Sep 262017

Lust of the Pirates is an interactive erotica story by Callista Hawkes. You are a dashing pirate Captain in the Golden Age of Piracy who forges an alliance with Tia, the dark and mysterious brothel owner, in order to find some Mayan gold. There are several steps you need to complete in order to find the treasure and being porn, all of those steps involve fucking hot women. Anne Bonny herself is part of your crew with no Calico Jack or Mary Reade to be found. There is a nice range of characters, from lusty pirates to horny wives and some more unusual types that I don’t want to spoil.

This is a rather forgiving book as it will give you a handy link back to the last bad choice you made if you come across one of the bad endings. The adventure itself has some permutations so you can reach the treasure in a few different ways, which enhances the replayability.  The sex is good and the book has a sense of humor so I was laughing out loud a few times.

If you are a fan of pirates like I am, you will enjoy this book.

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