Sep 042017

This episode of Blood Drive has a Western theme, complete with an evil sheriff, a gallows, a showdown and Ennio Morricone. Grace and Barbie end up in a town that has a continuous EMP pulse, preventing any sort of electricity.  This lets them remove their brain bombs and catch a short break. Grace uses her break to try to seduce Arthur but the Good Cop is too Good to just sleep with Grace when she is depressed.

However much of a Good Cop Arthur is, he is still the dumbest man in the apocalypse and a sucker for any authority figure that happens to be around. This time it is the Evil sheriff who tricks Arthur into sneaking into the next town over, and sabotaging their defenses on the flimsy premise that the people are vaguely evil. Arthur jumps at the chance until uh oh, PLOT-TWIST, the people are quite nice and the Evil Sheriff plans to hang innocent men, women and children.

Where is Grace in all this? She runs into Best Character in the Show, Slick, at the local coffee bar. Slick explains he diverted her to this no-electronics town because it is free from surveillance from Heart Industries. See, Slick is tired of Grace messing up his art and just wants to kill the woman. Corporate however has a ton of notes on Grace and won’t let him kill her. Slick plans to have a showdown with Grace and kill her ass once and for all.

Once again, the show notes are the real evil of the show.

Meanwhile, Tortured Cop gets free and spends about ten minutes back in the real world before nearly getting killed by raiders. Evil Robot Woman comes to his rescue and declares that she now feels this emotion that humans call love. Tortured Cop, with a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome, declares he loves her too. They have awesome sex and Evil Robot Woman’s eyes change. She is becoming more human and why the fuck not?

I don’t need to tell you that Grace eventually saves Arthur. I knew it was going to happen and so did you. What Blood Drive did that was clever was for the first half of the episode, we follow Arthur and his repeated attempts to get Grace to help. In the second half, we see Grace’s point of view where she is trying to find shit out from Slick and Arthur keeps bugging her about this week’s adventure until she eventually has to stop and rescues Arthur.

You know, I really wish we never saw Arthur’s side. The shit he went through was so predictable and quite frankly, the same stupid shit he always falls for, that I would have loved to have an entirely Grace episode where Arthur checks in to give us and her a bare-bones outline of the episode we don’t need to see.

“Grace! This Sheriff we met needs our help!”

Later, “Grace, that Sheriff is totally crazy! I got a bad feeling but I am going to keep doing what he asks!”

Later, “Grace, that Sheriff is really a monster and he tricked me into hurting people. Now some orphans are going to die!”

Later, “Grace, I fucked it up and now they are going to kill me too!”

That would have been awesome.

Quick thoughts,

The Scholar gets a girlfriend and becomes the new sheriff! Holy crap, is he the first character in this show to get a happy ending?

Slink got stabbed and healed as soon as the knife was withdrawn. He was also set on fire and calmly put it out. That boy ain’t human. I’m leaning into thinking Slink might be an actual demon from the Scar.

With no more brain bombs, I have a bad feeling we might not be doing the racing part of Blood Drive for much longer.

Tortured Cop’s eye-weapon is awesome and I wish I was still running role-playing games because it would be in the very next adventure.

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