Sep 212017

Hot Cop walks through the dessert looking like he will die at any moment.. He comes across two little girls selling lemonade in front of their town. Hot Cop drinks their lemonade without paying and the girls start to cry. This may be Hot Cop’s best bad-ass moment.

The leader of the town comes out and welcomes Hot Cop to Cronenberg. Oh dear. Anything referencing David Cronenberg should be an instant warning to run the hell away if you want to keep looking human.

The town’s Cult Leader shows Hot Cop to the town and explains how everything is a paradise and everyone is pretty and there is nothing to worry about and because Hot Cop is Hot Cop, he believes it all.

Grace meanwhile tracks down Hot Cop. She finds him Cronenberg and tries to get Hot Cop to follow her but nope, Hot Cop is burned out and just wants to settle down with the cult. Conflict!

Of course not everything is cool in Cronenberg. grace finds out there is a lot of noxious gases that have brainwashed people e as well as making the people of Cronenberg look like, well, characters from a Cronenberg movie. Hot Cop isn’t believing it and Cult Leader has Grace dumped in a toxic pit. Oh noes!

Luckily for Hot Cop and Grace, the REAL hero of the show, Slink, has been fired from Blood Drive by the CEO of Heart. He is scheduled to be executed but first he has to go through severance with HR. Once again, the evil bureaucracy of heart is a delight and even more of a delight when S;link murders an accountant who really should have saw it coming. Slink makes a last ditch effort to keep his job by tracking down Grace and Hot Cop to recruit them for a final mission.

Which means we get to see Slink come to Cronenberg and it is glorious. Slink has a gas mask so we get to see the lemonade the girls sell is dog piss and that the pretty houses are shitty shacks. Slink stabs his way into the church and although I have no doubt he could murder-spree the whole town, Slink is a showman so he has to engage the Cult Leader in a preach-ff and it is wonderful. No one talks like Slink and I wish he was a real person so I could join his cult of personality.

Meanwhile, Hot Cop and Grace nearly die but they declare their love for each other. Aww. Oh, they also agree to help Slink and rejoin the Blood Drive. Yay!

Oh yeah, Tortured Cop and Evil Robot Woman escaped Heart with a cool scene where they used an 80’s style video game interface to pick their car.  Aki had to stay behind because she has an Anti-Running-Away device. The two Stockholm lovers have to separate. Sad.

All in all, it was a fun episode of Blood Drive. The cult was truly nuts and having Arthur gassed and going along was actually fun. Slink’s rescue was amazing and grace is always a bucket of pissy sunshine to everyone she meets.

Other thoughts,

It is kind of a shame that literally minutes after having an epiphany about his martyrdom, Hot Cop goes back to being stupidest man in the apocalypse due to Cronenberg gas.

Grace and Hot Cop were covered in cement mud and that was not a bad thing to see at all.

What was up with the CEO sucking on a lollipop like Grace does? We have already seen him with pink nail polish. Is obsessed with Grace because he wants to be Grace?

Evil Robot and Tortured Cop are shown sleeping on two police desks pushed together to make a bed. This bugged me for way too long as I tried to figure out if that was remotely comfortable.


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