Apr 052017

Explorer’s Log: I am on day three of my twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Judgment of Remakes” by Royal Astronomers. I am happy to report that I have recovered fully from the freak accident that injured me on the last planet I visited. That will teach me to use an escalator that hasn’t been inspected by the Queen’s auditors!

As I explained in my last report, the escalator operator gave me a lifetime subscription to their porn transmission as compensation for my injuries. By strange coincidence, this subscription is exactly the same as rewarded to the winners of the arena deathmatch game that I absolutely did not participate in. I will take advantage of this lucky occurrence to examine what passes for porn among these red giants. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am not sure if the Royal Navy will accept my explanation for how I got a hold of this porn. Fuck them. I nearly got killed for this sleaze and I intend to enjoy myself.

Vaquel Di sat naked in the navigation pod. Her dark brown skin was freshly washed and still glistening with the lotion she had put on. Hard dark nipples adorned her heavy breasts. Short pink hair curled around her head. Full lips frowned as intelligent eyes stared in a box on her lap.

The label on the box said “Complimentary Pornography Enhancers.”

“What the fuck is this shit?” Vaquel said.

“What does the box have, Mistress?” Chairbot said underneath her full round ass. “Did the porn people give you dildos? Or did they give you an inferior vibrator?”

Vaquel snorted. “Your jealousy does you credit. No, nothing that simple.”

She took out a small ball of something green and gooey. Small letters in alien script spell out the word, breast. Looking back in the box, she saw there was a matching ball.

Vaquel thought about running the ball through an analyzer but she dismissed it. She had spent three days on pain killers while her body mended. That was three days of clumsy masturbating and unsatisfying orgasms. Now was the time for being adventurous.

She took one of the gooey balls and pressed it to her breast. It was cold and her hard nipple stiffened even more. The ball began to melt on her skin. The goo clung to her breast as she rolled it over her skin. Around and round she rolled the ball until it melted into a waxy cast over her mound.

“How does it feel, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Cold,” Vaquel said. Nothing seemed to be happening. Oh well, maybe it acts on a time lapse.

She reached inside the box and pulled out the second goo ball labeled breast. It was just as cold against her skin but she rolled it against her breast anyway. Like the first ball, the goo spread across the contours of her tit like a sticky film.

There were more balls inside the box. One was labeled neck so Vaquel pressed it to her throat. The cold goo stuck to her skin as she smeared it on her neck.

Two balls were labeled thighs and Vaquel pressed them inside her legs. The balls melted into twin rings around her thighs.

One ball was labeled ass. Vaquel hesitated. Chairbot was an excellent vibrator and she worried that the gel might block the sensations.

She laughed. Fuck it. Chairbot will just have to work harder. She stood up and smeared the ball against her ass. It took her a few minutes to get it properly stretched across her expansive brown buttocks.

There were two more balls in the box. One was labeled penile extrusion. Another was labeled penile receiver. Vaquel took the receiver ball and pressed it against her sex.

It was damn cold. Vaquel shuddered as she ground the ball into her hairy sex. The goo melted and formed a seal against her pussy lips. The green goo turned her pink pubic hair into an ugly shade of grey.

“I hope this shit washes out,” Vaquel muttered.

She sat back down on Chairbot. The goo on her ass was still cold. It was also a bit sticky and Vaquel wasn’t sure she liked the sensation.

“Mistress, you have covered your ass!” Chairbot said. “My receptors can only perceive your wonderful bottom at 99.99994 percent efficiency!”

“I’m not crazy about it either,” Vaquel said. “But as a space explorer, I will at least give it a try.”

Vaquel leaned back into Chairbot. The intelligent chair adjusted to her preferred tilt level for masturbation. Foot rests emerged to support her legs. Neck padding moved to support her head.

“Computer, open a channel to the porn stream,” Vaquel said.

A naked Zatty woman appeared on the screen. She had red skin, long flowing black hair and giant breasts. The woman grabbed her tits and gave them a happy squeeze.

“Welcome to the Gratification Network!” the woman announced. “I see that you are a Premium Subscriber! We currently have eight channels open so pick one to begin your enhanced experience!”

Eight titles appeared on the screen. The titles began a slow rotation around the woman’s giant red breasts.

“Big Mammaries in Government!”

“Property Owners in Control!”

“Bureaucrats Got Ass!”

“Real Marriage Contract Partner Stories!”

“Barely Legal Citizens Like it Big!”

“Government Inspector Adventures!”

“Clothed Government Naked Citizen”

“Just the Tip!”

Vaquel planned to work her way through the list so she started with the first. As she screen loaded, she reclined further on Chairbot’s seat. She reached down between her legs and tried to stroke her sex. The thick gel got in the way and she wondered what exactly was it supposed to do.

A scene appeared on screen. It was an office. No matter the civilization or race, all offices looked the same. There was a chair and desk. A monitor sat on the desk. Decorations were minimal and non-distracting.

A Zatty man sat at the desk. His red muscles bulged from his tight shirt. He stared at the monitor on his desk in an imitation of thought. There was a slight glare from his bald head.

“Dal, are you busy?” a voice off screen asked.

Dal continued to look at his monitor. “No,” he said absent-mindedly. He finally looked up from his monitor and looked at someone off-screen. His mouth opened and his eyed widened.

The camera cut to a Zatty woman. She had the same shirt at Dal but her shirt had burst open from the giant red breasts within it. Massive tits jiggled and shook as she walked closer to Dal. A tight black skirt wrapped around her ass and forced her legs almost into a hobble.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “Those are big mammaries!” She was used to Zatty women having breasts the size of fuel drums but this woman was even bigger. Vaquel couldn’t take her eyes off of the massive red flesh.

“How can I help you, Miss Xon?” Dal asked.

“I need to growth projections for the economy,” Miss Zon said. “The Carefully Managed Democracy is so successful, that we are having troubles charting just how successful we are!”

“That’s true!” Dal said. “We have never enjoyed this much growth and prosperity!”

“Are you sure that this is porn?” Chairbot asked.

“Of course,” Vaquel said. “Porn is the best vehicle for propaganda. It is one of the few mediums that beings are guaranteed to watch. Now hush.”

“Dal, I’m also going to need those requisition reports,” Miss Xon said. She leaned forward and her giant breasts swung forward.

“Ahh,” Dal said.

“Did you hear me?” Miss Xon said. She snapped her fingers in front of Dal.

“Uh, sorry, Miss Xon!” Dal said. He forced himself to look up at Miss Xon’s face.

“Dal, are you staring at my mammaries?” Miss Xon said. “That is highly inappropriate behavior!”

“I’m sorry!” Dal said. “Now that the Carefully Managed Democracy has provided me with a safe and enjoyable lifestyle, I find myself getting aroused more and more often!”

“Hmm,” Miss Xon said. “Now that you mention it, so have I! It must be a side effect of knowing that you are governed by a fair and free, but not too free, system!”

“Miss Xon, would you be interested in attending an Assessment of our Romantic Capabilities?” Dal asked.

“Fuck that,” Miss Xon said. “Let’s just do it on your desk!”

“See?” Vaquel said. “Told you it was porn.”

Miss Xon and Dal leaned across the table and kissed. Dal’s hand went straight for Miss Xon’s right breast and squeezed. The plump flesh was overflowing in his red hands.

The ooze around Vaquel’s right breast contracted. Vaquel cried out from the unexpected sensation. The ooze contracted, relaxed and contracted again in a pleasant sequence of massage.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. “This is going to be interesting.”

Miss Xon leaned back and ripped open the rest of her shirt. She grabbed Dal’s face and pulled him towards her breasts. The Zatty man groaned happily as he was smothered in tits.

The gel on Vaquel’s breasts moved and squeezed. Something felt like a tongue as it licked her skin. Vaquel looked down to see the outline of a face pressed against her tits.

Dal groaned and Vaquel felt vibrations play across her breasts. He bit down on a nipple and Vaquel’s nipple was gripped in a sharp tightness. The man grabbed a massive red breast and squeezed. A vice gripped Vaquel’s breast and wouldn’t let go.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She reached between her legs and tried to stroke. The gel covering her sex was too thick. Her buttocks clenched as she grinded into her hand.

“Yes,” Chairbot groaned but Vaquel ignored him. She didn’t care that the robot experienced pleasure from contact with her ass. All she knew was that her own pleasure was being denied.

“Suck these big mammaries,” Miss Xon said. “Suck these mammaries that are fat on prosperity and order!”

Dal groaned and kept playing with her breasts. He moved to one nipple and sucked down hard. Vaquel knew how hard he sucked because she could feel it around her own hard brown nipple.

Miss Xon grabbed a handful of her breast and Vaquel felt the woman’s hand. It was softer than Dal’s and certainly gentler. Miss Xon fingered her nipple and Vaquel felt the tender manipulations on her own.

Vaquel stroked harder on the ooze covering her sex. She barely felt it. Was that the point? Was it supposed to force her to follow along with the sex being played out?

“Mistress, I can sense your frustration!” Chairbot said. “Want me to activate my vibrators?”

“Yes-no! Wait,” Vaquel said. The vibrations might interfere with the gel. It was tempting but she didn’t want to stop what sensations she was experiencing.

“Get your meat hammer out,” Miss Xon said.

Dal happily pulled down his pants. An immense red erection sprang forth. It was big even by Zatty standards. Vaquel’s pussy clenched just looking at it.

Miss Xon swept her arm across the desk and sent everything flying. Without being told, Dal climbed onto the desk and laid down. Miss Xon got between his legs and wrapped her giant breasts around his equally giant cock.

Vaquel felt his member throb between her tits. She looked down and saw her breasts being squeezed together around an invisible rod. The accuracy of sensations was amazing. She felt the contours of his dick as well as heat coming from his girth.

Miss Xon opened a bottle of lube. Vaquel wasn’t sure where she got it from. Briefly she obsessed about the continuity error but when Miss Xon poured the lube onto her breasts, Vaquel’s trajectory of thought was deflected by the sensation of warm slippery liquid sliding over Vaquel’s tits.

“I can’t wait to fuck these big mammaries!” Dal said. “We never had mammaries this big under the last government!”

Vaquel growled. If her pussy didn’t get touched by something soon, she might start a one-being rebellion herself.

Miss Xon wrapped her arms around her tits and squeezed them around Dal’s cock. She raised them up and down with his member trapped between them. His shiny red cock emerged from between her round pillows and sunk back down.

Vaquel felt the cock moving between her own tits. It was a slippery fluid motion that felt great. She could feel the throbbing of his member as if it was about to explode with male desire.

Dal reached and grabbed the tits around his cock. Vaquel felt his fingers sink into her flesh as his hips pumped. The cock was a blur between Miss Xon’s breasts.

Her hands free, Miss Xon reached down and pressed a button on her skirt. The fabric fell away in one long ribbon to reveal her naked red sex. As Dal fucked her tits, Miss Xon ran her fingers through her damp sex lips.

The gel on Vaquel’s sex pulsed to life. Vaquel felt fingers running up and down her own pussy lips. Her sensitive pussy clenched desperately.

“Finally!” Vaquel groaned.

Mis Xon stroked faster. Vaquel felt expert fingers grinding and rubbing against her sex. The Zatty woman rubbed in tight circles and Vaquel felt the gel pulse in sync with the fingers.

Chairbot groaned. Vaquel’s ass was grinding harder against the robot seat. Pussy juices leaked through the gel and were smeared onto her round bottom. The robot’s receptors picked up every clenching twitch of her ass.

Dal kept fucking Miss Xon’s tits. His thumbs pressed down on her nipples. Vaquel felt the pressure on her own nipples and winced.

Mis Xon’s fingers slipped inside her sex. Vaquel felt the gel extend into her pussy. She cried out as she was filled with alien fingers.

“You have the best mammaries!” Dal yelled as he fucked them.

“No,” Miss Xon corrected. “The Carefully Managed Democracy has provided the best mammaries!”

Both actors groaned together in a mixture of lust and patriotism. Vaquel groaned with them as the gel worked on her tits and pussy.

Miss Xon stopped playing with her sex and grabbed her tits again. Vaquel moaned in frustration as the gel on her pussy became inert again. The ooze around her breasts simulated Miss Xon’s grip as she jacked Dal’s cock with her tits.

“I am going to blast!” Dal yelled.

“No!” Vaquel yelled. She wanted more stimulation! She didn’t want to waste that gorgeous piece of male equipment on just tits!

A second later, he did. Alien seed spurt from his cock and sprayed Miss Xon’s tits. Vaquel felt every drop as hot spots formed and cooled on her breasts.

“Lovely,” Miss Xon said. She rubbed her breasts together to smear the seed onto her round mounds. “Now I need you inside me.”

Vaquel perked up. What? They do multiple male climax porn in this culture? They are advanced!

“Get up here on my slut slammer!” Dal said.

Miss Xon grinned and climbed up on the desk. The camera focused on her seed-covered breasts as they jiggled and bounced. She grabbed his stiff member and held it as she lowered her sex onto it.

The gel pushed deep inside Vaquel. It copied the wide girth of Dal’s cock and completely filled Vaquel’s pussy. She worried that it was too big but the ooze sensed her limits. The result was a throbbing, pulsing filling sensation.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

Miss Xon began to ride Dal. Her hips swiveled on top of Dal’s trapped pelvis. She leaned forward and he grabbed her swinging tits. He held onto them as she kept fucking him.

Vaquel trembled on top of Chairbot. She gripped the arms of the chair as watched the screen. The gel pummeled her sex with thrusts. The ooze on her breasts squeezed and pinched along with Dal’s hands.

“By the Stars,”Dal swore. “I never got fucked like this before!”

Miss Xon groaned. “The Carefully Managed Democracy takes care of everything!”

Dal’s hips went into overdrive. The force of his thrusts lifted Miss Xon’s body. The thick red penis slammed into Miss Xon’s sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. The ooze was pounding her sex as well. She felt like she was being nailed to the chair. Her legs hung limply off the side of the chair as the gel pushed deeper and deeper.

Miss Xon fell forward. Her wide red breasts fell up Dal’s face and smothered him. She kept him pinned down while he rammed her pussy.

Vaquel felt him between her breasts. He was gasping for air against her skin. Sharp teeth bit while his tongue licked.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed as the ooze drove fucked her into the chair.

“Glory to Mistress!” Chairbot cried as his sensors read Vaquel’s squirming ass and activated various pleasure programs.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Miss Xon cried as she came, or pretended to come. The camera focused on her quivering breasts still smothering Dal.

The ooze inside Vaquel suddenly stopped fucking her. A moment later, the sensation of a flood of hot liquid filled her sex.

As Dal twitched under Miss Xon’s quivering body, a message appeared on the screen.

“Remember, Anarchists hate the Carefully Managed Democracy for our sexual freedoms! Report any Anarchists you know to your local authorities!”

“Fucking anarchists,” Vaquel growled.

The transmission ended. The various gels on Vaquel’s body became inert. She reached for the ooze on her pussy and it easily peeled off.

Vaquel thought about the ooze on her ass. There was also the gel around her neck, not to mention the ones on both thighs. They never activated but then again, she did pick a mammary-centric transmission. If she wanted these to activate, she needed to find the right pornographic stream.

“Ready for more, Chairbot?” Vaquel asked.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Me too,” Vaquel said and she selected another channel.

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