May 072017

I have a fondness for demons. I never really bought into Christianity as a kid, so devils and fallen angels never clicked with me. I was into the demons of Michael Moorcock fiction or the demons of Warhammer games. Demons were entities of magic and malice, selfish jerks who were to be never trusted. You don’t make friends with them because they will always betray you for your own ends. If you do deal with them, it is to make a deal or bind them outright.

Demons are the bad boys of magic which makes demon girls the ultimate magic bad girl. Demon girls are sexy and dangerous. You should know better than to trust them but they are just attractive enough to make you weigh the consequence of letting your guard down just a tiny bit for a small taste of their affection.

There will always be a fascination with the abomination and for me, I will always have a weak spot for the demon beauty. Plus the whole binding a demon thing fits rather well with my BDSM interests.

This sketch card was drawn by Chris McJunkin. Red demons remind me too much of Devils which have a Christian context so I usually commission demons in purple. I think I asked for black hair but the rest of her features were all him. Especially with demons, I feel it important for the artist to have a free reign in bringing them to life.

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  1. I do love a sexy demon girl!

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