Nov 062017

Hot Cop has gone full evil and is now the Primo. He has chicks, a great leather jacket and the approval of the crowd. He is relishing being the Primo and has completely sold out. Grace and Tortured Cop try to talk sense into him but Hot Cop is a lost cause, maybe.

There was a moment where Tortured Cop shows up and I wondered if I missed an episode. I had no idea how he got there and it turns out, he wasn’t Tortured Cop at all. He’s Faux Tortured Cop but he is super-believable, especially when it comes to him wondered what Hot Cop ever saw in Grace to trust her.

Sadly for Hot Cop, the Primo is less of a King and more like a Spring King to be slaughtered in time for the harvest. He is the Primo Sacrifice and we get a great clip of how other Primos were executed. It is highly reminiscent of what happened to the winners of the movie, Running Man.

Once Hot Cop gets clued in, he makes a play to kill the real hero of the series, Slink. To my surprise, he beheads Slink. To my non-surprise, a clone of Slink activates and asks Hot Cop if he really thought that he was the first Primo to try to escape his fate through Slink’s entrails.

Which answers the question about what Slink is. He isn’t a demon or soul with a contract, he is a near-never ending supply of cloned Masters of Ceremonies. I’ll take it.

Incidentally, the execution method for Hot Cop is to be fed to a blood engine. Slink assures him that if he has no trace of goodness left in him, Hot Cop will pass through unharmed. Which explains how Karma survived getting blood engined last episode.

Speaking of Karma, she gets the subplot of the episode as we see her get recruited by Heart and her rise to power. She had a murderous streak from the beginning but even a damned place like Heart has a glass ceiling so she wasn’t really able to take power until she impersonated a man. Blood Drive: the b-movie series with a million deaths and a ton of social commentary.

Back to the main plot, Faux Tortured Cop tries to split up Hot Cop and Grace but he fails because come on, Grace and Hot Cop are meant to be. Hot Cop kills Faux Tortured Cop and regains a bit of his humanity.

Once Grace fails to die, Karma calls Slink and cancels the show. Oh, the ultimate horror!

His show now cancelled, Slink makes one last offer to Hot Cop and Grace. Let’s team up one last time and kill Heart Enterprises! Onto the finale!

Stray thoughts,

The first Primo appears to be a punk woman, Meryl Smith. Blood Drive might be sleaze but it is more gender equality conscious than most mainstream shows.

Karma mentions she ditched her fellow inmates when they broke out of prison because they were too clingy and I totally get that.

Anytime someone invites you to a tribute ceremony, get it in writing that YOU are not the tribute they are offering.

As always, my favorite bits are Slink dealing with other executives. When someone tells Slink that they need to take over and really make Blood Drive great, they ask, “How can you say no to that?” Cut to Slink putting the executive’s head on a spike.

“Thank you for mansplaining that to me.” Grace is one of the best women characters of 2017.



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