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Explorer’s Log: I have arrived on the third planet of the star system designated “Beloved Third Toe on the Queen’s Right Foot” by Royal Astronomers. This is a busy system with various industrial and commercial interests. The planet I have chosen to land on has the densest population and therefore provides an opportunity to get the best data on the citizens of this society.

After landing at the local spaceport on the planet, I have decided to go out and perform a discreet surveillance on the infrastructure, local civilian forces and possible weakness in their planetary defenses. To perform this task for the Queen, I shall begin with popular bars and nightclubs. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Shortly after landing, I was contacted by a representative of the rebel forces. They wanted to get their robot with the top-secret plans. I told them that their idiot robot crawled through a garbage airlock and jettisoned himself out as soon as I took a nap. They were not happy with me and thought my explanation was highly unlikely. Fuck them, Chairbot said that was what happened and he is too servile to lie to me.

The rebel made some threatening comments and I kicked him in his baby pump. It is hard to take these losers seriously. They appear to be indecisive and cowardly. If they ever do rebel, which I highly doubt, it won’t be for another ten years.

Vaquel Di groaned as the Zatty male drove his cock deep inside her sex. The large alien stood on the side of the bed as he pounded Vaquel’s reclining body on the bed. She tightened her thick brown legs around the Zatty’s red hips. The Zatty grabbed one of her large tits and squeezed. Together they held onto each other as they fucked.

The bed shook. Vaquel reached out and grabbed the bedsheets. They were stain-resistant vinyl. It matched the décor of the hotel room which appeared to be Easy-Hose-Down.

Vaquel liked it. It was a dirty place for having dirty sex. The hotel was located next to a nightclub and charged by the hour. It was just big enough to fuck in and lacked any form of illumination except the city lights that came through the large glass wall.

“You are the tightest alien I have ever fucked,” the Zatty said.

“Damn right,” Vaquel said. The Zatty was three meters tall like all of his race and his cock was proportional in girth. Vaquel had spent months in Zatty space slowly getting used to the enormous phalluses of these aliens. It was time well spent.

“What’s your name again?” the Zatty asked.

“Vaquel,” she said. She didn’t remember his name and didn’t bother to ask. Who needs the name of someone you picked up an hour ago?

“I’m going to fill your piss tank with my seed!” the Zatty said.

Vaquel didn’t even flinch at the strange obscenity. “Then do it.” Her pussy clenched tighter around his thick cock.

“I’m going to rocket your cock intake!” the Zatty groaned.

“Yes!” Vaquel said. She was close, damn close.

“I’m going to squiggle thump your meat lips!” the Zatty cried.

“Whatever!” she yelled. She was . . .almost . . .there!

BOOM! A large explosion shook the fornication room. An angry red cloud surrounded one of the large buildings in the skyline. Smaller explosions blossomed around nearby buildings.

The Zatty stopped fucking and stared out the window. His thick cock pulsed inside of her.

Vaquel clenched around his cock. “Keep going,” she groaned.

He pulled out of her. She tried to hold onto him but he was too strong. His amazing cock left her sex leaving being an empty void.

“It’s starting!” the Zatty said. He grabbed his clothes and checked his communicator.

“What’s starting?” Vaquel asked.

“The rebellion!” the Zatty said. He was very excited. “The leaders were going to signal the start by taking out the Justice Tower and they just did! Now every righteous citizen must take up arms and overthrow the tyranny of the Carefully Managed Democracy! Isn’t it awesome?”

“No, it is not!” Vaquel said. She spread her brown legs wide and fingered the pink hair of her pubic bush. “Don’t you want to finish fucking before you go rebel?”

The Zatty laughed. “And miss out on the glory?” He grabbed his shirt and ran out the door.

Vaquel growled. This was unbelievable. No one left her sex unless they were dying or she had kicked them off. The insult was nearly unbearable but it didn’t curb her desire. She would have to take care of this herself.

BOOM! The room shook as another building exploded nearby. Cracks formed in the glass wall. Sirens screamed in the night.
Vaquel tried to ignore it. She pressed down on her sex and slipped her fingers in. Her greedy pussy clenched tightly as she stroked herself. She closed her eyes and pictured the idiot Zatty finishing what he started.

It was useless. Her fingers were too small. She couldn’t make the bed shake like the large alien could. Slowly she felt her near-climax slip farther and farther away.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled and climbed off the bed.

BOOM! Another building exploded and then melted nosily onto the street.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled as she pulled on her belt. She pressed a button and the green fabric of her spacesuit began to spread from the belt and over her body. The snug material slid over her large brown breasts, her hard dark nipples, her damp pubic bush, her sweaty thighs, her round ass and over her muscular arms. She stepped into her boots and the clamped tightly around her feet.

“Fuck!” Vaquel snarled as she looked out the window. The streets were clogged with people fighting. It was a fucking war down there.

“Fuck!” Vaquel snapped as she checked her belt for weapons. Customs had been strict and forbade her from bringing any armaments on planet. That meant she was only carrying what she could smuggle on her suit and it wasn’t much.

“Fuck,” Vaquel sighed as she checked her communicator. It was static. Either the government or the rebels were jamming signals. There was no way to contact Chairbot or her ship. That meant she couldn’t request a pickup. She was going to have to get to the spaceport on her own.

“Fuck,” Vaquel growled as she pressed a hand to her crotch. Her orgasm might have slipped away but she was still horny.

Enough bitching, it was time for action. It would be reasonable to exit the hotel room and take the elevator downstairs but Vaquel wasn’t in a reasonable mood. She was turned on and her blood was pumping. She planned to keep it that way.

Vaquel peeled a thin strip from her boot and attached to the window. The strip began to glow. She backed away to the far wall away from the window, took a deep breath, and then started running towards the glass wall.

The shape charged glowed a bright red and exploded outwards. The glass wall shattered into a thousand pieces just as Vaquel reached it. She took a giant leap into the air plunged towards the riot below.

Emergency anti-gravity fields pulsed through Vaquel’s spacesuit. She was still plummeting towards the crowd below but her acceleration was slowly dropping. The wind rushed through her short pink hair and a thrill ran down her spine and right to her soaking wet sex.

Five meters up, Vaquel’s fall has slowed to a gentle float. She landed on top of a rioting citizen. For no good reason, she smashed her fist into the Zatty’s red face. His nose crunched in a gratifying manner but it didn’t do anything to satisfy the need between her legs.

Zatty were fighting all around her. Armed authorities smashed into masked citizens. Only melee weapons were being used as both sides were afraid of accidentally hitting someone from their one side.

Vaquel had no such compulsions. She stepped behind a uniformed soldier and drove her elbow into her best guess for where a vital organ would be. The soldier fell to one knee as a rioting civilian hit him viciously with some sort of plastic sports tool. As the soldier tried to defend himself, Vaquel stole his pistol and blended into the crowd.

The pistol was made for larger hands than Vaquel’s but that was fine. A disproportion weapon worked better for intimidation purposes.

An engine roared and Zatty screamed. Something large and nasty was pushing through the crowd. Vaquel dodged fleeing aliens and climbed on top of a public urination cubicle. She wanted to see what was coming.

It was a bus of some sort. Judging from the hole in the windshield and the corpse stuck on the hood, Vaquel figured that it was a public transport vehicle recently liberated for the use of the rebels. Yelling hooligans had shot out the windows and were firing into the crowd. They were running people over on both sides.

Vaquel smiled. This could be here way out of here.

As the bus came closer, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened on the top of her spacesuit to reveal the generous cleavage of her brown breasts. They were small by Zatty standards but Vaquel had learned that aliens of all kinds everywhere appreciate tits of any size. She didn’t think the Zatty would be any different.

The bus screeched to a halt beside her. The door opened to reveal the driver leering at her. It was a Zatty woman with breasts bigger than Vaquel’s entire torso straining through a torn shirt. She was bald and had three separate piercings through her lips. The woman turned in her seat and wasn’t wearing any pants. Her sex was shaved and glistening.

Vaquel groaned. Her pussy clenched. She wanted her sex filled but she would settle for getting eaten out by this tough lady.

“Hey, what kind of alien are you?” the woman driver yelled at Vaquel.

“The kind that will lick any part you want to get a ride to the spaceport!” Vaquel yelled back.

The woman laughed and pulled a lever. “Get in and get to work on my slut flower! If you’re good, I might even finger zap you!”

“Fuck, yeah,” Vaquel said.

The smell of ozone filled the air. The hairs on the back of Vaquel’s neck stood up. A tingling sensation spread through her nose as if she was about to sneeze.

Vaquel’s training took over and she dived for the ground. She flattened herself and clamped her arms over her head.


A shockwave passed over Vaquel as burning metal and plastic showered the area. The smell of ozone was replaced with burning flesh.

She lifted her head. The bus was a burst shell of itself. Anything that could burn was burning. Anything that couldn’t burn was melting. Of the driver, there was only ash.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. There went her ride! Fuck! There went her hot lesbian sex!

People rushed past Vaquel. She didn’t have to climb anything to see what was coming this time. It was a tank and it was twice the size of the bus. The ion cannon was still glowing from firing on the bus. Soldiers manned smaller guns on the sides of the tank and were mowing down any one who came close.

“These assholes owe me a ride,” Vaquel said. “And a good fuck!”

As the crowd ran from the tank, Vaquel ran towards it. She tapped a few more buttons on her belt. The seam on her chest widened until the top half of her spacesuit disappeared altogether. She ran topless towards the firing tank with her large brown breasts bouncing in the wind.

One of the soldiers spotted her. He swung the mounted weapon towards her but he didn’t fire. Other soldiers drew a bead on her but they didn’t fire as well.

“Tits truly are the universal language,” Vaquel said. She climbed up on the tank.

“What are you doing?” the soldier said. He wore a helmet that covered his entire face except for his mouth. He licked his lips as her tits was reflected in his mirror-visor. “This is a Justice Vehicle!”

“I need a ride to the spaceport and I don’t care who I have to fuck to get there!” Vaquel said.

The soldier’s mouth hung open. He pressed something on his helmet. “Sir, I have an alien female requesting a ride. She is offering to fuck her way out of here.”

There was a pause as the soldier listened. Vaquel wondered how many soldiers there were. Was there room inside the tank for a gangbang? Had she traded one dick for a whole tank crew of dicks? If so, this revolution might not be such a bad development after all.”

The soldier nodded. “Show me your soggy ammo box!”

What? Vaquel hadn’t heard that one before but she quickly guessed the meaning. She pressed a button on her belt and a slit appeared in her spacesuit above her sex. Pulling the seam apart, she revealed her slick pink bush and the glistening lips beneath.

The soldier reached out with his fingers. He pushed into Vaquel and she clenched tightly around him. Fuck, it was just a finger but Vaquel was grateful for it.

“She has a tight soggy ammo box,” the soldier reported back. “I suggest we bring her down. Request permission to ground and pound her first, sir!”

Yes! Vaquel was going to get fucked silly and get back to her spaceship! Who said rebellions were hard?

CRACK! The tank shifted towards the right. Vaquel nearly fell over but she held onto the soldier’s finger still inside her.

“Sir?” the soldier yelled. CRACK! The tank shifted towards the left. CRACK! The tank shifted forward.

Vaquel pulled the soldier’s finger from her desperate sex. It was almost physically painful for her to let her pussy go empty again but she had a suspicion as to what was happening. As the other soldiers started to scream, Vaquel took a running leap off the tank and back onto the ground.

CRACK! The ground gave way as the last of the underground charges went off. The tank sank into the earth and down into the sewer below. The scream of laser fire was followed by the screams of the soldiers.

Vaquel was impressed. The rebels must have had demolitions prepared underground to deal with heavy vehicles. That takes a lot of foresight and quite a bit of luck to set off the charges in a way to catch a moving vehicle. Lucky for them, a horny space explorer stopped the tank trying to hitch a ride.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Vaquel yelled. This time she had inadvertently sabotaged her own way out. Was she ever getting back to her space ship? Was she ever going to fucking get laid?

Vaquel raised her pistol and took a shot at a rioting citizen. The laser punched through the rebel’s head, punched through the soldier he was fighting and lanced through the arm of another rebel.

“Great,” Vaquel said. “Everyone is getting penetrated but me!”

She walked through the rioting crowd, shooting people in frustration. The holes in her spacesuit were still open, exposing her breasts, hard nipples and wet sex to everyone. People were too busy fighting to leer at her which just pissed her off more.

The sound of breaking class caught her attention. There was a group of citizens looting the front of a store. They were young Zatty men and they were stealing hover cycles. One by one, they zoomed into the air making their escape.

“Yes,” Vaquel said and started running towards the hooligans. She didn’t need something big, she just needed something that was fast.

By the time she reached the store, there was only one bike and one looter left. He had started the bike but stopped to watch the half-naked brown alien running towards him.

“Wait, I want a ride!” Vaquel said.

“Where are you going?” the man asked.

“The spaceport!” Vaquel said. She tried to hold the pistol in a non-threatening manner but it was heavy. She wondered how fast she could draw and shoot on him if needed to.

“Damn, that’s far,” the man said. “What you offering? Credits, stimulants or orifices, no one rides for free!”

Vaquel pointed between her legs. “I got it covered.”

“All right,” the man said. He patted the seat in front of him. “Get your cock-hugger up here!”

He pulled at his pants and a hole formed. A giant mass of red cock emerged from his pants. It hardened with every passing second.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. It was a monster of an organ. This was going to be a rough ride.

Vaquel climbed into the bike. It was a simple design that resembled an engine with a seat strapped to it. The rider was meant to recline with his legs straddling the frame. There was plenty of room for Vaquel to sit between the rider’s legs.

“My name is Rego,” the rider said.

“I don’t care,” Vaquel said and she sat on his cock. The phallus was thick but Vaquel was slick and ready. It pushed easily inside her and filled her deepest regions.

“Fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She was complete again for the first time since this stupid rebellion started.

“Down. I need to see,” Rego said and he pushed her head. Vaquel leaned forward until her breasts were resting on the frame of the hover-bike. The Zatty’s cock stayed inside her, pulsing the entire time.

Rego grabbed the steering handles that were on either side of Vaquel’s head. The hover-bike lifted into the air. Vaquel dropped her weapon as she tried to hold on. Her thighs tightened around the Zatty’s waist but not as tight as her pussy was holding onto his cock.

“For the people!” Rego cried and the hover-bike shot through the air with astonishing speed.

Gravity pushed Vaquel back against Rego. The alien’s thick cock impaled her and she cried out. The forward momentum pinned her to the immense girth.

“Yeah!” Rego cried and he slammed his hand down on Vaquel’s ass. The thin spacesuit was no protection from the Zatty’s huge hand. His palm impacted into her ass and she felt it deep inside her tight sex.

Vaquel cried out. She was stuck on a large dick but she needed friction. Straddling the bike with her thighs, Vaquel reached for parts of the fuselage to brace herself. Once secure, she began to rock back and forth on the alien’s cock.

“Fuck!” Rego yelled. The bike swerved towards a building and he regained control just in time to miss it.

Vaquel kept fucking him. A near-miss like that wasn’t going to stop her. Let him worry about staying alive, she needed to come.

The hover-bike dipped down towards the ground. They skimmed less than a meter above the rioting crowd. People screamed as Rego fought to maintain control.

Vaquel fucked him harder. She found the best places to support herself as she slid back and forth along his thick cock. Her motions were aided by the pussy juices soaking the seat and lubricating the way for her shifting body.

Rego yelled and the hover-bike gained altitude. It rose up at a sharp angle and barely missed colliding into another public transport. The hover-bike reached its maximum altitude and leveled off although now it was in danger of smashing into elevated walkways.

Vaquel looked up and watched buildings zip past. A walkway approached fast and the hover-bike just managed to dip under it. Lurking beneath the walkway was another tank and the hover-bike flew by too fast for the soldiers to shoot it down.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She rode the Zatty’s dick even harder. Two near-death experiences in less than a few seconds! This beats the hell out of fucking in some hotel room.

“Yeah, ride my sperm cannon!” Rego cried. He slapped her ass again and then quickly grabbed the control handles as they nearly swerved into a bank.

Vaquel fucked him faster. The hoverbike vibrated beneath her. It felt great against her sliding sex. She hugged the bike tightly so her big brown breasts were flattened against the vibrating metal.

Laser fire ripped through the air. Soldiers were trying to take them down, obviously fearing that the hover-bike was going to strafe them. The bike swerved and janked as Rego tried to desperately dodge the weapons fire.

Vaquel kept fucking. Something burned her arm but she kept fucking. The hover-bike shook as something slammed into it but Vaquel kept fucking.

As lasers tore through the air, Vaquel climaxed. Her sex spasmed around the thick alien cock. The vibrations from the hover-bike blended with the pleasure of her pussy until Vaquel felt like her entire body was climaxing.

“Right there!” Rego cried.

Whether he was talking about sex or an impending doom, Vaquel didn’t know. She clenched tighter and kept humping his cock. If they were to die, she hoped to get him off first.

Rego came. He roared his pleasure as a surge of seed filled Vaquel’s tight sex. She clenched tightly around him, milking his trapped dick inside her.

The hover-bike shuddered and dipped down. It slammed into the road and bounced upwards from the shock of the impact.

Vaquel came again. The sudden shock and skip sent shockwaves through her pussy and pushed her over the edge again.

The hover-bike flew forwards for several hundred meters before dipping back down again. It came down on top of a stationary vehicle and sipped forward again.

Vaquel climaxed again. She knew this kind of skipping was bad and probably meant their doom, but the sudden impacts were driving Rego’s cock deep inside her and her pussy reacted in the only way it could.

The hover-bike dropped again onto the ground and this time it didn’t rise back up. It skidded down the road with the horrible sounds of metal tearing coming from the base of the hover-bike.

Rego screamed and suddenly his cock was gone from Vaquel’s pussy. Vaquel no longer felt him behind her. She cried out at his sudden absence but at least this time her pussy was sated.

Vaquel hung onto the bike as it slowly skidded to a stop. The hover-bike hissed and beeped as various functions died or suffered catastrophic failures. It wouldn’t be flying again.

She climbed off the bike and nearly fell over. Her legs were jelly. She laughed and then winced as her tender pussy complained. There were going to be bruises.

“Where did that Zatty go?” Vaquel asked. She looked down the street and saw a red splatter that might have been him. Oh well, she was too sore to walk all that way to find out.

There was a sign nearby. It read, “Spaceport One Hundred Meters”

“Thanks for the ride,” she told the splatter down the road. “I think I can walk the rest of the way.”

Vaquel started walking, Her pussy was sore and made it difficult to walk. That was okay. The warm seed cooling in her sex helped with the pain.

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