Sep 202017

There are a lot of erotica books set in fantasy worlds but a major problem of these books is that most of them read like someone’s very flirty Dungeons and Dragons campaigns with the serial numbers filed off. Characters have very well defined powers that came from a player’s manual while the plots are usually weak excuses for characters to bang armor pieces together.

Witch-Queen of Vixania by Morgana Baron is an entirely different book. It is inspired by the countless fantasy series of the 70’s and 80’s where you have a wicked Queen and her submissive minions but you also have the sexy plucky rebels who conspire to bring the Witch-Queen down. There is a slow gathering of heroes, there are wise teachers and there are hidden Chosen Ones. There is a nice amount of world building that fortunately never goes on too long. It is a throwback to the fantasy series of an earlier time that avoids the pitfalls of their weaker parts.

It could be an 80’s fantasy series if not for the massive amounts of sex scenes. The Queen and her evil forces engage in imaginative BDSM sex while the Hero engages in more vanilla yet still creative sex scenes. There is a lot of magic in these sex scenes and it is well used. Some fantasy porn uses magic to recreate modern pleasures like vibrators and hot tubs but this book uses magic for some really unique scenes you couldn’t have in normal porn.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I burned out on fantasy long ago but this book made me feel a bit nostalgic for the genre. This book drips with creativity and never goes for a simple sex scene. The Witch-Queen is diabolical and as a fan of Evil Queens, she is a new favorite. The Hero is not quite as interesting but fortunately there are other good guys who keep things interesting.

The only downside is that this is the first book in a series. There is a second book out there but at an average price of 95$ on the internet, it might be a awhile before I get around to it. I hope the series wraps up with the second book but I am doubtful.

Having said that, this book ends on a good note. The Hero and Queen have yet to met but the stage is set. Even if the story is never completed, you deserve to experience this book.

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  1. You had me at Witch Queen.

    I might have to try to find this one out in the wild somewhere.

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