Apr 172017

On of my biggest interests is hoaxes. To me a hoax is not just a lie or a forgery, it is usually an attempt to introduce a weird idea, like a mermaid in Fiji or a secret Conspiracy of Nice People, and make it seem just plausible enough that you know it is unlikely, but you kind of hope that it is true. I like the idea of introducing magic and mystery to the world.

I have tried my hand and small hoaxes in the past but nothing of a grand scale. In the back of my mind, I was always gathering ideas for the Big Hoax but never found my inspiration. I considered it a writing exercise and to pull it off, it would require my best skill.

As I studied other hoaxes, I found out some unexpected side effects. mainly, if you create a weird thing that has no obvious explanation or background, then mentally vulnerable people can latch onto those ideas and incorporate them into their own delusions. You could argue that deluded people will latch onto anything anyway, but the particular nature of a good hoax; ambiguity, fake history, mysterious clues and other bits are almost tailor-made to become part of a deluded person’s psychosis. For every benign social experiment out there on the net, there are someone, or a group of someones, who take it far too seriously.

Which is why I gave up the hoax hobby. I still study it but I have little wish to write fodder for someone elses break from reality.

Which brings me to Alex Jones’s lawyer arguing that his client, a known conspiracy spreader, is just a performance artist. that doesn’t surprise me. He is pretty damn good at how he frames, spreads and originates a conspiracy. What gets my goat is that I realized conspiracies can be harmful to people BEFORE I ever made one, but this guy made a living from it and can still look art himself in the morning. I would have thought that the only way Alex Jones could maintain his dignity would be do the long hoax of pretending to be a believer ot stupid things. It turns out he can’t even do that.

Oh well, scumbag is just as big of a scumbag as imagined. Still, I am grateful I never finished one of my conspiracy hoaxes.


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