Jun 112018

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Way the Queen Makes Me Feel” by Royal Astronomers. The three outer planets are gas giants while the two inner worlds are barren rocks. The third planet contains life and is heavily industrialized. There are no ships traveling between their planets and their two moons are pristine of any bases or outposts. They do have about a multitude of satellites orbiting the planet, but they appear to only be used for communications or spying. They call their planet, Wix.

I have spent a day observing their communications. The race, which calls itself Wixkons, appears to be the same as the lone organic I encountered on the Orbiter of Fuck. Like most primitives, their society is greatly divided into many countries. Clearly their planet was not blessed with a family that could unite them the way Queen Erishella’s ancestors did.

Warfare and watching entertainment seem to be their major interests. Their broadcast are split between paranoid suspicions about what the other countries are doing, updates on various wars, and fictional stories about solving murders. The murder investigations seem out of place, but I admit that I find them compelling.

They have developed nuclear weapons which is concerning with their fondness for war. They may destroy themselves before the Queen has a chance to subjugate them. I will initiate Protocol #4 to stop their self-destruction as well as prepare them for their future submission. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: This is very exciting. Protocol #4 allows me to use the fabricator to make fancy outfits and jewelry to impress the natives. I think I might use the construction budget to make a few things outside of the recommended list. It will all be recycled later but it is not often I get to wear something other than a spacesuit.

Vaquel Dr stood inside the airlock of her probe ship. Outside the viewport, she could see the night sky and the tops of thick trees. Down below, a small house nestled between the trees and with the lights were on. According to the scans, there was a single occupant inside.

“Let’s do this,” Vaquel said.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said from the navigation control.

The probe ship fired an EMP pulse at the house. The lights turned off and any other electronics were disabled. Scans showed the single inhabitant standing up and checking on their equipment.

“The engines,” Vaquel said.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

The probe ship engines roared. The sound was deafening and completely unnecessary for the ship’s hovering position. It did lure out the person inside the house.

“Set us down,” Vaquel said.

Chairbot’s reply was lost in the roar of the engines. Bright beams of light flashed from the probe ship and swept the ground. Musical tones were broadcasted towards the house. Slowly, the ship descended towards the cowering Wixkon.

When the ship touched down on the ground, the noisy engines cut off and the airlock opened. Vaquel stood in the doorway clothed in a golden gown. The gown exposed her heavy brown breasts, but small anti-gravity generators caused her breasts to float. A tight corset of glowing thread bound her waist while sweeping waves of fabric fell from her wide hips. She had added extensions to her short pink hair so that her hair now fell past her shoulders. A silver band graced her forehead and sparkled with a giant emerald.

The occupier of the house watched in stunned silence. Vaquel studied the Wixkon. It was slightly shorter than Vaquel with skin paler than white sand. Frizzy black hair surrounded a face with four blinking eyes. She wore a pale blue jumpsuit that hung on her lanky frame. Four breasts pressed against her jumpsuit, each the size of Vaquel’s fist.

“Greetings, Woman of Wix,” Vaquel announced. The sound modulator on her headband made her voice sound musical with a slight reverb. “I am Vaquel, and I have come from the planet of Euphoria! I bring you a message of Peace and Bliss”

All four eyes of the Wixkon woman grew wider. “By the Codex, you speak our language!”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. “Your primitive language was but a moment’s study to learn.” There was no need to explain that most of the galaxy spoke the same three thousand languages due to some unexplained quirk in parallel development and that Wixkons spoke a simple variation of Verdana.

“I can’t believe this!” the Wixkon said. “A real alien, right in front of me! We need to tell the government! You should speak to our Executive Technician! Can you help us with our war with Poy?”

“Calm yourself,” Vaquel said. She stepped down from her probe ship. The golden gown bobbed as her hips swayed. Various threads pulsed with golden light as she walked closer to the babbling woman. Her free-floating breasts jiggled within the anti-gravity field.

“What is your name, oh ignorant spawn of this world?” Vaquel asked.

“Oge Regne,” the woman responded.

“Oge, we have been studying you and your world for quite some time, Vaquel said. “We have chosen you specifically to carry our message of Peace and Bliss to your people. Do you understand this honor?”

“Wow!” Oge said. “If you have been studying me, then how come you didn’t know my name?”

“Do not bother me with your inane questions!” Vaquel shouted. She didn’t want to mention that the criteria for choosing Oge was just finding someone who lived far away from any witnesses. “I ask again, do you understand this honor, or should I go take the gifts of my people elsewhere?”

“Gifts?” Orge said. “Oh, uh, yes, I understand this honor!”

“Good, then you may kiss my breast,” Vaquel said. “The right one, here.”

Oge blinked. “Oh?”

“Are you refusing this gift?” Vaquel said. “Maybe your world is not ready for Peace and Bliss after all. Or maybe it is your country. Perhaps I should ask the people of Pov?”

“No, no, no!” Oge said. “Sorry, I just haven’t done this since Tech School.”

Oge hurried over to Vaquel. The brown breast floated within the anti-gravity field. Oge leaned in and gave Vaquel’s breast a light peck with her lips.

“Do not be shy,” Vaquel said. She grabbed the back of Oge’s head and pressed her to her breast. Vaquel’s massive brown tit jiggled against Oge’s face. Oge said something but it was hard to tell what it was with her lips smothered in tit.

“Yes, now open your mouth,” Vaquel said. “Ah, there you go. Now use your tongue. Much better! Keep licking and I will tell you of my race.”

Oge mumbled into Vaquel’s jiggling breast.

“The universe is filled with many species and races,” Vaquel said. “They are ruled by the wonderful Euphorians, a wise race that explores and welcomes new planets into our wonderful kingdom. The leader of the Euphorians is Queen Erishella, a beautiful woman who grants the universe the gift of Peace and Bliss.”

Oge muttered something into Vaquel’s floating breast.

“Here, lick my nipple,” Vaquel said as she directed Oge’s mouth to her areole. “Ah, there you go. Flick your tongue quickly. Yes, just like that. Now take slow long licks with the flat of your tongue. Good, now alternate between those two techniques while I tell you more.”

“Now, as I was saying,” Vaquel continued. “Queen Erishella wants to bring Peace and Bliss to your world. She will give your people great technology, wonderful riches and fabulous discovereries. All your problems will disappear. You will experience new sensations beyond your imagination. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

Oge lifted her mouth from Vaquel’s breast. A trail of spit connected her lips to the hard nipple. “Wow, she promises to get rid of all of our problems?”

“Of course,” Vaquel said. She didn’t say that Oge’s world will forget about any of their petty problems once they have the problem of the Queen’s invasion force.

“That sounds great!” Oge said.

“It does,” Vaquel said. “Here, you may now kiss my other breast.”

Oge leaned back down. She hesitated before Vaquel’s breast and looked up. “When is the Queen coming? We have a lot of problems right now.

Vaquel pushed Oge’s head down onto her breast. The Wixkon went straight for Vaquel’s dark nipple and started sucking. She licked fast and then slow, just like she had been taught. That was a good sign.

“The Queen must bring Peace and Bliss to many planets before she comes here,” Vaquel said. “That is why she sends explorers like me to come to distant backwater worlds like this. I have chosen you, Oge Regne, who’s name I knew all along, to be the herald of the Queen’s message. You must tell your people about the Queen and prepare yourselves to become worthy of her blessings.”

Oge looked up from Vaquel’s breast with her four eyes. Both cheeks caved in from the force of her suction. Her lips were tight around Vaquel’s nipple and her tongue was flicking rapidly over it.

“Yes, you have a question?” Vaquel said.

Oge popped Vaquel’s nipple from her mouth. “Me? Why don’t you tell them? No one is going to believe me.”

“They will,” Vaquel said. She lifted Oge’s head from her breasts. “for you see, this will be a test of your worthiness. Convince your world that the Queen is coming, and the Queen will reward you with governorship over your people. But first, you must take off your clothes.”

Oge blinked. A blueish tint formed on her pale skin. “Uh, okay. Let’s go inside my house. Or maybe we can go in your ship?”

Vaquel smiled. She sensed Oge’s embarrassment and relished in it. “No, no, we must do it out here,” Vaquel said. “In fact, you will teach your people to be naked often under the watching stars to show your appreciation for Queen Erishella’s gifts.”

Oge blinked and looked up at the sky. Vaquel felt the urge to giggle and bit down on her lip. Micro-shudders of her repressed laughter jiggled her floating breasts.

“Now, Oge,” Vaquel said. “For the Queen.”

Oge nodded and undid a button on her jumpsuit.

“No,” Vaquel said in a moment of inspiration. “Say, ‘For the Queen’ and then get undressed.”

“For the Queen,” Oge said, looking up at the stars in the sky. She unbuttoned another button and then another. Button by button, she opened the middle of her jumpsuit. Four small breasts were revealed, topped each with inverted nipples. Further down, the smooth lips of her sex were revealed with a fringe of curly black hair surrounding it. Oge then stepped out of her jumpsuit and stood before Vaquel naked.

“Now behold your gift,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button hidden in the waist of her gown. A seam appeared in her billowing skirt and then both sides retracted. The golden fabric swept back to reveal Vaquel’s bare brown legs and bright pink pubic hair. A glowing gold phallus protruded from her sex lips and pointed downwards from its weight.

Oge’s four eyes widened. She trembled a little. One of her hands dropped defensively over her crotch.

“Wow, are all of your people, uh, endowed?” Org asked.

“What? No,” Vaquel said. “It is inorganic, see?” Vaquel pulled on the phallus slightly and it came a few centimeters out of her pussy lips. “It is double-ended and held in place by force fields projected by the-you know, you don’t really need to know how it works. This is your gift and the Queen herself has personally decided that you will receive it.”

“Oh!” Oge said. “I see! It is a sex instrument! Will you show me how to put it on?”

Vaquel smirked. She reached down and stroked the thick phallus. “You misunderstand. It is nots yours to have, it is yours to receive.”

Oge blinked and swallowed hard.

“Now turn around and get on your hands and knees,” Vaquel said.

Oge stared at the large golden phallus and didn’t move.

“You do want to bring Peace and Bliss to your people, right?” Vaquel asked.

Oge nodded. “I do! It’s just, it has been a long time since I have been, uh, penetrated. I broke up with my pair-bond last cycle because I found out he was cheating on me with a technician from work. In fact, that is why I came out here to this isolated habitation. My friend is lending it to me and she says that you really need to love yourself before you-“

“I’m going to interrupt you there,” Vaquel said. “As interesting as that is, I have a lot of planets to visit and a lot of gifts to hand out so if you don’t mind, go bend over so we can get on with this?”

“Right, right,” Oge said and she lowered herself to the ground. She got on her hands and knees and presented her backside to Vaquel.

Vaquel suppressed a whistle. Oge’s buttocks were rounder than she expected from such a lanky race. She got down on her knees behind Oge and guided the golden phallus to the lips of Oge’s pussy.

“Wait!” Oge said. “Are you sure it will fit?”

“Oh, yes,” Vaquel lied. “The Queen knows all, praise the Queen!”

To be sure, Vaquel squirted a little lubricant from a nozzle hidden in her gown sleeve. The lubricant bonded instantly to the dildo. Within seconds, it was slippery as an Euphorian gangbang.

Vaquel pushed the lubricated dildo into Oge’s sex. It was a tight fit so Vaquel took it slow. Fortunately, the lubricant eased the passage.

“Oh, that is nice!” Oge said.

“Trust in the Queen,” Vaquel said.

Oge moaned as Vaquel sank the full length of the phallus into her. The alien shuddered, and ripples moved across her pale buttocks. Without being told, Oge started to grind back against the phallus.

Now it was Vaquel’s turn to moan. The other end of the dildo, buried deep inside her own sex, pushed deeper every time Oge pushed back. The special plastic was designed to reverse any pressure experienced on the other end. When Oge clenched, Vaquel’s end pulsed. When Vaquel squeezed, Oge’s half of the phallus throbbed. Together they were able to stimulate each other without even trying.

Vaquel had never tried this design before. The fabricator would have never allowed her to make one, but the rules were different under Protocol #4. Vaquel realized the alien woman would never know how lucky she was.

“This is a nice gift,” Oge moaned.

“It is but one of many gifts the Queen wishes to bring,” Vaquel said.

Vaquel took hold of Oge’s hips and began to fuck her. The golden phallus slid in and out of Oge’s pussy with slippery ease. Vaquel settled into an easy rhythm as she fucked the kneeling alien.

“Now listen carefully,” Vaquel said. “I have much to teach you.”

“Oh, teach me!” Oge said, her pale body shuddering before Vaquel.

“Queen Erishella is worried that your people are advancing too fast,” Vaquel said. “Nuclear power is a clumsy and destructive energy. When the Queen arrives, she will teach you new forms of power to energize your pleasures. In the meantime, you must tell your people to give up nuclear power as well as the nuclear weapons you possess.”

“Wow, that is going to be hard to convince them,” Oge said.

Vaquel kept fucking Oge. “You will find a way. It is your mission for the Queen.”

Oge groaned. “Yes, I will!”

“You must teach your people to be more open with their bodies. They must produce as much porn as possible. They must improve their sexual skills. They must embrace a lifestyle of pleasure instead of a lifestyle of war. In this way, they will prove themselves ready for the Queen’s pleasure. Do you understand?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Oge moaned. She pushed back harder on Vaquel’s phallus. Her pale cheeks bounced against Vaquel’s dark hips. The sound of her wet sex getting fucked echoed through the woods.

“Last, take care of your environment,” Vaquel said. “For your world no longer belongs to just you, but to Queen Erishella!”

“Will do!” Oge said as she slammed herself back on Vaquel’s phallus.

Vaquel cried out. Her end of the phallus was throbbing at a maddening pace. She was fucking Oge but she swore the Wixkon was doing most of the work. Oge wasn’t lying when she said it had been a while since she had been fucked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Oge yelled. “You’re making me come!”

Vaquel pulled out of Oge. The pale woman moaned and reached behind her to grab the phallus. Vaquel slapped her hand away.

“Why did you stop?” Oge asked. “I am so close!”

“Because I need to tell you the most important lesson,” Vaquel said. “From now on, whenever you come, you must say’ Glory to the Queen’ Every pleasure belongs to her and it is only by her permission do we enjoy life. Never forget that, understand?”

“Yes,” Oge said. “I promise I will say that. Now please fuck me.”

Vaquel pushed back inside of Oge. The pale alien clenched down hard and Vaquel’s end of the dildo nearly doubled in size. As Vaquel trembled, Oge started humping the phallus.

“Yes!” Oge cried. “Right there, right there, don’t stop!”

Vaquel wasn’t doing anything. She didn’t have to. Oge furiously fucked herself on the dildo. She bounced back and forth, her four breasts smacking into one another with a strange clapping sound.

“Glory to the Queen!” Oge cried. She came to a sudden stop and shook all over.

The dildo inside Vaquel pulsed wildly. Her own orgasm was just within reach. Vaquel grabbed Oge by the bony hips and slammed into her.

“Whoa!” Oge cried out. “Slow down! I’m sensitive!”

“Push through it,” Vaquel said between grunts. “Take the Queen’s gift!”

Vaquel fucked Oge with frenzied passion. Her hips slammed into Oge’s shuddering ass. The thick dildo slide in and out of Oge’s wet lips.

Oge took it. She grabbed tufts of grass on the ground and held on. Her head slumped down and she rested her cheek on the dirt. She kept her ass high in the air as Vaquel savagely fucked her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Oge cried again.

Vaquel snarled and fucked faster.

“Glory to the Queen!” Oge screamed once more.

Vaqiel grabbed one of her exposed breasts. Her fingers cinched around a hard nipple and pinched. She twisted her nipple while her hips continued to fuck.

“Glory to the fucking queen!” Oge screamed.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried at last. She froze as orgasmic bliss exploded through her body and made her toes curl.

When the spasms finally faded, Vaquel pulled out of Oge. The pale woman collapsed to the ground, juices flowing from her sex. Her hands are still clenched together around the shoots of grass she was holding onto.

Vaquel rose on unsteady feet. Her phallus glistened with Oge’s juices. She almost pressed the button that would close her gown back up, but she thought better of it. Instead, she reached down and grabbed Oge by the hair. She pulled the semi-conscious woman up to her knees and guided her head to the dildo.

Oge opened her mouth and took the phallus between her lips. Her tongue went to work, and her cheeks puckered as she sucked on the dildo. She looked up at Vaquel with glazed eyes.

Vaquel smiled. Oge didn’t have to be told to suck. This was a species that was going to do well serving the Queen.

“Enough,” Vaquel said and she pushed Oge away. “Now remember, you are our ambassador. Teach peace, pleasure and environmentally conscious habits. Also, get rid of nuclear weapons and energy.”

“I will,” Oge said. “I will teach your ways to everyone!”

“Good,” Vaquel said. “I must go visit other planets now. The Queen will be pleased with you!”

Oge waved as Vaquel returned to her ship. The airlock closed and the giant beams of light swept the area in a dramatic fashion. The engines roared to life and the probe ship headed up into space.

“Enjoyed that Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel wiped off the phallus and closed her gown again. “Immensely. How many more isolated beings have you found?”

“I have seven total,” Chairbot reported. “All in different countries spread over the planet. Three males and four females.”

“Hmm,” Vaquel said. “Go to one of the males next. I’m going to tell this one his gift is in my ass and he needs to find it with his tongue.”

“Right away, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

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