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Explorer’s Log: I am on day six of my twenty-two day journey to the star system designated The Queen’s Juice by Royal Astronomers. This area of space is filled with all sorts of odd energy readings and strange matter. I have detected six new kinds of energy waves as well as four unknown dark matter formations. My probes are not sophisticated enough for a full examination. It will take a dedicated science vessel to properly analyze these readings.

In the meantime, I have increased the maintenance schedule around the probe ship. I want to make sure that all these odd energies and inexplicable substances don’t affect the ship’s performance. It means a lot more work for me, but it is worth it in order to properly serve the Queen. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: There is a lot of weird shit out here. Some of the probe results look like logic puzzles. I’m glad that I don’t have to understand what it is. Let a science vessel get out here and fuck around with it.

“Oh please, Mistress!” Chairbot begged. “Sit down on me and I promise to make you come!”

“Nope,” Vaquel Di said. The space explorer squatted half a meter above Chairbot’s seat. She was naked, and the brown globes of her ass clenched in a rhythmic pulse. Her hands cupped each of her heavy breasts and squeezed. She spread her legs further to expose the pink pubic bush of her sex. Up and down she twerked her ass for the robot.

“I’m begging you, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “My vibrators are primed and ready to go! I have a new massage pattern prepared that is projected to give you twenty percent more pleasure!”

“Twenty?” Vaquel asked. “That’s all?”

“If I burn through my reserve power, I can get as high as twenty-three!” Chairbot said.

“Hmm, I don’t know,” Vaquel said.

But she did know. There was no doubt that Vaquel was going to sit on her loyal robot’s seat. It was completely certain that she was going to let his vibrators bring her to at least three orgasms. There was a zero percent possibility that she was going to walk away from the pleasure he was promising. It was just too much fun to tease him.

Vaquel reached behind her and grabbed her ass. She spread her brown buttocks as the robot moaned. Releasing her ass, she gave herself a quick slap on both her cheeks.

“You don’t think my ass has gotten fat?” Vaquel said. “You sure that you still want it?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot nearly screamed.

“So it has gotten fat?” Vaquel said, slapping her ass again.

“No!” Chairbot squealed. “I was replying to your later question. Your ass is magnificent! The curve-to-mass ratio is an ideal mathematical truth! It is an honor to be sat on by your superior ass!”

Vaquel moaned. That was what she liked to hear. She reached around and pressed her hand to her sex. Her hips and buttocks swayed as she humped against her hand. A tremor ran through her body, making her brown ass clench above Chairbot.



The ONE stirred in its slumber. An eon of hibernation ended, and the process of awakening began. Dormant cells reignited. Sensory pods opened to better hear the universe. Five limbs uncurled from the protective ball and stretched in the cold inferno of space.

Hunger. The ONE felt the need in every cell of its body. The last feeding had been long ago.

FOOD! The ONE sensed FOOD nearby. It was moving away but slowly. The ONE must travel to it and gather and consume. Only when it was full, would the ONE be able to sleep again.

The ONE snagged a wave of radiation and rode it towards the FOOD. It also sent out a call.

The MANY heard.


“So, what you are saying, is that you want me to sit on you?” Vaquel teased.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Hmm,” Vaquel said as if this was new information. She lowered her ass until it was just a few centimeters away from Chairbot’s seat and then stopped. Bracing her legs, she continued to shimmy her brown bottom just out of reach of the eager robot.

“Please, Mistress!” Chairbot whined. The vibrators in the seat roared to life.

Vaquel smiled. Chairbot could easily lift its seat to touch Vaquel’s ass but it knew better. For a robot chair, he was a good submissive. She had trained him well.

She rubbed her pussy harder. The sound of her wet hole getting fingered joined the hum of the vibrating chair. A shudder ran through her and a drop of pussy juice landed on the robot’s seat.



The ONE rode the wave of radiation towards the THING. The FOOD was inside the THING and the THING was moving slowly. Dimly, it perceived the THING was being pushed by waves from the BRIGHT PLACES, which is why it was so slow. The ONE would catch up soon.

Behind the ONE, the MANY followed.


“You know, I’m just not feeling it,” Vaquel aid and she stood up.

“Noooooooo!” Chairbot wailed.

“You’re so easy to fool,” Vaquel laughed. She sat down on the purple seat.

Intense vibrations pressed against Vaquel’s ass. She cried out and leaned back in the chair. Ridges rose and fall along the contours of the seat, pressing against her firm buttocks. The vibrations intensified to the limits of her sensitivity and then subsided, allowing her a moment to recover before they intensified again.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel cried out. “You weren’t kidding about this new pattern!”

Chairbot moaned happily under her. The seat rocked back and forth and Vaquel groaned. A ridge lifted in the front of the seat and pressed against her sex. Micro-ridges formed on the ridge to stimulate her drenched pussy.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled again. She cried out so loudly that she didn’t hear the patter of multiple objects hitting the hull. The collision warning on the navigation console flashed Vaquel was facing the opposite direction.



The ONE slammed into the THING. It spread its arms and grappled with the smooth surface. The MANY impacted around it. They crawled over each other as they sought a way in.

Here was a flaw in the THING. The ONE sunk its arms into the flaw and pulled. The MANY crawled over and helped. The THING gave way and opening was created.

The ONE rushed in. The MANY followed.



“Hull breach!” the ship systems announced. “Activating emergency force fields!”

Vaquel sprang up from Chairbot. “Queen’s tit! What’s going on?”

She turned to run to the navigation console but stopped in her tracks. Above her, she could hear something skittering in the service duct. No, make that a lot of something was in the service duct.

“I am detecting multiple quasi-lifeforms!” Chairbot said.

“What the fuck is a quasi-lifeform?” Vaquel asked.

Metal tore above Vaquel and out fell her answer. It was small, about the size of her hand and almost pitch black in color. The only variation in color with green circles that pulsed along its skin. It had five equal extensions radiating from a center. The thing reminded Vaquel of aquatic star-shaped creatures she had seen in tidal pools. Rising up on its extensions, it ran rapidly to her.

Vaquel kicked it. The thing clung to her bare foot. Its touch was surprisingly warm and soft. As she tried to shake it off, the thing crawled over her toes. She felt a mouth open in the center and encompass her two middle toes.

“Fuuuuuuu-hey, that doesn’t feel bad,” Vaquel said.

The creature’s mouth sucked on her toes. It was a gentle sucking motion. Something that resembled a tongue played over the tips of her toes. It might have tickled if the tongue was any faster.

“Mistress, put your foot down and I will run over it!” Chairbot said.

“No!” Vaquel snapped. She stood there with her foot raised. “If it wants to suck my toes, let’s not be too hasty. One little toe-sucker isn’t a threat. Wait, what’s that sound?”

Vaquel looked up and a surge of black star creatures spill from the hole.

The star creatures fell on top of Vaquel. Their extensions clung to her body like tractor beams to space debris. They were weightless as the scrambled and crawled over her body. Several clung to her face and covered her eyes.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. she stumbled around and tried to pull the creatures from the face. They stubbornly held on with surprising strength.

Then their mouths opened. All over Vaquel’s body, she felt tiny tongues licking her skin. There was one creature on the top of her breast and it was flicking its tongue just shy of her areole. Another creature clinging to the side of her other breast and passionately licked her side boob. Creatures hanging onto the curves of her ass licked while creatures wrapped around her legs licked as well. One creature engulfed her hand and was eagerly sucking on her thumb.

It was quite pleasant. As Vaquel stood there, she began to enjoy it more and more. Like Chairbot’s new seat program, the tongues worked at different yet complimentary speeds. She wondered if they were telepathically linked.

“Stop, drop and roll, Mistress!” Chairbot yelled.

That was a reasonable idea but did Vaquel really want to? The mouths were nice, and the tongues were nicer. She could do without the mouth licking her left eyelid, but the rest were good. There were no teeth.

Well, no teeth yet.

Caution won out over lust and Vaquel dropped to the ground. The cabin area was small, so she made sure to do tight controlled rolls. Back and forth she rolled but none of the star creatures would let go.



The ONE sucked and licked. The FOOD was just out of reach. It was here but the ONE needed to unlock it. Hunger drove it to move and find ways to pry it out.

The MANY agreed.


The creatures slithered over Vaquel’s body. At first, she thought they were leaving but no, they were repositioning. What were they doing? Looking for a tender part of her to bite down on?

“Chairbot, get me a mask! We might need to gas these things!” Vaquel yelled.
The star creature on her eye crawled down her face and climbed onto her mouth. The arms clung to the side of her face and sealed her lips. The tiny tongue licked her full lips.

The creatures on Vaquel’s tits moved as well. They licked their way up and down her large brown breasts. One of them licked her nipple and Vaquel shuddered. The star creature immediately sunk onto her nipple and sucked harder.

The same thing happened to Vaquel’s other breast. The creature stopped licking her underboob and scrambled onto her nipple with surprising speed. It latched onto her breast as the mouth furiously licked her sensitive nub of flesh.

A star creature crawled over her sex. The small mouth sucked on the side of her pussy lip and Vaquel gasped. The star creature sucked harder and its tongue lashed at her skin. The legs moved to get a better grip on her and one of the legs slipped into her pussy.

“Mmmm!” Vaquel cried with a star creature over her lips. The sudden penetration sent a shudder through her body. Her back arched and her hips lifted.

FOOD! The ONE tasted it on the air. It was inside the wet slick hot tight place. The ONE needed to get it out.

The MANY needed to get it out.

The star creature stopped sucking on Vaquel’s pussy lip. It pushed another arm into Vaquel’s sex and then another. The three arms came together to form a wedge inside her wet walls. The other two arms clung to her lips as the makeshift wedge sunk deeper.

Vaquel’s moaned. The creature on her mouth pushed her jaws open. Three arms pushed into her mouth and formed another wedge. It pushed against Vaquel’s tongue and tasted slightly metallic.

Other penetrations were occurring around Vaquel’s body. Arms slipped between fingers and toes. An extension tried to enter her left ear canal. A stubborn creature crawled between her buttocks and was carefully poking her anus with an arm.

But it was the creature in Vaquel’s pussy that had her full attention. It pushed deep inside her and wiggled. As Vaquel clenched around it, the wedge of arms shifted and pushed. It clung to her sex lips as the wedge began to thrust.

Vaquel’s cry were muffled by the creature in her mouth. She planted her feet and shoulders on the ground and lifted her ass. The creatures hung onto her body as she humped the air.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. “I am detecting a flaw in their metabolism. They may be vulnerable to an increase of nitrogen in the air supply. The increase would be small enough that it wouldn’t affect you but it should choke them. Should I initiate the nitrogen increase?”

Vaquel shook her head vigorously. She tries her best to glare at the robot. If she didn’t have a creature wrapped around her fingers, she would have added an obscene gesture for emphasis.

The creature inside her pussy thrusted deep inside Vaquel. It took her by surprise and she rolled her eyes in bliss. The wedge formation pushed and retreated at a punishing pace. It was almost too much for her but Vaquel didn’t want it to stop.

“Mistress, was that a yes?” Chairbot said.

Vaquel looked at the eager robot in disbelief. Was he serious? Couldn’t he see how much she was enjoying this? Was he fucking with her?

The creature on Vaquel’s ass grew braver. It pushed a spiny extension into the tight ring of her asshole. Only the tip made it inside of her and it felt like a tongue as it wiggled around.

“Fmmmk!” Vaquel screamed with a creature sealed over her mouth. She rolled over onto her side so she wouldn’t squish the creature that was exploring her ass. The other creatures hung on, tightening their grip as the continued to lick, suck or thrust.

The green circles on the creatures’ skin began to glow. The glow grew brighter as Vaquel moaned. As the brown woman shuddered on the floor, the glow pulsed in time with her tremors.

“Nitrogen increase has been inputted into environmental controls!” Chairbot announced.

Vaquel screamed in annoyance. She took a swing at the purple robot, but he had incidentally rolled out of range. Her leg kicked out at him but a star creature sucking her toes took most of the impact.

The creature inside her sex fucked harder. The arms bent slightly to reach her deepest depths. It was learning the contours of her pussy and adjusting. Ridges formed on the skin of the extensions to further stimulate her. The thrusts included a slight twist that drove Vaquel closer to orgasm.

“Nitrogen adjustment has been processed and will commence in thirty seconds!” Chairbot gleefully announced.

Vaquel ignored her star creature-blocking robot and focused on her body. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. The creature on her ass was smashed against the floor but its arm continued to twist and turn inside her asshole. The star thing on her mouth continued to thrust inside her mouth. The creatures on her nipples sucked harder with their tiny tongues. Dozens of other creatures licked, sucked and wiggled against her fingers, toes, and bare skin.

Last, but not least, Vaquel directed her attention to the star creature fucking her pussy. She concentrated on every thrust of the three extensions inside her. Her pussy clenched against the shifting ridges that formed on the creature’s skin. As Vaquel inched closed to orgasm, the creature continued its relentless hard pounding of her sex

Vaquel climaxed. Pleasure exploded from her sex like a supernova. Her toes curled inside tiny mouths. Her ass clenched around the probing extension. Shudders ran up and down her spine.

The green glow from the star creatures intensified. They shone like small stars all over her body. Vaquel clenched her eyes shut but the bright green glow couldn’t be blocked.

“Nitrogen is being released!” Chairbot said.

The star creatures shrieked. They let go of Vaquel’s body an instant. The creature inside her sex pulled out so fast that Vaquel whimpered at the loss. One moment, she was covered in their warm embrace and the next, she was alone on the floor.

“Warning! Hull breach in progress!” the ship’s computer announced.

There was a familiar rush of air as the hull was compromised. It lasted only a moment as the ship’s emergency force fields activated. Vaquel rolled over onto her side and felt the numbing touch of a force field on her breast. The star creatures had burrowed their way out through the floor of her ship.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled. “Are you alright? Did I save you in time? Would you like to recover from your ordeal by sitting your lovely brown ass on my seat?”

Vaquel said nothing as she laid on the floor. Her body was still clenching from the orgasm she experienced. She would need a few minutes to gather her wits come up for a punishment for the robot that would adequately express her displeasure.


The ONE drifted lazily in the void of space. Receptors converted psychic pleasure into enzymes. The enzymes were released into the ONE’s body, providing nourishment. The hunger pangs faded.

All around the ONE, the MANY floated in a contented stupor.

The FOOD had been especially plentiful. The ONE felt other changes happening within its body. A line formed down the middle as the skin parted. The ONE shuddered in ecstasy as it split in half. Cells quickly healed the rift and formed arms to replace the ones that had moved away. The ONE observed the OTHER float away but stay nearby.

All around the ONE, the MANY became MORE.

The ONE was exhausted. Its metabolism slowed as it curled into itself. One by one, its senses went dormant except for one lone sensory pod that would watch for more FOOD. Floating in space with the MANY, it went to sleep.

The ONE dreamed of tight wet places flowing with FOOD.

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