Jun 152018

“I Roved Out” by Alexis Flower is a webcomic about the incredibly filthy adventures of Cotton, a buxom half-elf and her best friend, Maeryll, the sexy snow elf. A great artifact has fallen to the ground and every major power desperately wants to grab hold of it. Cotton spends a lot of her time avoiding getting coerced into this quest. In the meantime, she and Maeryll have lots of graphic sex with anything that moves. This story was recently collected into a book that was made possible by Kickstarter.

This is easily my favorite sex comic in a very long time. Each page is a work of art. I don’t know what the medium is, but it looks like loving painted pages out of Heavy Metal when they had the good stuff.  I mean, just look at this stuff. It is crazy good.

The story is great too. There are some transitions that leave a bit confused at times but I work it out after a few pages. Over all, it is a rather sexual fantasy world where just about anything is down to fuck. It reminds me a lot of Oglaf in tone. Or maybe playing a tabletop role-playing game with your local kink group. There is a pretty cool serious plot with the artifact that has fallen to the planet, but mostly the story is about Cotton fucking anything to get her out of having to do this quest.

There is a lot of hetero sex, plenty of lesbian sex, quite a bit of monster sex and the occasional gay sex. It is the rare sex book that made me laugh out loud several times. I physically felt pain when I came to the end of the book as I wanted it to go on forever.

Speaking of forever, the hardback version is huge and lovely. At 300 fully illustrated pages, it feels like an epic sex trilogy. It took me a week to go through it and I had a smile on my face the entire time.

The best compliment I can think of is that this is the kind of book I would want to write/draw if I could draw. If you like any of books, I don’t see how you couldn’t love this one.

You can read the webcomic here, or treat yourself and buy the book here.

  3 Responses to “Have You Read I Roved out?”

  1. WOW! Wish I could buy the book. It’s on the “once health care is settled” list.

    • The price was a deterrent for me until I got the book. Now I feel I would gladly pay twice that.

      Hope your health care gets better!

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