Jul 022018

Cherry Delight is the name of a hot redhead who works for a New York based government agency that fights the mob. Being a porn pulp, she fights the mob by sleeping with people, shooting bad guys and using karate and judo. She is unstoppable in the sack and on the battlefield. Not just a pretty and deadly face, she is also smart and cunning. She is remarkably talented for a woman character written in 1973.

Sadly, the books she appears in are nowhere near as interesting as they could be. In Silverfinger, she goes to Italy to help three rich near-useless adults who inherited a shipbuilding empire from their father. They are being threatened with a takeover by the mafia, more specifically, a mysterious mob enforcer named Silverfinger. The three rich adults are so useless I thought there would be a moral about how they don’t deserve their riches, but no, that is too deep a concept for this book. Silverfinger, despite being named after a Bond villain, is just a thug with a silver luxury car. The plot meanders a bit and then abruptly gets wrapped up in twenty pages as the author realizes he has hit his page count. You might think that last line is a joke but it is really not.

The most interesting part about this book is that partway through, one of the rich adults gets kidnapped by Satanists. The Satanists are the local peasants and Cherry explains to the reader how just about every poor rural person is a secret Satanist and has practiced Black Mass for centuries. It was such a preposterous concept that it both hurt my brain and delighted me. You can tell the Satanic Panic was in full swing when this was written. If the dumb Silverfinger idea was dropped and the entire book was about Mafia Satanists, this would be a book worth reading.

If you are an obsessive collector of period spy porn like I am, then you are going to get this book whether it is good or not. As for the rest of you, there is much better spy porn out there. In my opinion, the Baroness series by Paul Kenyon is the best.

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