Sep 222017

Instead of calling upon a deity or outer planer being, some magisexuals prefer to call upon the shared fantasy of a particular Porn Star or Adult Performer. This saves them the trouble of dealing with ancient forces and there is less of a chance of a mischievous demon cosplaying as the entity you were trying to call forth. It also has the extra advantage of being fun.

For those who skipped the chapter on Culture Gods, I will briefly explain how the fantasy of an Adult Performer gains their power. Every thought has weight and every desire has attraction. Adult Performers by their very nature are constantly generating both. Viewers of their porn create desire and generate worship by the act of masturbating to their works. Every climax is an offering and every single thought of “Wow, I wish I could fuck them,” is a prayer.

These prayers, offerings and worship coalesce on the Astral Main. They form a force that can influence events on our material world. The force itself can be temperamental as it is the combined fantasies of millions of viewers.

It is this being that magisexuals include in their magic. Some call upon Adult Performer Entities to inspire their writing, give them endurance for a sexual encounter, improve their sexual skills or just make them feel pretty. Like most magic, it is only limited by the creativity and will of the magisexual.

The Adult Performer Entity is first and foremost the creation of the person who created it. They created this being for many reasons but the primary one is usually money. The entities are created to aid in the financial wellbeing of the creator.

Most Adult Performers are unaware of their entity. The real person is an Avatar for this being and gains power from it. The stronger the entity, the more successful their career becomes. Some entities become so powerful that their creators ascend into true demigod status.

The creator can sometimes find they have little influence. Their on-screen persona influences the entity but it is the combination of the viewer’s impressions that form the real personality of the entity.

For example, Lori Lorn is a porn star who make clips where she does mostly blowjobs. She did one anal video but the anal video out sold all her other works combined. The real Lori thinks of her Entity as an oral person, but to her worshippers, she is a Goddess of Ass-Fucking.

Worshipping an Adult performer is easy. Masturbate to their porn. Because these entities are born in the act of commerce, purchasing their porn also is an act of worship. This extends to tips, buying memorabilia, or creating art in their image that you do not sell.

That last part is important. Adult Performer Entities serve to profit their creators. If you steal from the creator, then you risk the revenge of the Adult Performer Entity. If you pirate from them, not only does that make you a terrible person for pirating porn, but you will most certainly feel the angry wrath of the Adult Performer Entity.

Some magisexuals believe that the less you know about the real person behind the Adult Performer Entity, the better. Knowing their real name is a taboo and some unscrupulous magisexuals will shout the true names of Adult Performers at magisexual they know are worshiping them.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

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