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Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty of my thirty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Queen Tires of Your Excuses” by Royal Astronomers. The Carefully Managed Democracy is in a full civil war and great battles have been waged. My understanding is that the rebels are winning and the government is consolidating their last forces at some sort of battle station. I have successfully managed to avoid most of the battles and the ones that I have witnessed, I made sure to record data for analysis by the Royal Navy.

Currently I have been stopped by a rebel fleet of starships who wishes me to donate my ship for their final assault. The rebel fleet offered me transport to the nearest planet as well as a robot versed in thirty different plumping systems. I declined their request and they escalated to threatening to board my ship. I offered to activate the self-destruct on the ship and ram their command ship.

They considered my final offer and are now sending over a representative to discuss matters. These fools are gripped by rebellious fever and I am sure that their envoy will try to persuade me to join their cause. I will counter with a seduction attempt followed by extreme violence. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: These rebels have interrupted my daily masturbation break and I am horny as fuck. Their envoy will be lucky to get out of this with their pelvis intact.

Vaquel Di stood by the airlock. She wore her blue spacesuit today and it clung to her heavy breasts and wide hips. The ship lighting was dimmed so that her short pink hair would stand out more on her brown face. A single laser pistol hung from her belt.

She had her arms crossed under her breasts to make them look even bigger. The Zatty were a well-endowed race of red giants who average three meters in height. Their tits were huge and Vaquel was starting to develop a complex from their comments on her own chest.

The airlock opened and the giant form of the Zatty came into Vaquel’s ship. The spacesuit that the Zatty was wearing was bulky but it couldn’t hide the large warheads that were here breasts. Vaquel pulled back her shoulders in an attempt to compensate.

The Zatty pressed a button on her helmet and the visor swung open. The Zatty woman looked young with bright yellow eyes. She was hairless like many of her race and there was a tiny metal stud in her lip.

“Hello alien,” the Zatty said. “My name is Faso and I am here as a representative of the Strictly Rationed Liberty Forces.”

“My name is Vaquel Di of the Royal Navy of Queen Erishella,” Vaquel said. “I am on a twenty-year mission to explore and report.”

“A twenty-year mission?” Faso said. “How extraordinary! I doubt we have ever had a regime last that long. Of course, that will change when we take over. We hope to bring peace and stability to the galaxy that will last centuries. When we are in power, people will be free but not too free and prosperity will lift us all.”

Vaquel shrugged. “That sounds great, but you can’t have my ship.”

“But we need every ship for the battles ahead,” Faso said. “Even your small ship can serve as a scout or communications hub. We lack the industrial power of the Carefully Managed Democracy and must use every resource we can find.”

“Sucks to be you,” Vaquel said. “That is an old saying from my planet that means I don’t give a shit. You can’t have my ship and I am ready to blow it up.”

Faso nodded gravely. “I am sure that you have already programmed your ship with some sort of terrible deterrent device in case we try to forcibly take your ship.”

“Of course,” Vaquel said. “I have five systems in place and a robot chair that is angry that you interrupted masturbation time.”

“That settles it then,” Faso said. “We do not need unnecessary bloodshed. It is good that I am here. Tell me, have you heard of the Flow?”

“Uh, no,” Vaquel said.

“It is a cosmic force that binds and holds us all together,” Faso said.

“Oh, where I come from, Queen Erishella is what binds and holds us altogether.”

“This is something different,” Faso said. “I am a practitioner of the Flow. Right now, the Flow connects my heart to your heart, my soul to your soul.”

A warm feeling came over Vaquel’s body. It tingled and spread from her head, down her shoulders, over her breasts, onto her sex and down her legs. She tried to touch herself but her hands wouldn’t move.

“Psychic!” Vaquel thought because she could no longer speak.

“Yes,” Faso answered in her mind. “Do not worry. I am one of the few survivors of the Mind Warriors sect. This is perfectly safe and you will not be harmed. I am going to convince you to deactivate your security measures and hand you ship over to us. You will be given transport to another planet though we will keep the free plumbing robot that we offered you earlier.”

“Fuck you!” Vaquel thought. She tried to move. Something held her arms and legs. It felt like it was coiled around her limbs. It slithered over her skin and tightened. There was something familiar about it.

“It is hopeless to struggle,” Faso said. “There is nothing to struggle against except your own mind. Now please, tell me how to turn off your security measures.”

Vaquel ignored the Zatty woman. She could wiggle a little. The invisible force wrapped around her breasts. It pressed down and crushed her tits to her chest. There was a strange smell of something fruity.

“I can’t make you do anything,” Faso said. “That is not how the Mind Warriors operate. But I can make this unpleasant.”

Something hard slammed into Vaquel’s ass. She tried to cry out but her voice wouldn’t work. It struck her ass again and the sting exploded across her buttocks. The Zatty witch was spanking Vaquel with her mind!

“I do hate to do this,” Faso said. “But I will for the glory of the rebellion.”

The spanking continued. There was no sound to warn Vaquel, just the sudden impact of something flat and powerful colliding into her ass. It struck her bottom in a rapid rhythm that kept her off-balance and unable to anticipate the next strike. The stinging sensation in Vaquel’s abundant ass grew to inferno levels of heat.

There was a similar level of heat occurring between Vaquel’s legs. Each spank was responded to with a clenching of her sex. As the pain in her ass grew, Vaquel’s pussy grew wetter. Despite the strange force coiled around her limbs, Vaquel managed to grind in place as she sought relief for her sex.

“What a curious alien,” Faso said. “You are stimulated by pain.”

Vaquel ignored the Zatty. There was something about the spanking that bothered her. The two slaps, followed by three slaps, followed by two slaps rang a bell. She knew this spanking from somewhere.

Something bit into Vaquel’s nipples. It was harsh and came without warning. Vaquel screamed silently with her mind as the pain increased.

Vaquel’s sex clenched even harder. Juices ran down her leg inside her spacesuit.

“Pain stimulates you but you also want it to stop,” Faso said in her mind. “I can make it stop as soon as you hand over your ship.”

Vaquel shuddered. The pain on her nipples was intense but it was also familiar. It felt like clamps. More importantly, it felt like clamps that Vaquel owned.

“What about pleasure?” Faso said. “Will you give up your ship for a righteous cause in exchange for pleasure?”

Something pushes deep inside Vaquel’s sex. She trembled in place as something long and thick filled her pussy. It was a Zatty cock. There was no doubting the thickness and length.

The unseen cock thrust up inside Vaquel. She felt her body slamming back into it even though she couldn’t move. There was something strange about her movement though. It didn’t feel like normal humping on her part, it felt like gravity or momentum was impaling her on the alien dick.

“I remember this,” Vaquel groaned in her mind. “When I escaped the last planet, I got a ride on a jet bike. A Zatty drove it while I fucked him.”

“That isn’t important,” Faso said in her mind. “Give us your ship and this sensation can continue.”

“The pain on my nipples,” Vaquel thought. “Those are my clamps. I use them when I masturbate. The spanking, that was my old instructor at the Royal Navy. She always spanked me like that whether I succeeded or failed.”

“Give us the ship,” Faso said. The spanking, the clamps and the fucking vanished. The sudden lack of penetration was the cruelest of all. The invisible force tightened around her breasts and made it hard to breathe.

“I am being choked by a plant,” Vaquel groaned. “I don’t remember which planet. A lot of planets have vegetation that will fuck you up. I do wonder why they seem to be into bondage.”

“You are too sensual a creature for normal persuasion,” Faso said.

An electric shock passed through Vaquel. Or rather, the memory of an electric shock. It racked Vaquel’s body with pain as she struggled in the clutches of the memory of a plant holding her. After a few seconds, the shock stopped and Vaquel was left twitching in place.

“Don’t remember where that is from,” Vaquel said. “And I don’t fucking care to.”

“That was just a sample,” Faso said. “Please, hand over you ship.”

“You’re using my own memories,” Vaquel said. “Weird, I would think a telepath would inflict her own memories on her victim.”

Water filled Vaquel’s lungs. She was drowning. Vaquel could feel the water seeping into her spacesuit. The tug of the current was pulling her downward. Her heart pounded and she desperately wanted to flail her limbs to swim upwards.

Vaquel remembered. It was an ocean world. She had gone swimming and there was a fault in her suit. She had corrected it almost immediately but there was that split-second when things were dire.

She was trapped in that split-second. Her body remembered the gasping, the struggling and the panic. It lasted for only a moment but that moment was being stretched for far too long.

It suddenly stopped. Vaquel gasped for air. She coughed and tried to force out water that wasn’t there.

“We will have your ship,” Faso said. “I will re-establish the Order of Mind Warriors. The universe will know the ways of the Flow.”

“You don’t have any memories of torment of your own,” Vaquel said. “You have to use mine.”

Faso stared at her with her yellow eyes. “Give us the ship.”

“Wait!” Vaquel said. “Just give me a moment to recover.”

“You are stalling,” Faso said. “I can feel your mind. It isn’t recovering. It is . . .searching. It is reaching out. It is touching . . .oh no!”

Faso cried out as something slammed her onto her back on the floor. Metal hands held down her arms and legs. Something slammed into her mouth and down her throat.

“Mmmm!” Faso cried. She tried to lift her hands but whatever was holding her was too strong. The thing in her mouth pounded her lips at a rapid pace.

Vaquel stared at her. “Welcome to the Squix,” she said. “They were a bunch of crazed sex robots. I never quite understood what their purpose was but they liked to fuck anything organic or non-organic.”

Faso closed her eyes. She tried to sever the connection with the alien’s mind. For some reason, it wasn’t working.

“I spent a year in a sector of space that had some psychic entity from another plane of existence,” Vaquel said. “The Voice tried to seduce me into being its carrier into the universe. You know, typical hazards of deep space travel kind of stuff. I was in psychic contact with that asshole for way too long. I couldn’t wait to get away from it but I guess all that time fighting back against its malevolent power made me a little stronger. Stronger than you at least.”

Faso couldn’t answer. It wasn’t because the imaginary thing ramming her mouth was preventing her from speaking. No, it was too hard to focus when something is fucking your face.

“It has been a year or two since the Voice tried to talked to me,” Vaquel continued. “But once you connected to my mind, it felt like yesterday. I remember feeling the connection. I remember how I used to push back with my thoughts. I just didn’t know how to stop you from what you were doing.”

The violation of Faso’s mouth finally stopped. Her lips were bruised and her throat was raw. She tried to sit up but the unseen grip from the robot hands were still there.

“Here, try this,” Vaquel said.

Something slapped Faso’s right breast. It was hard and quick. She cried out and something struck her ass. She screamed louder as some unknown force struck her breasts and ass in rapid succession. The strikes happened too quickly to guess what was actually hitting her.

“Blobs,” Vaquel said. “Orange blobs that would stretch and whip me. They only hit my ass and tits. Why would blobs even slap a breast? The universe is strange that way. Everything seems to be obsessed with tits.”

“Stop it!” Faso cried.

“No,” Vaquel said.

The slapping increased. Faso screamed and writhed on the floor. The slaps struck every angle of her massive breasts. The spacesuit she wore was no protection as the memory of Vaquel’s slapping imprinted into Faso’s sensations.

The strikes on her ass were worse. They came in rapid fire, sometimes missing her buttocks and striking between her legs. The slaps to her pussy made her scream but they also made her wet.

Wait, was the slaps turning Faso on or was she remembering how turned on Vaquel was? Her mentor on the swamp planet never prepared her for things like this!

The slaps stopped. Faso struggled for air. She could barely breathe from all the screaming that she had been doing. Her sex was a wet mess begging for attention. By the Flow, how does this alien think with such a needy sex orifice?

“Anyway,” Vaquel continued. “Once I realized you were using my memories, it made sense to me. Memories are ammo in a psychic fight. Good memories, bad memories, I see how they can be effective against someone, even if the memory belongs to them.”

“Please, let me go,” Faso said.

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. “I got plenty of memories. Certainly, more than you.”

Something licked Faso’s sex. It was a tongue and what an amazing tongue. The speed of the tongue was incredible. It lapped at her sex with a passionate fury.

“That’s a Kowe,” Vaquel said. “They were little furry monsters that loved to eat meat and lick pussy. An asteroid hit their planet soon after this. They are probably all dead now but I remember them.”

Faso moaned. The mouth pressed closer to her sex. She could feel the sharp points of its teeth against her delicate folds. The tongue pressed down hard and licked her like no one has ever licked her before.

“Pretty nice, isn’t it?” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her spacesuit. A seam appeared in the blue material over her crotch. Vaquel pulled it apart to reveal a pubic bush as pink as the hair on her head. She slipped her fingers into her pussy and started to stroke.

Faso felt the fingers. The memory of the Kowe’s mouth continued as the new sensation of Vaquel’s fingers joined it. She felt the tongue licking fiercely at her sex while Vaquel plunged in and out of her sex.

The tongue vanished. The fingers remained. Faso and Vaquel groaned together as Vaquel continued to finger herself.

“Tell your friends to let me go with my ship,” Vaquel said.

Faso shook her head. “No, I can’t. We need as many ships as we can get! The fate of the Mind Warriors depends on this! I can’t fail my order!”

Vaquel kept stroking herself. “I have worse memories,” she said. “I’ve been shot at. I’ve nearly burned in a volcano. There was that time I hallucinated that I died in acid rain but since I still remember it, I could share it with you.”

Faso groaned. It was hard to tell if it was from fear. Her hips were rising to meet the memory of the Kowe’s mouth.

“Wait, I do remember that something that might change your mind,” she said.

Something fluttered against Faso’s stomach. She jumped and tried to cover her belly with her hands but her arms were still pinned down. Light touches danced against her under arm. She shuddered and a laugh burst from her mouth. What was going on?

“This was done by some shadow creature I came across on a dead world,” Vaquel said. “It was a scary bastard. I doubt anyone will tickle me as bad as those things did.”

Stop!” Faso yelled. The light fluttering kept moving. It was behind her knee. It was on her neck. It went to the bottom of her feet and that was worse of all.

Faso’s body shook. She laughed uncontrollably. She wiggled and squirmed as the fluttering continued. Her body writhed out of her control.

“What is going on?!” Faso screamed. It was terrible yet it didn’t hurt! She was laughing but nothing was funny! Her body tried desperately to escape the light touches but her sex was getting wetter by the second!

“It’s called tickling,” Vaquel said as she kept stroking herself. “It is a form of torture and arousal among my people. Your race must not be wired for it. Isn’t that interesting? You’re the first Zatty to experience tickling. You should be proud.”

“Stop it!” Faso yelled. She squirmed on the floor of the ship uncontrollably. She laughed and laughed despite her rising fear. The tickling covered her entire body; even the lips of her pussy.

Suddenly, the tickling stopped. Faso gasped for air. She sat up, breathing hard. It took her a moment to realize that she was no longer being held down.

“Are you going to let me go?” Vaquel asked. She was still stroking herself. Faso felt Vaquel’s fingers stimulating her own sex. She didn’t answer the alien’s question as she took the moment to enjoy those talented fingers.

“Is that a yes?” Vaquel said.

Something tickled the side of Faso’s ribs. “Stop!” Faso screamed in a panic. “You can go! We don’t need your ship! I’ll tell them that it is falling apart and unsafe! Just don’t tickle me again!”

“Good answer,” Vaquel said. She pulled her fingers out of her sex. “Now let’s seal our bargain.” She pointed at her sex.

It was clear what the alien wanted. Faso had experienced the depravity of this creature. The cruel being would be satisfied with nothing less than further stimulation.

Faso crawled on her hands and knees towards Vaquel. She took off her helmet so it wouldn’t get in the way. Her head tilted upwards and she pressed her lips to Vaquel’s sex.

A jolt went through Faso. Someone was kissing Faso’s own needy sex. It was her mouth. The terrible alien was broadcasting Faso’s own pussy-eating to her own sex. It was stunning how skilled Vaquel was with no formal training. Perhaps Vaquel’s need to humiliate and fuck gave her strength that was better than any training.

It was a horrible thought. Had the Mind Warriors been doing this wrong all this time? Has Faso been wasting her time with lessons and philosophy discussions when true mastery of the Flow came from sexual experiences?

“Lick it,” Vaquel snapped. “Lick it like I own you.”

Shame filled Faso but she did as she was commanded. She burrowed her face into Vaquel’s pink bush and licked the brown lips of the alien’s sex. Her tongue reached deep and licked as hard as she could.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. She grabbed Faso’s smooth head and kept her pinned to her sex. Her hips undulated as she fucked Faso’s face.

Faso moaned. She moaned with despair at what she had been reduced to but she also moaned at the sensations that Vaquel was broadcasting to her. Faso’s sex clenched with Vaquel’s sex. Her tongue pleasured Vaquel and herself at the same time. They shuddered together as Faso licked deeper and harder.

As Vaquel squirmed, Faso squirmed. As Vaquel cried out, Faso cried out. As Vaquel moaned, Faso moaned.

“I’m going to come,” Vaquel groaned. She rubbed her sex harder onto Faso’s face. “I’m going to come on your pretty red face and you are going to love it. You’re my mouth-slave and years from now, you’re going to wish that you were back here, on your knees, licking my pussy by my command.”

Faso climaxed. Or did Vaquel climax and Faso was riding her orgasm? She didn’t know. They were too closely bonded to tell.

Vaquel pushed Faso away. “Enough, that is all you get.”

Faso felt the sensations leave her body. She quickly put up her mental defenses like she had been taught. She rubbed her lips which were bruised and smeared with Vaquel’s juices.

“Now get the fuck off my ship and tell your friends that I am leaving,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button and the spacesuit came back together over her crotch.

“Yes,” Faso said as she struggled to her feet. She toyed with the idea of telling the rebel fleet to fire on Vaquel’s ship but fear gripped her heart at the thought of it. If Vaquel could think of a terrible torture like tickling, who knows what other depraved tricks she might know and use on the fleet. No, it was better to let her go.

As the airlock opened for Faso, Vaquel called out to her one more time.

“Hey, Mind Slut!” Vaquel yelled. “What’s the range for your telepathy? I plan to masturbate thinking of your face and wanted to know if you could join in.”

Faso ran in terror through the airlock. Vaquel’s laughter would haunt her forever.

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  1. Vaquel is brilliant and smart – and has good telepathy skills, it seems!

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