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The Suckulent Witch is a Hustler erotica book written by Marsha Bourns in 1980. It is a surprisingly good story for the genre about a woman with magic powers, Allegra, and her downfall at the hands of the sexy warlock, Justin. See, Allegra has influence over men and women but she doesn’t think it is anything magical. She just thinks she has a hot body and the right mindset to manipulate the weak. After working for a real witch, she decides that she has learned enough occult terminology to fake it and set up her own magic shop in which she can bilk customers of their money. In other words, Allegra is a bad girl.

She makes her own coven which consists of a rich older guy, a hot young guy and the hot young guy’s girlfriend. Together they have sex and spend the older guy’s money. In a surprising twist for the 80’s, there is even some homosexual coven sex between the men.

All of this comes to a screeching halt when resident mysterious Might-As-Well-Be-Someone’s-Player-Character, Justin O’Neal, shows up. Justin is a true practitioner of magic and is worried that the stuff that Allegra sells will get someone hurt because magic is too dangerous to be sold to the unwary.  He gives her a mysterious cease-and-desist that Allegra ignores. He then curses her to being tired all of the time and she realizes magic might be real after all.

That doesn’t mean she instantly gives up and closes her magic scam shop. Nope, she engages in a rather low-key magical war with Justin. She loses in the end because hey, this is a porn book written in the 80’s and guys have to win.  Needless to say, everyone is having sex while this battle of wills is happening.

All in all, this book is not going to be mistaken for a classic but it surprised me with the tightness of the plot. I liked how Allegra was a disbeliever, and the magic used was closer to ‘real’ magic than than it was to fireballs and crystal balls. You can tell the author did some research which is almost unheard of for a porn book. if you are in the mood for some trashy occult sleaze, this would be a good book for your collection.


  2 Responses to “Have You Read The Suckulent Witch?”

  1. No. But I am now on a quest to find it!

  2. Good luck! The Hustler books disappear quickly.

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