Sep 062017

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen Tires of Your Excuses” by Royal Astronomers. The Carefully Managed Democracy is making their last stand in this system against the rebel forces. Giant fleets are attacking each other around the clock making exploration of this system near-impossible.

I say near-impossible because for the last three days I have been carefully avoiding detection by using incredible heroic measures that I am too humble to describe. Through great personal risk and sacrifice, I have been monitoring the battles as well as conducting long-range scans of the planets in this system. In two more days, I should complete my survey and be able to resume my journeys for the Glory of Queen Erishella. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Hopefully the Royal Navy won’t ever ask for the details of my ‘heroic measures’. If they do, at least I have thirteen more years to think of a convincing story.

Vaquel Di was asleep on top of Chairbot. Her beautiful brown face, topped with short pink hair, snored peacefully. The purple spacesuit covered her from neck to toe except for her bare brown ass which was being loving supported by Chairbot’s seat. The robot’s seat massage motors were humming as they gently kneaded her relaxing ass.


Vaquel was awake as soon as the alarm went off. She jumped out of Chairbot and rushed to the Navigation Bay. Dark bruises shifted on her brown buttocks as she ran.

“What’s wrong, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Want me to shut off the alarms so you can sit your glorious ass back on me?”

“I rather not get hit by a stray torpedo,” Vaquel snapped. She glanced at the sensors. Had the battle she been monitoring moved? No, the edges of the fleets were still a good distance away. Did a battleship break formation and stray near her position? No, the scanner was picking up something much smaller. It could be an asteroid or maybe a stray torpedo after all.


A red face appeared on the communication window. It showed a young Zatty male with a smirking smile. He was licking his lips.

“This is Captain Spakt of the Mostly Volunteer Space Force,” the Zatty said. “Please identify yourself.”

Vaquel sighed. “You know who I am, Spakt so cut the shit. What are you doing here? I just paid you to overlook my presence a few hours ago. I have the bruises on my ass to prove it. Or have you already forgotten how you made me spank myself while you masturbated?”

The Zatty grinned. “I haven’t forgotten. We have had a few casualties and we’re running short of pilots. The Fleet sent my fighter ship back on patrol so I figure if I have to work, so do you.”

“Really?” Vaquel said. “The deal was that you leave me alone for a full solar cycle after each one of our ‘sessions’. I’m not attacking anyone, I am just observing the battle. A battle you guys are losing by the way. You should be spending your time figuring out how you are going to flee this system when the rebels win.”

“Nice try,” Spakt said. “Fleet Command assures us that we are winning and our new secret weapon will turn the tide at any moment. They are just waiting for the last minute for maximum psychological impact. The Carefully Managed Democracy will make the galaxy great again!”

“Whatever,” Vaquel said. “I’m sore and I want to go back to my nap. Go away and we’ll play again tomorrow.”

“We’re playing when I say we are playing, alien slut,” Spakt said. “I am locking torpedoes onto your ship and warming up my laser cannon. So, what is it going to be?”

Vaquel felt a shudder of desire. Spakt’s ruthlessness reminded her of her own people. She was experiencing a strange mix of homesickness and lust.

“No, wait!” Vaquel said in a submissive tone. She wasn’t afraid of this asshole but it was fun to play the part. “I’ll do what you want, just don’t attack me!”

“Shall I arm our weapons?” Chairbot asked. “We outclass his vessel in every capability.”

“Shh!” Vaquel quietly said to Chairbot. She hoped that Spakt didn’t hear that. He might wonder why she kept submitting to him.

Spakt didn’t appear to notice. There was the sound of clothes rustling and then Spakt groaned. He was grabbing his cock.

“Alright slut,” Spakt said. “We’re playing a new game. Attach your dildo to the top of that doorway behind you.”

Vaquel picked up the dildo that she had been using for the last few days. It was white with a magnetic base. She walked over to the doorway and frowned. “Pointed down or out?”

“Pointed towards me,” Spakt said from the monitor.

Vaquel slapped the dildo to the top of the doorway. It protruded at a ninety-degree angle from the wall.

“Now what?” Vaquel said.

“Turn off your gravity support and mount the dildo,” Spakt said.

Vaquel did as she was told. The gravity field turned off and she began to float. She grabbed the dildo and held onto it as she turned around. Her suit already had a hole around her bottom so it was just a matter of backing into it.

“Ahhh!” she groaned. The dildo was thick and almost too big for her. That was why she had been using it for Spakt’s bribes. A bribe isn’t real unless it hurts.

Vaquel settled onto the dildo. She floated in the air, facing the monitor that transmitted her image back to the fighter captain. Short pink hair floated around her face.

“Is this what you want?” Vaquel moaned.

“Not quite,” Spakt said. He spitted into his hand. “Open your suit and get those milk factories out. You know I love your small brown pumps.”

Vaquel sighed. Her tits were huge but to the Zatty and their three-meter tall frames, they considered her to almost be flat. She pressed a button on her belt and a seam appeared on her chest. She pulled her suit apart just wide enough to let her round brown breasts float free.

“Yes,” Spakt groaned. “Now ride the dildo.”

Vaquel planted her feet on the doorway. Small magnetic locks in her boots activated and clamped her to the metal surface. Secured, she slid back and forth across the thick dildo.

“Faster, slut!” Spakt said. “Ride it like it was my seed shooter!”

Vaquel increased her pace. The thick dildo pushed deep inside her. The bruises on her buttocks flared and sent fire through her ass. She winced but she kept going as she impaled herself over and over again.

As she rode the dildo, her large breasts floated in the zero gravity. They bounced and collided against each other. Sometimes they smacked into her face which she was sure was the point of Spakt’s commands.

“You are an eager slut,” Spakt said.

“Yes,” Vaquel said. Her pussy was wet and flowing with juices.
“You like fucking yourself for me,” Spakt said.

“Yes,” Vaquel said. She liked being forced to fuck and hurt herself. It reminded her of home.

“You better like it,” Spakt said. “Or I could destroy your ship at any moment.”

“Yes,” Vaquel said. She was pretty sure that he couldn’t destroy her but the thought of fucking for her life had great appeal. There was no need for him to know that it was just a fantasy.

“Slap those brown head pillows,” Spakt demanded.

As Vaquel continued to fuck the dildo, she lightly slapped her breast. It was a light tap because she was curious if Spakt would challenge her on it. She liked being submissive but it didn’t mean she had to make it easy.

“Harder,” Spakt growled. “Slap the shit out yourself.”

Vaquel clenched around the dildo. That was more like it. She swung her hand as hard as she could at her floating breast. The sound of her slap echoed through the ship. Stinging heat exploded across her breast.

“Again!” Spakt demanded. She could hear him furiously stroking his cock through the speakers.

WHAP! WHAP! Vaquel slapped her right breast and then her left breast. Stinging pain blossomed across her tits.

“Keep slapping and fucking,” Spakt said. He was breathing hard.

Vaquel did her best. It wasn’t easy to do both but Vaquel was aroused enough to try. Back and forth she slid along the thick dildo. She slapped one tit and then the other at a steady pace. Each slap sent a burst of pain through her floating breasts that went straight to her soaking wet pussy.

“Just like that,” Spakt growled. “Yeah, you like it, you filthy alien slut. Slap those tiny milk pumps harder for me!”

“Yes, Captain,” Vaquel groaned. She was already slapping herself hard but she tried harder. Her hand slammed into her tender breasts at a rapid pace. She was hitting herself so fast that her hand was beginning to sting.

“Nice,” Spakt said. “Bring your meat port to the camera. I want a closer look at it.”

Vaquel pulled herself off the dildo. The thick phallus left her sex and she regretted its absence. She kicked off the doorway and floated towards the monitor. Turning in mid-air, her feet landed on either side of the transmission station and the magnetic boots locked her into place.

“Oh, fuck,” Spakt moaned.

“Like it?” Vaquel said. She squatted onto the monitor. Her fingers pushed into the thick mass of pink pubic hair and spread her brown lips apart to reveal the pink inside.

“Yes,” Spakt groaned.

“I wish you were here to lick it,” Vaquel said. “I would spread myself wide for you so you could lick as much as you wanted. My pussy is so wet, especially after my tits get slapped.”

“Stroke yourself,” Spakt ordered.

Vaquel plunged her fingers into her sex. Juices fell from her pussy lips as she fucked herself. Her hips rolled as she humped her hand.

“Oh fuck,” Spakt said. “Pinch both of your meat port lips as hard as you can.”

“What?” Vaquel said. “No, that would hurt!” She was more than ready to do it but she had to keep pushing him.

“Do it!” Spakt said.

“No!” Vaquel said in her best attempt at outrage. “I can’t!”

“I am locking torpedoes now, slut!” Spakt said. “I will slam a torpedo right up your exhaust port if you don’t pinch yourself NOW!”

A shiver of desire ran through Vaquel. She’d train him to be a good sadist yet.

“Okay, okay,” Vaquel whined. She grabbed a pussy lip in each hand. Her fingers pinched and her sharp nails dug into her tender flesh.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. She was willing to do it but it is still hurt.

“Tighter,” Spakt commanded. “And now twist!”

Vaquel hesitated. There was no denying how turned on she was; her pussy was dripping onto the monitor. She just didn’t know if she could take twisting right now.

“Do it, slut!” Spakt commanded. He tapped a few buttons on his console.

“Fuck you!” Vaquel yelled defiantly as she twisted both pussy lips.

Pain shot through Vaquel’s sex. Her pinched lips were already on fire but now they felt like they were being stabbed. The pain shot through Vaquel’s body and her sex clenched in uncontrollable spasms of desire.

“Hold it,” Spakt commanded.

Vaquel maintained the painful pinch and twist. Her body began to tremble. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

“Hold it,” Spakt said. “Let me enjoy the sight of you hurting yourself for me.”

Vaquel whimpered. Tears sprang to her eyes. Her pussy continued to flow with juices.

“All right, let go and get your ass back on that dildo!” Spakt said. “Do it before I type in this command for the pulse cannon to fire on your ship! Hurry, slut!”

Vaquel released her pussy lips and gasped with relief. Her lips were still sore and it was going to hurt when she got back on the dildo. Was his threat real? Probably not, but it was more fun to pretend that it was.

She kicked away from the monitor and rocketed back to the doorway. Spinning around, she faced the monitor as her pelvis went towards the dildo. Her boots locked onto the wall and in one fluid motion, she mounted the dildo once more.

Vaquel was right, it did hurt when the dildo pushed aside her tender lips to enter her. The moment of pain was soon upstaged by the feeling of a nice thick phallus ramming deep inside of her. If anything, the pain was just an extra spice to the wonderful feeling of penetration.

“Slap your head pillows!” Spakt said. There was an urgency in his voice. He must be close.

She resumed slapping her breasts. The short respite hadn’t been enough and her breasts were still tender. They stung with every touch and her slaps only made it worse.

Spakt was breathing hard. He spat onto his crotch and stared at the monitor. She could hear his cock being pumped.

“Tell me you love the Carefully Managed Democracy!” Spakt said.

Vaquel winced. To a royalist like Vaquel, spouting propaganda from another civilization was deeply taboo. It was just unthinkable.
She slapped her breast as hard as she could. As the pain shot through her, she yelled out “I pledge allegiance to the Carefully Managed Democracy!

A thrill of desire went through Vaquel. She clenched tighter around and the dildo. Her sex shuddered from her heresy.

“The Carefully Managed Democracy is the best government!” Vaquel cried. The forbidden nature of what she was saying brought her closer to orgasm.

“Yes,” Spakt said. “More!”

Vaquel slapped her breast with cruel resolve. She deserved the pain for what she was about to say. “If the Carefully Managed Democracy had a cock, I would suck it!”

“PROXIMITY ALERT!” the computer announced. Vaquel stared at the scanner screen. Something was approaching and approaching fast.

“I’m close, don’t stop!” Spakt commanded. “Tell me you want my payload!”

Vaquel tore her eyes from the computer and stared at Spakt. He was breathing hard and his red face was flushed a deeper red. It would be any moment now for him to come.

“Give me your payload,” Vaquel said. “I wish you were here to give it to me right on my milk pumps! You represent the Carefully Managed Democracy and I want your payload so bad. Give it to me, I’ve earned it! My sore tits have earned it! Give it to your alien slut!”

“Yes, yes, WHAT THE F-“ Spakt yelled before his transmission suddenly cut off.

“Transmission lost,” the computer announced. Transmitting ship has been destroyed. New transmission coming from approaching vessel.”

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel said. The approaching object must have been a second ship. This was a war zone after all. She should probably get off this dildo and investigate but she was so close to coming. Maybe she would take the message first.

“Hail unidentified craft,” a voice announced. The monitor revealed two Zatty males sitting at a console together. “We are from the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces. I am Captain Ghirby and this is my co-pilot, Lieutenant Plee.”

“Oh, hello,” she said. “I am Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy of Euphoria. I am on a mission of exploration. Please give me a moment to dismount and I can explain what I am doing here.”

“No!” Captain Ghirby said and Vaquel froze in place. “That is, we would like you to continue what you were doing.”

“Yeah, but if you could pinch your pump nozzles while you bounce, that would be great,” Lieutenant Plee said.

Vaquel nodded. “Of course,” she said. “I am always happy to cooperate.”

She grabbed her floating breasts and pinched her nipples. A wince of pain crossed her face that she exaggerated for her audience. She slid back on the thick dildo, making sure her face expressed every centimeter that was penetrating her.

The two aliens reached for their crotches. Their control panels blocked the view but it was clear that they were masturbating. Judging from the wet sounds coming from their groins, they had been masturbating already. How long have they been watching?

It didn’t matter. Vaquel was close to coming and these new pilots wanted to watch. She pulled on her nipples and her breasts stretched in the zero gravity. Her pussy humped the dildo and drove it deeper inside of her. She stared at the screen, making sure they saw the desire in her face.

Both aliens groaned. Their arms pumped their unseen cocks. The Lieutenant groaned while the Captain used a second hand.

“Declare your love for the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces!” Captain Ghirby demanded.

A sinful tremor ran through Vaquel. Shouting slogans of a foreign government was one thing, but endorsing a rebel force? The punishment that Queen Erishella would decree would be unimaginable!”

She had to do it. Her pussy couldn’t stop spasming at the thought.

“I want to give my body for the cause,” Vaquel said as she humped the dildo. “I want to bend over and let every single member of the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces fuck me! They could fuck my pussy or my ass; it wouldn’t matter. I would take it for them!”

“Oh!” the Lieutenant groaned and a fountain of seed gushed into the air. He threw his head back and kept stroking. More seed pumped into the air as he finished himself.

“What else?” the Captain demanded.

“I love the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces so much that I would suck their cocks clean,” Vaquel said. “I would let them fuck my big brown tits. I would let them come all over me, one by one until I satisfied your entire force!”

Vaquel couldn’t hold back any more. The thought of sexually serving a rebel army was too treasonous to even imagine. Her pleasure pushed past the point of no return and a powerful orgasm wracked her body.

“Glory to the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces,” Vaquel cried out, relishing in the forbidden declaration.

The Captain cried out too. A large load of seed splattered his control console. He kept pumping and his eyes never left Vaquel’s climaxing face.

When they were done, Vaquel slowly pulled herself free of the dildo. Her thighs ached from fucking and her tits were shifting mounds of pain. The afterglow was helping but she was going to need a fistful of pain killers for this.

First things first, she needed to address the pilots. The Lieutenant was up and around, cleaning the mess that they had made. The Captain was wiping down his console with a content smile on his face.

“Like I said, I am Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy. I am here to observe your conflict and continue om my way. I am a neutral party.”

“We know,” the Captain said. “We have been observing your interactions with the patrol fighter. We have been sneaking in forces while he was distracted with you. You have greatly aided the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces.”

“Oh,” Vaquel said. “Uh, happy to help!”

“We are getting ready for the final assault today,” the Captain said. “You are free to maintain this position and record our victory. We will assign you a beacon signal so that our side will leave you alone.”

“That’s great,” Vaquel said. “Like I said, I am neutral but I wish you luck in your revolution.”

“However,” the Captain continued. “We may need to come back and confirm that you are free of Carefully Managed Democracy sympathies. Say, in about twelve standard units?”

“Sure,” Vaquel said. “Should I prepare anything?”

“If you have any yellow suits, that would be great,” the Lieutenant chimed in. “Also, get some oil for your milk pumps.”

“Remember,” the Captain said. “We’ll back to investigate in twelve standard units.”

The transmission ended and Vaquel sighed. When it came to governments and their rebels, she didn’t see much difference between the two. Oh well, better rest up before some other force decided she needed to be inspected.

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