I already greatly enjoy making interactive books but the money proved that people enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. The problem is these books take a lot of work and there was no way I could keep writing them and do my short-story-a-week pace.

Having said that, I am still writing a short Vaquel story once a month because I like Vaquel and I have been writing them for eight years. I plan to do her full twenty year voyage and that is too big of a goal to stop at the 40% mark.

Still, I do miss doing random short stories about whatever strikes my interest. Sometimes I see ebooks on Amazon that strike me as being super short for the money they charge. It makes me wonder if I could get my personal short story fix by writing little stories and selling them on Amazon. It is something to consider but since no one writes fan mail, I doubt I would get that same emotional rush like I get from posting on my blog and getting comments.

Tell you what I don’t miss about short stories and that is coming up with ideas. I would lose entire days of writing just trying to come up with a new story. Days I am not writing feel like wasted days and that would play havoc with my anxiety. It became a real problem when my wife thought I was having a depressive episode during one dry spell and I realized that maybe this kind of pace wasn’t mentally healthy for me.

Not knowing what to write isn’t a problem when you are writing a giant book like Ravished by the Haunted House or this new one, Fight in the Sex Arena. Every day I know what I need to write next. Sometimes I may brainstorm on how to make the next part more interesting than I originally planned, but those days feel far more productive than a day or two where I have no idea what to write at all. My mood has been a lot more stable and my depression is related more to the hellish world we live in rather than my struggles with my hobby.

So yeah, I miss writing short stories. I might treat myself and write one or two just for myself or maybe an experimental ebook project.

Right after I write another 100K words for this book I’m doing . . .

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